A Dalit man Mathaiyan was brutally murder by Caste Hindus (Code: TN-ERD-2021-138, Date: 28-Nov-2020 )

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Case Title

Case primary details

Case posted by Social Awareness Society for Youths-SASY
Case code TN-ERD-2021-138
Case year 28-Nov-2020
Type of atrocity Murder
Whether the case is being followed in the court or not? Yes

Fact Finding

Fact finding date

Fact finding date Not recorded

Case Incident

Case Incident details

Case incident date 28-Nov-2020
Place Village: Not recorded
Taluka:Not recorded
District: Erode(DP)
State: Tamil Nadu
Police station Kadambur (JRS puram)
Complaint date 29-Nov-2020
FIR date 29-Nov-2020

Case brief

Case summary

Mathaiyan, 50, S/o Karuppan is resident of Erode district, Anthiyur, Bargur post, Kongadai, Sundamedu hill. Appreciating his grandfather’s work for scavenging (village dandal) in the Bargur Hills (now Erode District, Anthiyur Circle, Kadampur Hills) in the Continuum Mountains, he was given about seventeen acres of land on the Kongadai Sundapodu Hill in 1917 to cultivate and survive for the last time. The dominant caste Hindu in the area did not like the fact that so much land was given to a member of the Arunthathiyar caste (Sub Caste of Scheduled Castes). There was a son named Karuppan, Karithottaiyan Thambidi and Chinnamara Thambidi, two members of the Lingayattu community (MBC) of the Hindu caste who were close to expropriating the land from their son Karuppan after Thevarayan had died of old age, and the family had severely threatened to write off the land if Karuppan did not allow them to cultivate his land. They have threatened to burn him to death, and have threatened him with various forms of caste-based atrocities and conspiracies to demand the bond of the land.

Mr. Karuppan had two daughters and three sons, the eldest of who was Mathaiyan, who was abducted and brutally beaten and murdered in the Kadampur hills. Mathaiyan is married to Myithili. Thinking that he and his family\'s life would be in danger he made his family to stay in a rented house in Ennamangalam village near Anthiyur and cultivating his land. Thambidi heirs Ganesathambidi, Murugathambidi, Rayanthambidi, Thottayanthambidi, Nagathambidi and Chinnamarathambidi exerted their political influence. Yanpadthi Madhayan and his brothers are not allowed to plow the land to cultivate their land, no one is coming to plow the land by threatening to grab the keys of the tractors, and Lingayathar has filed a case in the Chennai High Court against the lower house for plotting to obstruct the land grab for about three generations. On 28-11-2020, he was abducted by a mercenary in a car and taken to the Kadampur police station in the Padimadu forest reserve. He was taken to the Golmalam forest reserve in the Vaithiyanathapuram section of the road leading to the Sushilkara Kadampur forest and tortured, hit in the head with a stone and killed him.

Kodukalsamy reported Mathaiyan’s body on 29-11-2020 and informed the Gormalam Wildlife Sanctuary Senthil about the incident. Mathaiya\'s body was found and he was sent to the Erode District Government Medical College Hospital for autopsy.

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