Kelavath Devujya (Code: TS/RR/7, Date: 03-Jan-2020 )

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Case Title

Case primary details

Case posted by Dalit Sthree Sakthi
Case code TS/RR/7
Case year 03-Jan-2020
Type of atrocity Other Crimes Against SCs
Whether the case is being followed in the court or not? Yes

Fact Finding

Fact finding date

Fact finding date Not recorded

Case Incident

Case Incident details

Case incident date 03-Jan-2020
Place Village: Not recorded
Taluka:Not recorded
District: Ranga Reddy
State: Telangana
Police station Shadhinagar
Complaint date 03-Jan-2020
FIR date 12-Feb-2020

Case brief

Case summary

Details of the Case:

Mr. Kelavath Devujya and Chavali Bhai are S.T. Lambada couple, residents of Chevudamma Gutta Tanda, Farook Nagar Mandal, Ranga Reddy district.  They have three sons and three daughters.  They eke out living as cultivators.  Their grandfather had property of 8.3 acres which he sold away to one Mr. Gobri long ago.  In the year 1999 Gobri sold part of the land to Vendiga Pentaiah.  This Pentaiah again sold 3 acres to one Mr. Sriram Reddy.  Kelavath Devujya purchased 19 kuntas of land from Gobri in 2010, thus he purchased a small chunk of land sold by his ancestors. From then onwards he has been cultivating that land and he erected fencing for his 19 kuntas land.  Over a time, the cost of the land in that area hiked and out of the remaining land owned by Pentaiah, he made a real estate venture and sold plots in 3 acres.    After the land values hiked and Pentaiah earned through real estate venture in the remaining part of his land, Sri Ram Reddy also appeared at the scene.  As he already owned 3 acres of land which he purchased from Pentaiah, he started purchasing the lands surrounding his land.  It should be noted that though Sri Ram Reddy purchased 3 acres from Pentaiah long back, he never visited his land.  Now he appeared there to make fast buck out of real estate ventures.  He purchased surrounding lands and he conspired to occupy the 19 Kuntas land of Devujya and with that evil intention, he removed the fencing surrounding the land of Devujya on 15-09-2019.  Devujya suffered loss due to the removal of that fencing and he complained to the Shad Nagar police on 16-09-2019.  After that on 10-10-2019 a false case of trespass was registered on Devujya and his son Lakshman, obviously at the behest of Sri Ram Reddy.  In this connection the police called Devujya to compromise with Sri Ram Reddy and threatened him several times.  The case is going on still.  Later, Devujya again re-erected fencing to his land.  On 02-01-2020 at about 2.00 p.m. Sriram Reddy, Raghava Reddy, Bobbili Krishna Chaitanya Reddy along with 20 members came to the land of Devujya and destroyed the entire fencing on his land.   Learning about the incident Devujya along with his wife reached his land and questioned Sri Ram Reddy about the removal of the fencing and asked him why he is interfering with the enjoyment of his land.  He further said, “this land is our ancestral land and ever since I purchased these 19 kuntas, I have been cultivating it.  If you have any doubts about the extent of the land and boundaries, you may get it measured officially and enjoy your land, leaving us our land”.  Sri Ram Reddy then became ferocious and abused Devujya and his wife in the name of caste.  He said,” you lambada Lanja kodaka, you don’t understand things.  If I want, I can kill both of you in no time and nothing happens, you don’t compromise, you exhibit your lambada caste nature”.  Meanwhile, Devuja’s son Lakshman came there.  Seeing him, Sri Ram Reddy and his companions abused him also, saying, “why did you come, you lambada bastard, what can you do, if you don’t go away, we will kill all of you”.   Terrified at the abuse and the group of henchmen of Sri Ram Reddy, Devujya, his wife and son calmly went away and approached the Shad Nagar police and complained.  But the police did not register the complaint.  They kept on going to the police for 15 days but the police did not register the case.  On the other hand, the SI of Police Mr. Deva Raj used to call Devujya several times and threatened him to compromise or else Sri Ram Reddy will kill their entire family.  Having approached the Shad Nagar police several times and as the SI was not registering the case and threatening him, Devujya sent a written complaint on 07-02-2020 to the SI, CI, ACP, SC, ST Commission and SHRC through registered post.  After receiving the registered post, on 12-02-2020 Devujya was called and case was registered in ACP office.  After all this also, the police are supportive of Sri Ram Reddy and on 09-02-2020 Sri Ram Reddy dug a bore adjacent to the border line of Devuja’s land.  Knowing that a bore is being dug, Devuja’s wife and daughter-in-law went to the site and stood at a distance to observe where the bore was being dug.  Seeing them, Sri Ram Reddy took a video of them and complained to the police that Devujya sent his wife and daughter-in-law to attack them and that the women threw stones at him.   The police immediately rang up to Devujya and threatened him that there was a complaint against him that he sent his women to attack Sri Ram Reddy and further that they have all evidence.  However, the case is registered and the situation is tense.

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