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Public Insult from land dispute in karnataka Mandya District, ,Pandavapura talluk, Bolenahalli village

    Mandya District, pandavapura talluk, Melukote hobli, Bolenahalli village there lived scheduled cast  holeya community 10 family\'s and OBC okkaligagowda community 80 family Srinivashmurthi s/o let Melugiriyaiah 37 years old who belongs to scheduled cast holeya community has 2 acors of land at Bolenahalli village survey no 149/2 and it was given to his grandfather Gullaiah 70 years back by the government.  Gullaiah had two sons so he had divided the land for one son one acre and the one for another. After Melugiriyaiah  death Srinivasmurthi was cultivating the land. Next to his land OBC vokkaligagowda community belongs Nanjegowda was cultivating and he had crop of ragi on 1-9-2017 morning around 10 am Nanjegowda had brought the tractor and had spoiled all crop. Soon Srinivasmurthi  and  his brother Govindaraju comes and questions Nanjegowda instead of answering them Nanjegowda and his wife Jayamma son Rajesh and relatives Nanjegowda, Srikantegowda they bit them and says this land is belongs to us and have scolded thebedly 

    This case has been filed at Melukote  police station on 2-9 2017 and the  crime no 157/2017 IPC 1860 u/s  447, 427, 504, 506, 114, 149  and sc/st (poa) amendment act -2015 3 (1)(s)

    The agains case has been field on Srinivasmurthi on 2-9-2017 and the crime  no 158/2017, IPC 1860 u/s 427,506,  504 143, 147, 149, 447, 323, 324, 354, 114 


  • Posted by: Human Rights Forum for Dalit Liberation-Karnataka
  • Fact finding date: 11-09-2017
  • Date of Case Upload: 06-12-2017



A Dalit men kidnapped, public Insult and dog bite ln Kodagu district, Virajapet talluk, Gonikoppa hobli, Ramapura village Karnataka

       Kodagu district Virajapet talluk , Gonikoppa hobli Balalle village there schedule cast Holeya community 80 family and OBC belongs Kodava 300 families are living in the same village. H ,C ,Harish  S/o late channavera who belongs to schedule caste Holeya community and he had lost both of his parents in the childhood so he was living in his uncles house at the same village. H, C, Harish was 28 years old, for the work he was going to nearby village P, Kishan who is belongs to OBC Kodava community and had 60 acors of coffee from land there he was working in his coffee cedes buying depot from last two years. Harish was so strength. He was working has his owner says. One day he to go to religious tour to Shabarimalai so he borrows some 7000/- rupees from P Kishan. After his trip he comes back to work then again he borrows another 5000/- rupees from Kishan and totally it was 12000/- every week Harish use to pay back his money and it was nearly 8000/- rupees was given. Since there he had heavy work he left the work and joined in other place. It was very angry for owner Kishan.

    Harish uncle Muthu had a chicken shop so Harish now and then he use go come there. On 30- 08- 2017 around 1-30 in the noon Kishan sees Harish near chicken shop soon he holds his color and pulls him into his Jeep and takes him to his village which is 5 km far from Harish village and put him in to his shed and he says that you have to give me 27000/- rupees it\'s interest for 4000/- rupees you give that money and go. But Harish asks Kishan how I have to give you 27000/- rupees I had to give you 4000/- rupees only, soon Kishan gets angry and levees his three dogs. Dogs bites Harish leg, hand, stomach, head and all over his body. Then Kishan calls his house workers and tell them to throw him somewhere and come and they throw him nearGonikoppa village. Seeing him somebody information Harish uncle soon he admits him to Gonimoppa hospital and for more treatment be admits him to Mysore district hospital. This case has been filed at ponnampet police station on 01- 09- 2017 and the crime no : 134/2017 IPC 1860 u/s 363, 323, 324, 342, 506, 34 and SC/ st (poa) Amendment act- 2015 3(1)(r), 3(1)(s) has filed.

  • Posted by: Human Rights Forum for Dalit Liberation-Karnataka
  • Fact finding date: 13-09-2017
  • Date of Case Upload: 05-12-2017

A Dalit men public Insult and Bit in karnataka Vijayapura district, Sindigi talluk, Halagundakanala village

    Case details is not available
  • Posted by: Human Rights Forum for Dalit Liberation-Karnataka
  • Fact finding date: 03-07-2017
  • Date of Case Upload: 05-12-2017

bit and public Insult to a Dalit family from Muslims in Mysore district, Nanjangudu talluk, Nagarle village.

    Case details is not available
  • Posted by: Human Rights Forum for Dalit Liberation-Karnataka
  • Fact finding date: 14-06-2017
  • Date of Case Upload: 03-12-2017

A Dalit men brutally murder in karnataka, Mysore district, T Narasipura talluk Vatal village

    Mysore district,T Narasipura taluk, Vatal village, schedule cast, madiga community belongs Ningaraju 30 years old s/o Ghanaian and Montana, was working as cool worker in OBC Lingayatha community belongs Rajappa from, offer finishing his work he use to go to Rajappa house for money and Rajappa s/o Abhishek was giving money to him. One day on 06-12-2016 as usual Ningaraju went for work at Rajappa from and finished his work and want to Rajappa house for money in the evening around 6 o clock, Rajappa son says him come after some time, and so he want back and comes around 10 o clock at night.suddenly Abhishek gets angry and colls his workers of his same community belongs Navilur one person and Gamanahalli village one person all together pulls Ningaraju inside the auto and beats him badly by their lang and foots until Ningaraju house comes and after his house came they throw him out of auto and they went back. It was deadly beat so he was included so on 07 - 12- 2017 he was admitted to T Narasipura hospital but there doctor says take him to higher hospital at Mysore K R Hospital. On 09- 12- 2016 again he was admitted to K R Hospital but doctor says he will not serviev and they discharged him on 26- 12- 2016.but on 22- 12- 2016 he vomits blood on 22- 01- 2017 soon he was taken to T Narasipura hospital from there he was shifted to K R Hospital on 23- 01- 2017 but the treatment was not success he dies on 24- 01- 2017 and the next day on 25- 01- 2017 they gives body after post mortem.

    This case has been filed at T Narasipura police station on 07- 12- 2016, the crime number: 328/2016, IPC 1860 u/s 341, 323, 504, 506, 34 and SC/st (poa) Amendment act- 2015 u/s 3(1)(r), 3(1)(s), and on 25- 01- 2017 additional section was added  IPC 1860, 302 and SC/st (poa) Amendment act- 2015 3(2)(v), 3(2)(va) has been filed.


  • Posted by: Human Rights Forum for Dalit Liberation-Karnataka
  • Fact finding date: 29-01-2017
  • Date of Case Upload: 01-12-2017

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