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Caste Based Discrimination, Abused by caste name and threaten by Caste Hindu

    Rukumani (35)  resident of Gobichettipalayam came to her brother\'s house  located at Moonu Veedu Colony, Parisalthurai Street, Sathyamangalam of Erode District on10.02.2018 . She belonged to the Scheduled Caste. 

    Ms. Mythili (20)  (relative of Rukumani) along with her child was sitting in the corridor of Ms. Parveen\'s house. Mythili called Rukumani and told to sit near her in the Corridor. Immediately Parveen brought a bucket of water and poured in the corridor and  threatened  and verbally abused both the women in filthy language by referring to their caste names.  

  • Posted by: Social Awareness Society for Youths
  • Fact finding date: Not recorded
  • Date of Case Upload: 20-02-2018


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Abduction, Caste Discrimination & Brutal Attack of a Dalit man

    Mr. Arumugam is residing with his family and working as an agricultural labourer. He bought 5 acres of Corn Field for Rs. 20,000 from Venkada Gounder (45) had given Rs. 15,000 as advance on 09.01.2018 and assured to give the remaining amount at the end of reaping the corns. 

    On 13.01.2018 he had deployed 13 men of the same village to reap the corn from the field and told them to provide Rs. 24,000/- as wages. After the harvest he went to to tie and store the corns. Meantime few men of the same village from the dominant caste were tying his corns. Immediately he rushed to the field and told them that there are his corns. But the dominant caste men replied that they had bought that corn field from Venkada Gounder.

     Meanwhile Venkada\'s son Mr. Muthu Kumar (21), Venkada\'s Ms. Sangavi (20) daughter of Ms. Venkada Gounder and the Jeep owner Mr. Kumar (40) of the same village abducted him in a Bolero Jeep to the Bargur hills, Anthiyur Block of Erode District with tying his hands and legs. 

     Then the four of them brutally attacked and verbally abused him in filthy language by referring to his caste names. Then they untied his hands and some how he escaped from them and got lift in a car and reached his home town (30 kms from his home town). At about 3 pm he reached his home and immediately wrote a complaint and went to the Ammapettai Police Station and gave his complaint to Mr. Ragunathan, Sub Inspector. After giving complaint to Ammapettai PS he went to Bhavani Government Hospital and got admitted as in patient for his severe injuries. 

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  • Date of Case Upload: 03-02-2018


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State through Sanjay Kumar and others versus Amar Singh Rana and sandeep Katoch

    श्री मान जी 

    संजय कमार के पिताजी को 1975 में गाँव शामलात भूमि निदान व् उपयोग अधिनियम 1974 के अंतर्गत कुछ भूमि गाँव उसतेहड़ तहसील बैजनाथ जिला काँगड़ा में मिलि जिसका इंतकाल हो गया है व कुछ बग्गीधार में मिली थी  जिसका इन्तकाल आज दिन तक न हो पाया है हम जब भी बग्गीधार में अपनी आवंटित भूमि पर काश्त करना चाहते हैं तब कुछ जतिबादी सामन्ती मानसिकता के लोग उजर्दारी करते हैं व् हमे काश्त न करने देते हैं . श्रीमान जी 16.12.2017 को जब में , संजय कुमार अपने कुछ साथियों के साथ अपनी भूमि पर काश्त कर रहा था व्  एक छति से झोंपड़ी बनाई थी जिसमे पशुओ को बान्धना था  मौका पर मेरे साथ बिशम्भर दास , तिलक राज, शक्ति चाँद व् अजित कुमार मौजुद थे जब हम मौका पर काश्त कर रहे थे  तो उस समय मौका पर उप प्रधान ग्राम पंचायत सुनपुर अमर सिंह राणा कुछ लोगों के साथ व् संदीप कटोच फारेस्ट गार्ड बीट बैजनाथ आये व् हमे डराने धमकाने लगे की ये सब छोड़ कर यहाँ से भाग जाओ हमने उन्हें अपने कागजात दिखाने चाहे तो उन्होंने कागज़ देखने से मना कर दिया व् इन दोनों ने मेरे कब्ज़ा वाली भूमि पर से लगाईं गई बाढ़ को तोड़ दिया व् जो पशुओं  को बाँधने के लिए निर्मित बांस से निर्मित गौशाला को तोड़ कर तहस नहस कर दिया व् हमारे औजारों को फारेस्ट गार्ड साथ ले गया 

