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...Isn’t it worth sending SMS informing discrimination against Dalit and Adivasi communities; when you know it holds capacity to perhaps lessen or avoid the possibility of human rights violation...?


Exactly Same thoughts ran through Rajendra Kumar's (Name Changed) mind, who is a Dalit Human Rights Defender (DHRD) from Himachal Pradesh. If one could believe this story, a simple message sent by him through Atrocity Tracking & Monitoring System (ATM) introduced him to the District Superintendent of Police (SP) office. Now, you must be wondering how this happened, then let me take a moment to share this.


"...It was the same ages old belief of Caste hierarchy of our Nation

which again resulted in attack on a person from Dalit Community

where his constitutional right of 'Right to Freedom of Religion'

had been violated by the dominant Caste community people.

Baba Bheem (Name Changed), a Dalit Valmiki Caste Group

saint tried to preach religion in one of the temples where he

was stopped and attacked by the dominant caste. He and his

followers from the same caste group were discriminated using

abusive language and were threatened of dire consequences

if they try to enter temple again...”


“...The victim Community reported the incident to District

Police officials but since it was a case involving caste and religion.

Police did not took much interest to register FIR against

accused people from dominant community. Trying hard to

reach out for Police support, after almost 3 months of incident,

the case was uploaded on ATM System, with SMS and Email alerts

sent to all concerned District Administrative and Police

officials seeking same help for the same case and from the same officials.

The impact of SMS and Emails sent to these officials were not

less than winning a battle. As within 24 hour DHRD Rajendra

was called to SP Office in order to get details of the case

and accordingly take action against the accused. After further

investigation of the case, the victims were provided protection

by District Police and were assured safety while practicing

their Constitutional Right to Freedom of Religion...”


So, the above story describes how simple SMS and Email sent through the ATM system made difference to the lives of people who were victimized being belonging to Dalit sub caste. And, due to same SMS and Emails, the accused dominant community people had to give up the practice of Caste discrimination after pressure and action against them under SC/ST Amendment Act 2015.


Atrocity Tracking & Monitoring (ATM) contains functionality that is common across all Human Rights Organizations working on Caste based violence and atrocities. ATM focuses on creating Triggers & Alerts for monitoring through Emails and Short Messaging System (SMS), to various officials with respect to atrocity cases. Responsibilities of concerned officials as per Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocity) Act 1989 (Rules 1995) & SC/ST Amendment Act, 2015 (Rules 2016)?are at the base for generating alerts. The target operators of this tool are the same people who are over all involved right from the occurrence of Atrocity till the process reaches its final stage .i.e. stakeholders such as victim, witness, Police & Administrative officials, Commissions, various legal authorities, Activists and other concern people. The key guiding principle behind functional design of ATM is to focus on improving follow up and Monitoring of cases with effective use of Technology. 


The National Dalit movement for Justice (NDMJ) is a democratic, secular, non-party movement of Dalit survivors, defenders, academics, organizations headed by Dalits  to initiate advocacy and involve in mass action to address the issues of caste based discrimination (CBD) and violence (primarily untouchability and atrocities) to ensure dignity, equality and justice.  It is one of the four movements that comprise the National Campaign for Human Rights (NCDHR). It has presence in 17 states across India to organize, educate and mobilize the Dalit community, organizations and civil society to promote and protect civil and political rights of Dalits. In capacity of a Dalit/Adivasi focussed entity, National Dalit Movement for Justice (NDMJ) have been undertaking the Fact Findings and following up the atrocities against Dalit/Adivasi taking place across different parts of the country.

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