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Panchami Land Acquisition

    Mr. Palanisamy, S/o Mr. Bathiran resident of No-21/29, Paventhar Nagar, Kuttaiyu, MK Pudur Post, Karamadai of Coimbatore District. He belonged to the Scheduled Caste (Sub Caste: Arunthathiyar community) and his great grandfather and his grandfather Madhan was issued 4 acres of Panchami land by the government of Tamil Nadu to the Scheduled Caste people before 4 decades. About 33 SC families had received 50 acres of land from the government at that time. On 30.10.2017 at about 11:30 am a man named Mahendran Kumar Nahar along with 8 dominant caste men came to Palanisamy’s land in 3 tractors, 1 JCB machine and destroyed all the crops and cereals from the land.


  • Posted by: Social Awareness Society for Youths
  • Fact finding date: Not recorded
  • Date of Case Upload: 10-11-2017

Dalit Minor Girl Rape and Murder

    On dated 27-3-2017 Dalit Minor Girl Kajal d/o Rajender caste valmiki had gone to college for stuty at 6-7 am from home and not return till night at home. victims family given complaint to police against accused Ravi kumar caste banjara for kiddnapping. kajal deadbody was found at canal near GT Raod karnal on dated 30-3-2017. victims given complaint to police for gang rape and murder against accused Ravi kumar and others but police did not arrested any accuesd and not invoked sc/st act till now.  

  • Posted by: NDMJ-Haryana
  • Fact finding date: 13-10-2017
  • Date of Case Upload: 09-11-2017



Dalit suicide due to torture and false case

    before the incident date Accused Devender given false bike stolen complaint against victim Jagdish. accused Devender and his family members comments and tortured to jagdish since one week.inwhich police interogate to victim on dated 9-6-2017 and removed on garenty of victims family. accused family also caste abused and insult to victims family on dated 10-6-2017 at approx:7am. due to this false aligation and torture Jagdish commit suicide on dated 10-6-2017.police did not invokek sc/st act 1989 and not arrest the accused till now.

  • Posted by: NDMJ-Haryana
  • Fact finding date: 20-09-2017
  • Date of Case Upload: 06-11-2017

Dalit Youth Murder

    on dated 30-7-2017 at approx:5pm victim Amit went to sonipat to gave house installment Rs. 85000 to Satpal dahiya. On dated 1-8-2017 at approx: 12.30 Noon Amit call to his mother and told that he was alongwith Anil,Rohit, krishan and they pressurized to not return back home and pressurized to go a room at near vardhman hospital.his suggest to go at his grandmother,s house.Next day when victims trying to call on Amit mobile number but available to contact. on dated 2-8-2017 at approx 10.30am victims reached at Accused Anil,s house where the found deadbody of Amit. 

  • Posted by: NDMJ-Haryana
  • Fact finding date: 25-05-2017
  • Date of Case Upload: 05-11-2017

Gang Rape and murder

    On dated 9-5-17, victim Sheenu(19) was going to her job at industrial area sonipat at approx:6.30am.but she was not return back to home. vitims faimly searched his dauther on personal level.on dated 11-5-2017 police informed to victims that a deadbody of a girl found at near urban state P.S. Rohtak. victims identyfied to Sheenu. during post mortem victims found Sheenu was gang rape and murder cruley. only three accused was arrested by police and others not. victims to aresst another accused. 

  • Posted by: NDMJ-Haryana
  • Fact finding date: 19-05-2017
  • Date of Case Upload: 05-11-2017

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