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Fact Finding Report on abduction at gun point, assault, attempt to murder & other atrocities on Santosh Guru & Mrs. Rasmita Guru of village Chhotijodi, PS-Kanasa, Dist - Puri

    Santosh Guru, son of Ranka Guru is a resident of village Chhotijodi under Pipili PS of Puri district. He was the driver of the mini-truck (TATA 407) owned by Pintu Sundarray, resident of village Sialia of Khodha district. The vehicle was parked near the house of Santosh during off hours. Few days back the Jack rod was stolen from the mini-truck. Santosh informed the owner about that. After few days the battery was stolen which was informed to Pintu by Santosh.  After that the vehicle was not running. Santosh, in order to earn his livelihood, joined as driver of a tractor of another owner.

     On 16.09.2021 at about 3 pm, the accused persons, namely 1-Nala Biswal, age 30, father Gouranga Biswal, at/po Haladiapada, Kanasa, Puri, 2-Pintu Sundarray, age 35, father Parsuram Sundarray, at Sialia, Khordha and two others came to the house of the victim and asked Rasmita Guru, wife of Santosh Guru about her husband. Then they showed her the deadly weapons such as gun, vujali, iron rod and asked her to call Santosh Guru. They also abused her in vulgar language aspersing her caste name. Rasmita asked them why they were abusing; the accused persons told that her husband is a thief and they had come to pick him up and recover the stolen article. They forcibly entered the house by pushing and abusing Rashmita. By the assault Rasmita Guru fell down on the ground. Then the accused persons entered the house and forcibly, got hold of Santosh and started beating him. They dragged Santosh at gun point to a car and kidnapped him. While going away they closed the door from the outside. After some hours, they came back and threw Santosh in the back yard of the house from the car. He was found in critically injured condition.

     It revealed that Santosh was taken to Ramchandi forest at gun point and beaten black and blue by the accused persons. They were asking to return the stolen battery & jack rod of the mini-truck. They assaulted and tortured Santosh for hours and threw him back as his condition became bad. Santosh was taken to PHC at Kanas early in the morning on the next day. A police complaint was lodged by Rasmita on the next day which was registered as Kanasa PS case no 219 dated 18.9.2021 under Sections 452, 365, 342, 294, 354, 323, 506, 34 IPC with 25 Arms act read with 3 (1)(i)(r)(s), (2)(va) SC ST PoA Act.


  • Posted by: Ambedkar Lohia Vichar Manch
  • Fact finding date: 20-10-2021
  • Date of Case Upload: 29-06-2022

Fact Finding Report on Humiliation, Assault, Sexual Harassment and verbal Abuse of Manasi Sethi of Village Palli Raghunathpur, PS- Nikirai, Kendrapada

    Palli Raghunathpur revenue village is situated under Nikirei police station area in Kendrapara district; in which 6 Scheduled Caste (SC) families of Dhoba Sub-Caste live. One of those SC families is Keshab Sethy. Manasi Sethy, daughter of Keshab Sethy was married, but she is staying in her paternal house in Palli Raghunathpur village for last 9 years with her husband, Purna Chandra Sethy. 

    On 29.11.2021, one Sudhansu Jena of the same village was loudly shouting slangs while walking by the side of the house of Keshab Sethi. He was going hither and thither on the side of the house shouting slangs. For this Manasi sethi asked “Uncle, whom are you shouting at with such vulgar language? “ By this Sudhansu Jena was got angry and he pointedly spoke to Manasi “I am shouting at you’’ and abused her with more slangs aspersing her Caste name. He also accused her of creating nuisance by putting stones and keeping goats on the road. To this Manasi Sethi objected and accused person slapped her and further abused her with vulgar languages. He also threatened to rape her and of other dire consequences. It is alleged that there was verbal exchanges between the two earlier also.A complaint was lodged in Nikirai PS by the victim which was registered as F.I.R No- 190 dated 31.10.2021 under sections 448, 323, 354-A, 354-B, 294, 509,3 79, 506 IPC with 3(1)(r) (s), 2(va) SC & ST PoA Act.                                     

  • Posted by: Ambedkar Lohia Vichar Manch
  • Fact finding date: 20-11-2021
  • Date of Case Upload: 28-06-2022

Fact Finding Report on brutal assault and Attempt to murder of Santosh Naik of Jemadeipur, PS- Kanpur, Dist - Cuttack

    Santosh Naik, son of Basant Naik is a resident of village Jemadeipur under Kanpur police station in Cuttack district. Basant Naik has two sons; one of them works in a Company in Angul. 15 dalit families reside in Jemadeipur dalit sahi (Pana sahi).

