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    The date of 8 june Victim was went to her relative  Uncle house to play with her uncle son. the house of Uncle is  five hundred mitre of Victim house.  when she and her brother was playing some game, the Accused Shahnawaj called her to give something. she went there and after the accused catched her in side of the company where he was as labour worker  and raped her according to parents of Victim.

    Victim came her Father house and share to her mother regarding incidents.then after parents of Victim went to  Incident place and Catched to Accused and Took him to Kotwali Police station and gave information to Police, and Police has been Lodged FIR against Accused.  Police has been arrested to accused and put the Jail.

  • Posted by: NDMJ-UP
  • Fact finding date: 25-06-2019
  • Date of Case Upload: 08-07-2019



Deteriorating society by making a shameful vessel on the face,sc/st ps-chanapatiya caseno.17/19

    Case details is not available
  • Posted by: NDMJ-Bihar
  • Fact finding date: 30-06-2019
  • Date of Case Upload: 07-07-2019


1) Dilip kumar suman 

Gang rape performed by eight rapist with two dalit owne minor girl

    Case details is not available
  • Posted by: NDMJ-Bihar
  • Fact finding date: 26-06-2019
  • Date of Case Upload: 05-07-2019

Dalit Youth Chellamuthu brutally attack by Caste Hindus

    Muthusamy Gounder of Karupampalayam village of Pollachi Taluk of Coimbatore District has a farm of coconut grooves. The Makkal Viduthalai Munnani and Coconut Labourers Munnai was in the process of cutting the coconuts, mean while a man named Muthu belonged to the Arunthathiyar community was smoking in a hidden place. But Mr. Ilacheliyan’s (ADMK leader – Pollachi) brother Parvathakannan saw Chella Muthu smoking and immediately he had verbally abused him in derogatory and filthy language. He had also brutally attacked him in front of other labourers in public view.

    The coordinator of Coconut Labourers Munnai Mr. Kumar@ Chella Muthu saw this brutal attack tried to stop it and immediately Parvathakannan started verbally abusing Chella Muthu by referring to the caste names. Following this, Parvathakannan took coconut branch, iron rods and had brutally attacked at the back of his head. Chella Muthu sustained brutal injuries at his head and the other co-workers tried to stop the brutal attack. But Kanagaraj @ Nachimuthu Gounder and Parvathakannan’s wife joint together and threatened the co-workers with knives and warned not to go near Chella Muthu.


    Later, with the help of other comrades from Makkal Viduthalai Munnani and Coconut Labourers Munnai took Chella Muthu to Pollachi GH for first aid. Then they tried to take him to the Coimbatore Medical College Hospital, but on the way he screamed in pain and hence they took him to the Arathana Private Hospital, Pollachi. He was admitted as in-patient and reached home on 04.07.2019. Case was registered at Pollachi Town West Station on 01.07.2019 and filed under SC/ST PoA Amendment Act 2015. 

  • Posted by: Social Awareness Society for Youths-SASY
  • Fact finding date: 04-07-2019
  • Date of Case Upload: 05-07-2019


1) FIR Copy 

sexual harrassment in workplace

    Case details is not available
  • Posted by: Dalit Bahujan Shramik Union (DBSU)
  • Fact finding date: Not recorded
  • Date of Case Upload: 04-07-2019


1) FIR 
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