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On The Land Of aTribal women Prevent Her Form Landing By Encroaching

     D. 31/01/2020 Aarti Chahu Katkari, age 41 years Dhada Anganwadi helper, resident. House no. 450 Mupo Kudevahal Ta. Panvel

    Dist. Raigad Mo. No. Appearing before 9819022190 at Police Station, I write the reply that I am as above and my husband Chahu Katkari, children Ganesh, Bhavana and Mayuresh have been living at the above mentioned address for about 22 years. He earns his living by working at the College, Panvel. My maiden name was Aarti Pandurang Naik. Our caste is Hindu Katkari and just like that we have caste certificates. We have proposed to be present for interrogation. Deputy Commissioner of Police Sato. Pari. 02, to Panvel. In connection with the complaint form filed on 06/01/2020, I would like to state that my marriage dated. At the time of 28/05/1998, I was living in a house reserved for the Katkari community in the village where my husband and mother-in-law live. The house is in the name of my husband Chahu Katkari. In 2004, my father bought me the land of Kundlik Lahu Patil in our village, where we built a house and moved in. So our old house no. 243 remained the same. After a few days, our old house was charmed, so there was no space under the house. After that we neglected our place. About 4 to 5 years ago, when I went to our village to build a house in this area, Revannath Raghunath Patil from our village came to this place and told me that he owns the land. He would have asked me. The place is Mrs. He said that he had bought it from Gangrebai. At that time, my husband and I told Revannath Patil that the land belonged to us

    Revannath Patil did not allow us to come to this place. We tried to solve this problem through the Gram Panchayat

    No settlement has been reached yet. On 24/09/2019, I handed over our house no. To Gram Panchayat Kundewahal. 243 Ghe in space

    While seeking permission to build a new house, the gram panchayat refused the building permission on the order of CIDCO and Revannath Patil

    He also informed me that when he asked for building permission on the site, his permission was also denied. After that.

    11.30 am on R / 01/2020. Around the time I was coming home from work, Regannath Patil and his cousin Kadhinath Gopal

    Patil is our house no. When I saw the light pole being loaded in the open space of 243, I saw that the pole is back to them.

    At the time when Lava said that, both of them, do I have your place?.
    43. While digging larvae pole in Makilya space, Dia Wali also. This poll is back

    Tawa Ar Saadeji, both of them, do I have a place for you?

    The bus came running to hit me. After that I died on the spot and told my husband all the facts

    My cousin Kiran Ladya Katkari, who lives next door to the 243rd house, is always with his family. Had to live in 258. They are also charged house rent by the Gram Panchayat. Next to this house was his cattle shed. At that time, Amar Parat gave Kisan Katkari a place to stay temporarily. After that, Gharat started increasing the space given to Kisan Katkari for living next door. Ten years ago, Gharat completely took possession of the land and evicted Kisan Katkari, so Pandharinath Bhoir gave his land to Kiran Katkari\'s Kutan Bala to live in.Due to the migration of Kisan Gavkari\'s family, Amrit Gharat took over the entire space of our house. As Nilesh Gharat, son of Amrut Gharat, is currently constructing the site, Vidan Yatkari, his son Dnyaneshwar and other members of the family have joined Nilay Gar. 04.30 pm on 20/12/2019. Around this time, Nilesh started pushing Dnyaneshwar and his brother to tell them not to build a house on their land. At that time, Nilesh told Dnyaneshwar Kotkari that we will not give you a place, do what you want to do, do what you want to do on the place. Dnyaneshwar told me all about it in the evening of the same day. After that, I don\'t want to argue. After that, I met the State Inspector of National Dalit Movement for Justice-Maharashtra, Shri. Although I told Balasaheb Landage about this, for about four to five years, Revannath Raghunath Patil has been living in our house in Kundewahal Katkari village no. He and his brother Kashinath Patil hurled insults at me and threatened to hit me with a stick. Katkari\'s house in Kundewahal Katkari village no. I have a strong complaint against Kisan Katkari and his family for giving Shirigal Yaran as well as Dharmaki for the construction of the 258 plot of land. It is right and true to say.

  • Posted by: NDMJ - Maharastra
  • Fact finding date: 03-01-2020
  • Date of Case Upload: 16-02-2021

Dominat people have deadly attack on dalits people and seriously injured half dozen dalits .