    Basant Naik (father of Santosh) catches fish from the agricultural fields by his net. 15 days before this incident, there was conflict due to catching of fish with Lulu Sahu, son of Kumar Sahu of neighbouring village. Then Lulu had gone to the house of Santosh, abused with obscene language and threatened to assault by sword. The cause of the altercation was the question by Lulu, why he was fishing in that field; wheras the field belonged to Santosh Naik. 

    On 18.9.2021 in the evening at about 7 pm, Jhunu Naik, wife of Santosh had gone to fetch some grocery items from nearby shop. Lulu reached there and abused her with slangs aspersing her caste. She asked, why he was saying so? But he misbehaved further. Jhunu rushed back and told Santosh that Lulu is abusing her. Lulu had followed Jhunu to Santosh’s house. Finding him, Santosh asked him why he did so. Lulu immediately brought out a sword and assaulted Santosh with brute force. Santosh was severely injured with multiple injuries. He was rescued by passerby and taken to hospital. After getting initial treatment, Santosh went to Kanpur police station and lodged complaint which was registered as FIR no 104 dated 19.9.2021 was registered under sections 341, 294, 326, 307, 307, 506 IPC with 3(1)(r) 3(1)(S) 3(2)(v) 3(2)(va) SC & ST PoA Act.


    1.                    Details of the Victim:

  • Posted by: Ambedkar Lohia Vichar Manch
  • Fact finding date: 21-09-2021
  • Date of Case Upload: 28-06-2022


1) Santosh Naik FIR copy 

Fact Finding Report on Wrongful restraint, Humiliation aspersing caste name, Outraging modesty, threatening, to Banita Mallik & Others of Chandiput village under Brahmagiri PS, Puri

     A women namely Banita Mallik, w/o- Nanda Kishore Mallik aged about 29 years of village Chandiput, under Brahmagiri Police Station in dist Puri was victimised of several abusement  & caste based insult by the non schedule caste persons of the same  village namely Bimbadhar Behera, Baleswar Behera, Sanjay Behera & others. The victims were given threaten of murder and attended by the accused & their anoliates .

  • Posted by: Ambedkar Lohia Vichar Manch
  • Fact finding date: Not recorded
  • Date of Case Upload: 27-06-2022


1) Banita mallik 

Two Dalit Men Murder in Tumkur District, Gubbi talluk, Peddanahalli Village.

    Tumkr District, Gubbi Taluk, Kadaba Hobali, Peddanahalli village, here lived Sc sb caste Modiga commnity belongs late Mdalagiriyappa and Gowramma 64 Years and M P Giresh 30 years and Same District and Tallk Agalavadi Hobali, Manchanahalli village hear lived belongs to ST Valmeeki commnity late Kempaiah and Chikkathayammathis coples son Gireesh 28 years, Peddanahalli  Village M P Giresh and Manchaladore village Giresh bboth were very close rinds. M P Giresh were auto driver and was ronding arond Peddanahalli village and Manchaladore Village Giresh were working in bricksactory at Chotnahalli village this was 1 K M distance rom Peddanahalli, Manchaladore village Giresh were staying in Peddanahalli village now and then. on 21-04-2022 there was village god festival at Peddanahalli village so Giresh were stayed here in the village.Giresh and M P Giresh were sleeping. night 8;30 peddanahalli village OBC Lingayath commnit belongs Nandeesh s/o Paramesaih 30 years comes to M P Giresh hose and calls Giresh come with s we have some work with yo and takes him with them Manchaladore village Giresh also gose along with him. the next day on 22-04-2022 Friday morning Giresh and M P Giresh dead body were ound near the canal which is next to Gadigowda Rangappa,s land which is 1 KM away from Peddanahalli village, seeing this village informs to the amily o M P Gireesh and Gireesh family, Sc village leaders takes Gowramma to the spot there they sees M P giresh and Giresh body were half brnt and the whole body were wonded by the deadly weapons and there was bleeding in moth and year.

    Peddanahalli village OBC Lingayath communit belongs Nandeesh s/o Paramesaiah and his rinds together have been mrdered them and have thrown the body there. this incident case has iled at Gubbi police station and the Crime No;80/2022 Sc/St(POA) Amendment Act-2015 u/s 3(2)(Va) and IPC 1860 u/s 302, 201 has been added in the FIR.

  • Posted by: Human Rights Forum for Dalit Liberation-Karnataka
  • Fact finding date: 30-04-2022
  • Date of Case Upload: 27-06-2022

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