    इसके बाद 17.12.2017 को भूमिहीन भूमि अधिकार के माध्यम से अनुसूचित जाती एवं जनजाति (अत्याचार निवारण) अधिनियम के अंतर्गत एफ़० आइ० आर० करके अनुसूचित जाति एवं जनजाति (अत्याचार निवारण ) अधिनियम में एफ़०आइ०आर० करने हेतु प्रार्थना पत्र डे दिया है  है परन्तु आज दिन तक कोई कार्यवाही न हुई है 

  • Posted by: Centre for Mountain Dalit Rights Himachal Pradesh
  • Fact finding date: 17-12-2017
  • Date of Case Upload: 01-02-2018


    Case details is not available
  • Fact finding date: 23-01-2018
  • Date of Case Upload: 30-01-2018


    Village Kasma is located in Aurangabad district of Bihar state. It comes under the territory of Kasma Police Station. The Dalits of MiyaBigaha village does not have toilets in their house so they go for open defecation. Also Dalits are being exploited and are bound to work on low wages in the fields of dominants. Dalits are helpless to work on low wages as they are dependent for open defecation, for gazing theircattles and for their livelihood.

    On the other hand dominants takes the poor situation of Dalits as granted and they keep on exploiting them. Particularly women and girls from Dalit community are more victimized and sexual exploited by the dominant caste. PunamKumari is one of the victims of such incident.

    Victim PunamKumaria 15 years old girl, D/o ShivnandanBhuiyan, R/o Village- Miyabigaha, KasamTaluk, of Aurangabad District, which comes underKasma Police Station of Bihar state. Her father is a labour and they do not hold land of their own. The family belongs to SC community.

    Accused Md. Imran (Abid), 25 year old, S/o BakhtawarMiyan, , also from the same Village- Miyabigaha, KasamTaluk, of Aurangabad District, which comes under Kasma Police Station of Bihar state.  He belongs to Muslim Religious Minority group.

    On 11-02-2017 in the evening around 07:30 PMPunamKumari went outside of her house for defecation. The accused was already there knowing that Punam will be coming there regularly. As soon as she reached, Imran went towards poonam and forcibly held her from behind and threatened her if she screams out. He shuts her mouth and dragged her in the wheat field nearby and forcefully raped her. Though she screamed continuously for help but no one could come to rescue her at the time.

    After a while, Victim’s cousin brotherNagendraManjhi was going for defecation almost in the same direction. He heard the female scream for help and rushed to the spot. There he saw accused was raping her sister. By looking at Nagendra accused tried to run away but Nagendra chased him and caught him at the place of incident.Nagendra also called upon other villagers and forcibly took the accused towards his house as the accused was trying to escape. The Family members instantly informed the police about the incident. They also started scolding the victim.

    In the meantime, the victim could not bear what has happened to her and was feeling very humiliated. She immediately rushed home and set fire on herself fearing social stigma due to rape. She was almost half burnt by the time the family members noticed her and somehow they rescued her in extinguishing the fire.

    Immediately the family members rushed to Rafiganj Hospital by taking burnt and unconscious victim. As victim’s condition was very serious,she was referred to Magadh Medical Hospital for better treatment. They could rescue her life. On the same day around 23:15, in presence of victim’s father ShivnandanBhuiyan, the police official took victim’s statement; and on 12-02-2017 FIR has been registered. So far victim has given Rs. 2.50 lakhs as compensation.

  • Posted by: AIDMAM Bihar
  • Fact finding date: 19-02-2017
  • Date of Case Upload: 25-01-2018


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