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Police Tortured a Dalit to Death with the Complaint of His Wife

  • Posted by: Dalit Sthree Sakthi (DSS)
  • Date of incident: 22-04-2000
  • State:: Andhra Pradesh
  • District:: PRAKASHAM
  • Police station:: Yaddanapudi Martur
  • Chargesheet:: No F.I.R, No Chargesheet
  • Summary::

    Nukathoti Nageswar Rao was taken into police custody following a dispute with his wife, in which he assaulted her with a knife. At the police station he was tortured to death and his body then left 50 m from the police station.


    Nukathoti Nageswar Rao was an agricultural labourer who used to go for wage work in a tobacco company, along with his wife and three children. While returning from the tobacco company on 19.4.2000, he and his wife had a quarrel and he stabbed his wife with a knife.  Police took him to the police station on 19.4.2000, based on the complaint of his wife. His relatives, who went to the police station on the same night at around 7:00 p.m., came to know that police had severely beaten up Nageswar Rao, pressurising him to agree not to talk in an old political murder in which he was prime witness. Sub-Inspector Sreeram was torturing Nageswar Rao as he was not agreeing to this. Nageswar Rao was kept in police custody on 20.4.2000 as well without filing any case and again tortured. On the night of 21.4.2000 Nageswar Rao’s dead body was seen on the road about 50 feet from the police station. 


    Police say that Nageswar Rao died when an unidentified vehicle crashed into him while he was escaping while being shifted from the old police station to a new police station. Police say that they were informed by the owner of the hotel, which is opposite to where the dead body was found. It is clear from the wounds on the deceased body and from other evidence that Nageswar Rao died because of injuries from police lathis. The post-mortem was conducted at Guntur hospital because of the involvement of people’s organisations.  Even when the dead body was still in the hospital, political leaders pressurised the brother and mother of the deceased with several offers and did not allow them to meet the people’s organisations.  


Rape on a Dalit woman Dalsana

  • Posted by: Navsarjan Trust
  • Date of incident: 01-04-2000
  • State:: Gujarat
  • District:: AHMEDABAD RURAL
  • Police station:: Mandal Police Station
  • Chargesheet:: I.Cr.Reg.No. 11/2000 dated 01/04/2000 under section 376, of IPC and section 3(1) (12) of SC/ST Act
  • Summary::

    On 01-04-2000 at around 14-15 PM the victim went to the place called Kharvad near village in order to attend natural call. Because of the summer and hot afternoon no people were around. The accused took a undue advantage of her being alone in the place. He raped her against her will. Knowing well that the woman is a member of schedule caste, she was raped by the accused and thereafter she was threatened and abused.

    In spite several application and complaint were made to the authorities police did not move. Thereafter, Police registered FIR under section 376 of IPC and under section 3(1)(12) of SC/ST Act. Investigation was carried out and the charge sheet was filed than the case was committed to the special court. After the trial is over the accused was convicted for the offence he had committed. The entire trial took almost nine years, but fortunately, finally accused was convicted and justice was said to be delivered to the victim.


Rape of a Dalit Woman jhallar

  • Posted by: Centre for Dalit Rights
  • Date of incident: 10-03-2000
  • State:: Rajasthan
  • District:: UDAIPUR
  • Police station:: jhallar
  • Chargesheet:: 12.03.00, No.16/00, u/s 376 IPC & 3(1) (xii) of SC/ST (PoA) Act., Chargesheet Filed
  • Summary::

    Narbada Devi lives in the village Samora with her husband Ram Meena. She belongs to Adivasi Meena (Tribal) community. On 10th March 2000, Narbada as per the routine went to the forest to graze cattle. While grazing the cattle at Narayan Lal Brahmin’s land, she sat there for a while to take some rest.  Nirbhai Singh who is also from her village came there silently from behind and clasped her in arms and brutally raped her beside her cries. While he was raping Narbada, Lal Kanwar, Nirbhay Singh’s mother arrived there. On seeing his mother, Nirbhay Singh ran away. Narbada asked Lal Kanwar for help but Lal Kanwar instead of helping her, threatened her to keep quiet. 


    Somehow Narbada arrived home and narrated the whole incident to her mother and brother. Lal Kanwar came to her home and wrangled with Narbada’s family and snatched Narbada’s jewelry. When they tried to register the FIR, Village Panchayat on behest of the perpetrator prevented Mrs. Narbada to go to the police station to lodge F.I.R.   Somehow on 12th March 2000, she reached Police Station Jhallara in Udaipur Dist. with her uncle Manji. The local police registered her F.I.R. (No – 16/2000) under section 354 IPC instead of 376 IPC and deliberately did not insert Section 3 of SC/ST (PoA) Act 1989. The local police also did not conduct fair investigation and rather helped perpetrator. Her medical examination was arranged on 5.4.2000 i.e. after 25 days of the incident and D.S.P. inspected the spot of the incident on 24th April 2000.


    Narbada with her family went to meet D.S.P. to ask them to insert the right sections in the F.I.R but to no result. The local activists pressurized the police to insert the provision of SC/ST (PoA) Act, 1989 and later on the charges were changed to Rape from molestation. The section was changed from 354 IPC to 376 IPC and 3 (1)(xii) and 3 (2)(v) sections of SC/ST (PoA) Act, 1989 were also inserted. The investigation officer was changed and charge was handed over to D.S.P. and challan was presented against the accused.


