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Derogatory Forms of Verbal Abuse & Removing Clothes of Dalits in Public View

    Ashok Kumar S/O Murugesan is a resident of Indira nagar, Palladam, K. Ayyampalayam, Tirupur District is working in MSV Company. He belonged to the Arunthathiyar Caste (Sub Caste of Scheduled Castes). On 14.11.2020 around 8: 30 pm, a man named Vigneshwaran (brother-in law of Ashok Kumar) had met with an accident near MSV nagar and Ashok Kumar was informed about the accident in his mobile.

    Immediately he rushed to the spot along with his friend’s brother Mathivanan and found that the injured person was taken to the Government Hospital in Mahesh’s Auto. Mr. Eswaran Gounder who was standing in the spot, had found the Aadhar Card and showed it to Vigneshwaran.

    Vigneshwaran had taken a photo of the card and Esawaran asked why he had taken the photo. Meantime, Ashok Kumar had intervened and said that he is his brother - in – law and had asked Vigneshwaran to leave the place. Immediately Eswaran Gounder had verbally abused them in filthy and derogatory language by referring to the caste names. Later Eswara Gounder along with 5 other persons had brutally attacked Ashok Kumar and Mathivanan by removing their clothes. Complaint was lodged at Palladam Police Station on 15.11.2020 and a case was registered under the SC/ST PoA Act.

  • Posted by: Social Awareness Society for Youths-SASY
  • Fact finding date: 15-11-2020
  • Date of Case Upload: 27-11-2020


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Arunthathiyar Families Forced to Vacate their Houses from Dominant Caste Residential Areas.

    Kumar T / P Maran, a resident of Guruvayoorappan, Gunnathur, Tirupur district, Uthukkuli district. Arundhati belongs to the community. He bought 2.1 / 4 acres of vacant land sold by Thirumurugan Gardeners in 2013 and built his own house. With the money that Mason worked on, he bought the present residence. , Currently there are about 100 houses in the apartment, Kumar\'s house is located in the middle of the apartment. At 10.00 am on 2020, Panchayat President Anandan, Loganathan and Gopal entered Kumar\'s house, beat up Kumar and his mother, chased them away, loaded the house with 2 Aicher trucks and chased them away. A complaint has been lodged with the Gunnathur police station and a case has been registered under the Prevention of Torture Act. The culprits have not yet been arrested.

  • Posted by: Social Awareness Society for Youths-SASY
  • Fact finding date: Not recorded
  • Date of Case Upload: 26-11-2020


1) FIR Copy 

Brutal Attack and Caste Discrimination against Dalit Women Panchayat President

    Dalit Panchayat President Mrs. Puspham is residing with her husband Mr. Selvamani who is working as panchayat secretary for the past 21 years. She had won in the local body election held in December 2019 and presently working as panchayat president in Tirukallapur panchayat and her husband is also working in Tirukallapur panchayat. They belonged to the Scheduled Caste (SC).  Her husband is also holding a position block secretary in VCK party (National Party – ViduthalaiChiruthaigalKatchi). She is having two daughters Mugilarasi (11) and Puviyarasi (08) respectively.

    Their village is having about 200 Dalit families and more than 1000 families belonged to the dominant caste (vanniyar caste – Most Backward Castes). Four persons (Rasapillai, Selvamani, Anna Durai and Puspham) contested for the panchayat president and Puspham had won as the panchayat president with 812 votes.

    In June 2020, a playground for the villagers was provided under the NREGA scheme and Rasapillai had nexus with Mr. Sabanayagam (CouncillorVasuki’s husband) and occupied the playground only for vanniyar youths and they were playing volley ball on regular basis. They had also dumped the river sand in the playground without getting prior permission from the panchayat. This was sent as text message in whatsapp and based on the message the block development officer Mr. Amirthalingam had spot visit to the playground on 10.11.2020 around 9: 30 in the morning.

    Pushpam and the panchayat secretary (Selvamani – Puspha’s husband) rushed to the spot. The BDO asked the Pushpam to immediately take action on the sand issue. She had replied that she would take immediate steps on the said issue and left to the panchayat office.