           दबंगों ने  हरवे  हथियार से लैश होकर दलितों पर जानलेवा हमला बोल आधा दर्जन दलितों को घम्भीर रूप से घायल किया 


    घटना सूबे बिहार के मधुबनी जिले के पतौना ओपी - विशफी थाना क्षेत्र के परसौनी गाँव की है . दिनांक 22 .12.2020 की रात्रि करीब 08 बजे ग्रामीण दबंग विजय साहू , अजय मंडल , सोनू मंडल , लालबाबू मंडल अवधेश मंडल , चुन्नुमंडल सहित गैर अनुसूचित जाति के  दर्जनों की संख्या में हरवे हथियार से लैश होकर  पीड़ित अनिलाराम ,सुनील राम ,रामानंद राम राजकुमार राम पर जानलेवा हमला बोल दिया जिसमे तीन पीड़ित गंभीर रूप से घायल हो गए . 1. सुनील कुमार राम का सर फट गया , 12 टांका लगा है साथ ही उनके बयां पैर फ्रेकचर हो गया 2. अनिल कुमार राम का सर फट गया 09 तान्कान लगाया गया है काफी चोटें आई है 3. दायें हाथ की हड्डी थोड दी गयी तथा पश्ली की हड्ड्याँ क्रेक हो गयी है . इसके अलावा रामा नन्द की पत्नी फुलिया देवी के साथ दूर्व्योहार किया गया तथा आधे दर्जन लोगो को चोट्टे लगी है . हमलावरों द्वारा दहशत कायम कर दिया गया अनिल राम  के दामाद की आल्टो कार क्षतिग्रस्त कर डी गयी . l ग्रामीणों द्वारा हस्तक्षेप किये जाने पर हमलावर पीडितो को जान से मारने एवं झूठे मुकदमो में फ़साने की धमकिय देते हुए चले गए . 

    घटना का कारन यह है कि भूमि विवाद को लेकर आपराधियो द्वारा पूर्व में भी पीडितो पर अत्याचार किया गया था जिसके सम्बन्ध में पीड़ित रामानंद राम ने विस्फी थाना में कांड संख्या 361 / 20 के तहत प्राथमिकी दर्ज करायी गयी थी . प्रथैकी में अन्य धाराओ के साथ साथ एससी एसटी एक्ट की भी धाराए लगायी गैयी थी . अरोपियी द्वारा मामले को सुलह करने के लिए दबाव बनाया जा रहा था . पर पीड़ित मामले को सुलह करने से इंकार कर दिए थे . 

  • Posted by: NDMJ-Bihar
  • Fact finding date: 12-01-2021
  • Date of Case Upload: 05-02-2021


1) FIR 

Offenders have murdered a Dalit laborer and looted his money.

    Case details is not available
  • Posted by: NDMJ-Bihar
  • Fact finding date: 09-12-2020
  • Date of Case Upload: 04-02-2021

Tribal Women sexually abused

     The victim is a 30 year old women blonging to the pardhi community. belongin g to traibes.The accused along with her husbund, tow doughters and a sun are living in a hut in the field of Rama Prabhakar Lohar in Hasegaon Distric Usmanabad .and she dose the cane harvesting with her husbund.The accused son sexually abused the victims minor daughter by luring her in to marriage and the girl become pregnant. The victim\'s husband  loudged a complaints with the police and the accusad was arrested the accusad forced the victim\'s familys to leave the hut in hasegao and live the village 

    On 24\\2\\2020, The victim women brought her little girl sima to hasegao to get her and her familys clothes and necessities and will walking towards her hut in the field, accused Mr. rama  got out of the two-wheler and started asking where the victim went. The victim informed that she had come to the hut to get cloths . Accused told her that  I  will drop you of at the on the hunt on a two wheler . The accused took her to his hotel kolegaon shiradhon without living her at the hut .

    The victim said the women outside the hotel and took her daughter to seema to his house at the beasted of unkown person  rama lohar alias baba raut .

    The hotel was closed at 9:00 PM and the accused took the victim to a hotel room . he  was drunked he forcibly had sex with the victim. if the women started shoughting, he bit her to death and because of yours daughter \'my son went to jail\'  he will not let you go like this he continue to sexually abuse her all night long and the next day he brought  the victim\'s daughter seema to him and relase her .

     The victim was repaidly biten and raped the victim sustained seourly injuries to her facr, iyes,buttocks and entire body .

    After 3 days sunil kale (the husband of victim) came to the hotel in the search of her and broke the lock on the door on the room, took her out and lodged a case with the shirdhon police sation .

  • Posted by: NDMJ - Maharastra
  • Fact finding date: 08-06-2020
  • Date of Case Upload: 04-02-2021


    Case details is not available
  • Posted by: NDMJ - Maharastra
  • Fact finding date: 08-06-2020
  • Date of Case Upload: 01-02-2021

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