    The welfare officer granted Rs. 5000 to Narbada. It is alleged by Narbada that local police was heavily bribed by accused and also they were from the same community. The accused was acquitted of the charges.


Social Boycott Imposed on Dalits for Objecting to Harassment on Dalit Women

  • Posted by: Dalit Sthree Sakthi (DSS)
  • Date of incident: 07-03-2000
  • State:: Andhra Pradesh
  • District:: GUNTUR RURAL
  • Police station:: Nizampatnam
  • Chargesheet:: F.I.R registered , No Chargesheet
  • Summary::

    Dominant caste people declared social boycott against 129 Dalits of Military Colony of Nizampatnam. The government machinery did not take any action even after two weeks of the social boycott. When Dalits’ hunger and starving turned into a movement, the government machinery opened its eyes. The authorities promised to make it possible again for Dalits to work in loading and unloading of salt and dry fish in the Nizampatnam harbour.


    On 29.8.2000 Mopidevi Saibaba, a dominant caste youngster came to the Dalit colony and started harassing a Dalit woman. This was noticed by a Dalit youth and they told him respectfully not to come to the Dalit colony. Saibaba didn’t listen to them and instead he picked up an argument with them. In the process one Dalit youngster slapped him. Because of this all the dominant caste people got together and decided to impose social boycott on Dalits of Military colony 31.8.2000. False cases were filed in Nizampatnam police station on Dalits, who were by then already starving and being subjected to intimidation and harassment. Workers from outside were called in to load and unload dry fish and salt instead of the Dalits, adversely affected their livelihood. The situation reached a critical stage when Dalits lost livelihood completely. Dalit elders met the dominant caste leaders, told them that there is no relation between the Saibaba incident and the social boycott and that they should be allowed to work in the harbour and if there is any dispute they should sit down and discuss it. The domain caste people refused to agree with this and continued to allow all other caste people, except Dalits, to work in the harbour from 7.9.2000. When Dalits went to the police station to complain of the social boycott, the Sub-Inspector told them that they should come individually and file complaints.


    Chaitanya Workers Union President K. Sanjeeva Rao and Secretary Venkateswarlu stated that Dalits had been socially boycotted for three months in the past when they did not cast their votes for the political party which was supported by the dominant caste people. They also told that the incident of torture of Mekala Ravi in front of his parents is still fresh in their minds. Dalits made a representation to the District Collector and he issued orders to the MRO, Superintendent of Police and Sub-Inspector to provide work and protection to the Dalits. Afterwards, both groups were called together for a meeting and the problem was solved.


Gang Rape of a Dalit Woman Toopran

  • Posted by: Dalit Sthree Sakthi (DSS)
  • Date of incident: 31-12-1999
  • State:: Andhra Pradesh
  • District:: MEDAK
  • Police station:: Toopran
  • Chargesheet:: F.I.R- 01.01.00, u/s 365, 376 IPC & 3(1)(xii) of SC/ST (PoA) Act., No Chargesheet
  • Summary::

    On 31 December 1999, 28-year old Dalit woman Donti Laxmi was abducted from the hotel where she works and taken to a remote place where she was gang-raped by nine non-dalit men from 9:30 p.m. to 3:30 a.m. the next morning. Police arrested the culprits. The accused are: Shankarolla Lachaiah (25), auto driver; Manne Janardhan(19); Mamindla Krishna (20); Shaik Azzemuddin (25); Pitla Bhikshapati (20); Vatturi Satyanarayana (23); Kolamupak Narasimhulu (25); Sivagami Anjeneyulu (22); and, the hotel server.


    On New Year’s Eve 1999, Donti Laxmi, a 28-year-old Dalit divorcee, was working in a hotel just off the National Highway on the outskirts of Ravelli in Toopran mandal. At 9:00 p.m. nine visibly drunk young men came to the hotel by auto and asked for tea. Hotel owner Bapuji Narasimhulu told them there was no tea and that it was closing time. When the nine inebriated men demanded tea and threatened him, Narasimhulu finally prepared tea for them. At that time Donti Laxmi and her sister were inside of the hotel, along with another hotel worker. After drinking tea, one of the nine men entered the hotel and forcefully dragged Donti Laxmi outside. The whole gang carried her to the auto, with license plate number APP.13u.9564, and drove away. Narasimhulu and Donti Laxmi’s sister tried to stop the men, but they were beaten back. The gang took Donti Laxmi to the backside of a stone crusher off the National Highway, near Allapur. There all nine men raped her, one by one. They threatened to murder her and, when she asked for water, forced her to drink urine. For six hours, from 9:30 p.m. to 3:30 a.m., the gang raped and abused Domti Laxmi before leaving her there and driving away.


    Immediately after Donti Laxmi was abducted, her sister Sujatha filed a case at the Toopran police station. Police searched during the night and arrested seven people early the next morning, 1 January 2000. The police filed the case under sec. 365 & 376 IPC and under section 3(1)(xii) of SC/ST Act.


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