    Later, she had asked the vanniyar youths about the sand issue and immediately Sabanayagam had verbally abused Pushpam in filthy and derogatory language referring to the caste names. Selvamani (Puspham’s husband) had told not to verbally abuse them. But Sabanaygam had again abused Pushpam and Selvamani in filthy words in public view and in front of the BDO and Overseer. Later he along with 7 persons pushed them outside the panchayat office, had slapped them with the slippers and locked the door. The BDO and overseer did not take any action on the brutal attack and caste discrimination.

    They both had gone to the Jayamkondam Government Hospital and her husband was admitted as in-patient and Puspham had received treatment as outpatient. In the evening the sub inspector Nadesan came to the hospital and got the statements from Puspham and Selvamani. And a counter FIR was also filed against them.

    A case was registered under the crime no: 1050/2020 u/s147,294(b),324 – IPC, 4 of WHAct,           r/w: 3(1)(r), 3(1)(s),3(ii) (V) – SC/ST PoA Act  - 2015 at Andimadam PS and counter FIR with the crime no: 1051/2020 u/s 294(b),506(ii) - IPC


  • Posted by: Social Awareness Society for Youths-SASY
  • Fact finding date: 16-11-2020
  • Date of Case Upload: 19-11-2020


1) FIR Copy 

Physical Assault over cattle’s consumption of standing crops

    On the morning of 18.05.2020 at 7:00 am, the victim Akhilesh (30) S/o Late Jayanti Prasad had gone to the farm with his cattle for grazing. While grazing, the cattle started eating the standing crops (Millets) from Chuarasiya’s land. On seeing this, Arvind Chaurasiya came up with stick and started hitting the cattle brutally. When the victim tried to stop, and tried to negotiate for the loss, Arvind Chaurasiya started ranting caste abuse and started beating Akhilesh, he kicked and used the stick to brutally beat him. When Akhilesh, was shouting for help Jagdish, and Navneet came to rescue him, and from the accused side  Avdesh Chaurasiya, Vipin Chaurasiya, and Shiv aka Gabbar Churasiya,  came and started hurling caste abuse, like ‘Maa, Behen, Chamkatiyo, Chamar, Saale’ etc.  Further they started kicking, hitting using sticks and whatever means they can. In this assault, Navneet’s hand broke and Jagdish was injured too, as he got hurt in waist and chest.


    Once the Dalit family reached their home, the accused Chaurasiya family called up police and after a while when police came, police started harassing the Dalit family and dragged Jagdish to the police car, but he lost his conscious. When Jagdish got unconscious, police left him behind, on which the villagers reacted by asking why they leaving behind Jagdish now.  Police on the complaint of Chaurasiya, also started caste abuse, and attempted to assault the family.  Victims were further taken to Public Health Centre, where their medical inspection was done. No further action was taken for Jagdish who broke his hand in the assault. After the medical inspection, the case was reported in Sikrara Jaunpur Police station through a written application, which was torn down by senior official Nripendra M, and minors of the village were asked to give statement regarding the case, through an application on the basis of which N.C.R was filed. After providing the copy of the N.C.R, under Section 151 applicant was charged in Machli Tehsil, fined and detained for 10 hours after that he was released. 

  • Posted by: Bhartiya Jan Sewa Ashram
  • Fact finding date: 10-06-2020
  • Date of Case Upload: 17-11-2020


1) Fact Finding Report 

Scuffle of cattle grazing

    On 17th May 2020, S/o Priyanshu Amar Gautam, was near the village canal, where his cattle (goats) were grazing. While grazing, the goat ate the standing crops from the PArshanath’s farm. On seeing this son of Sudama Singh’ son Ramesh Singh and, Chandan Singh son of Surendra Singh started hitting the victim and the goat. When the managed to escape from the place of incident, the perpetrators further shouted out loud that ‘maar do saalo chamaro ko’, and group of 15-20 people attacked the victim, his brother, his wife and other family members. Victim and his brother got injured gravely, as they attacked with stick, rod, etc.    

  • Posted by: Bhartiya Jan Sewa Ashram
  • Fact finding date: 17-05-2020
  • Date of Case Upload: 16-11-2020


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