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Kelavath Devujya

    Details of the Case:

    Mr. Kelavath Devujya and Chavali Bhai are S.T. Lambada couple, residents of Chevudamma Gutta Tanda, Farook Nagar Mandal, Ranga Reddy district.  They have three sons and three daughters.  They eke out living as cultivators.  Their grandfather had property of 8.3 acres which he sold away to one Mr. Gobri long ago.  In the year 1999 Gobri sold part of the land to Vendiga Pentaiah.  This Pentaiah again sold 3 acres to one Mr. Sriram Reddy.  Kelavath Devujya purchased 19 kuntas of land from Gobri in 2010, thus he purchased a small chunk of land sold by his ancestors. From then onwards he has been cultivating that land and he erected fencing for his 19 kuntas land.  Over a time, the cost of the land in that area hiked and out of the remaining land owned by Pentaiah, he made a real estate venture and sold plots in 3 acres.    After the land values hiked and Pentaiah earned through real estate venture in the remaining part of his land, Sri Ram Reddy also appeared at the scene.  As he already owned 3 acres of land which he purchased from Pentaiah, he started purchasing the lands surrounding his land.  It should be noted that though Sri Ram Reddy purchased 3 acres from Pentaiah long back, he never visited his land.  Now he appeared there to make fast buck out of real estate ventures.  He purchased surrounding lands and he conspired to occupy the 19 Kuntas land of Devujya and with that evil intention, he removed the fencing surrounding the land of Devujya on 15-09-2019.  Devujya suffered loss due to the removal of that fencing and he complained to the Shad Nagar police on 16-09-2019.  After that on 10-10-2019 a false case of trespass was registered on Devujya and his son Lakshman, obviously at the behest of Sri Ram Reddy.  In this connection the police called Devujya to compromise with Sri Ram Reddy and threatened him several times.  The case is going on still.  Later, Devujya again re-erected fencing to his land.  On 02-01-2020 at about 2.00 p.m. Sriram Reddy, Raghava Reddy, Bobbili Krishna Chaitanya Reddy along with 20 members came to the land of Devujya and destroyed the entire fencing on his land.   Learning about the incident Devujya along with his wife reached his land and questioned Sri Ram Reddy about the removal of the fencing and asked him why he is interfering with the enjoyment of his land.  He further said, “this land is our ancestral land and ever since I purchased these 19 kuntas, I have been cultivating it.  If you have any doubts about the extent of the land and boundaries, you may get it measured officially and enjoy your land, leaving us our land”.  Sri Ram Reddy then became ferocious and abused Devujya and his wife in the name of caste.  He said,” you lambada Lanja kodaka, you don’t understand things.  If I want, I can kill both of you in no time and nothing happens, you don’t compromise, you exhibit your lambada caste nature”.  Meanwhile, Devuja’s son Lakshman came there.  Seeing him, Sri Ram Reddy and his companions abused him also, saying, “why did you come, you lambada bastard, what can you do, if you don’t go away, we will kill all of you”.   Terrified at the abuse and the group of henchmen of Sri Ram Reddy, Devujya, his wife and son calmly went away and approached the Shad Nagar police and complained.  But the police did not register the complaint.  They kept on going to the police for 15 days but the police did not register the case.  On the other hand, the SI of Police Mr. Deva Raj used to call Devujya several times and threatened him to compromise or else Sri Ram Reddy will kill their entire family.  Having approached the Shad Nagar police several times and as the SI was not registering the case and threatening him, Devujya sent a written complaint on 07-02-2020 to the SI, CI, ACP, SC, ST Commission and SHRC through registered post.  After receiving the registered post, on 12-02-2020 Devujya was called and case was registered in ACP office.  After all this also, the police are supportive of Sri Ram Reddy and on 09-02-2020 Sri Ram Reddy dug a bore adjacent to the border line of Devuja’s land.  Knowing that a bore is being dug, Devuja’s wife and daughter-in-law went to the site and stood at a distance to observe where the bore was being dug.  Seeing them, Sri Ram Reddy took a video of them and complained to the police that Devujya sent his wife and daughter-in-law to attack them and that the women threw stones at him.   The police immediately rang up to Devujya and threatened him that there was a complaint against him that he sent his women to attack Sri Ram Reddy and further that they have all evidence.  However, the case is registered and the situation is tense.

  • Posted by: Dalit Sthree Sakthi
  • Fact finding date: 03-01-2020
  • Date of Case Upload: 07-08-2020

Desavat Lakshmi Bhai

    Details of the Case:

    Desavat Krishna Naik and Kumari Bhai are couple, residents of Reddy Gudem, Chilakaluripet, Guntur district.  They are ST Sugali Caste.  They work as labourers in a tobacco company.  They have two children, one daughter by name Lakshmi Bhai and son by name Sambasivarao Naik.  This boy is in his 3rd year of diploma while the daughter wrote her Intermediate 1st year in open school.  The age of Lakshmi Bhai is 17 years.  After she completed Tenth class, Lakshmi Bhai was joined Intermediate first year in S.R. College.  While in college she was a good kabaddi player and as a kabaddi player she had friendship with kabaddi coach Mr. Battula Sambasivarao.  He belongs to B.C. Vaddera caste.  They were good friends.  One day Sambasivarao approached Lakshmi Bhai and told her that kabaddi tournaments will be conducted at some place and if we have to participate in it one should go and give their names and signature before the commencement of the tournaments.  He asked her to come along with him for signing for the tournaments and took her to Tummala Palem.  There he kept her in a room and told her that he loves her and that she must marry him.  He threatened her that if she refuses, he will kill her father.  He continuously harassed her and tortured her in the room forcing her to marry him.  Meanwhile her parents gave complaint to the police that their daughter was missing.  Police traced her and brought her back to the parents.  But she did not tell anything to the police as samba Siva Rao threatened her that he would kill her father if she tells anything to the police.  Later in July 2019 she went away with samba Siva Rao and stayed with him for 4 months.  After 4 months in December 2019 she told that she was being tortured, beaten up and abused in the name of caste and that she went with him only due to fear as he threatened that he would kill her father if she doesn’t go with him.

    On July 9th he told the parents of Lakshmi Bhai that their daughter had gone away and he doesn’t know where she had gone.  Parents of Lakshmi Bhai searched everywhere with no result.  But actually, Sambasivarao kept her in his control and just duped them that she had gone away, to harass them and create tension in them.  After they traced Lakshmi Bhai somehow, she narrated to them how he tortured her, bet her regularly and how threatened her that he would kill her father and how he abused her in the name of caste.  After learning everything from their daughter, the parents of Lakshmi Bhai gave complaint at Pattipadu police station, as the place of the accused falls under the jurisdiction of Pattipadu police station.

  • Posted by: Dalit Sthree Sakthi
  • Fact finding date: 17-12-2019
  • Date of Case Upload: 07-08-2020

Ayyavari Siddeswar

    Ayyavari Siddeswar, s/o Narsimlu, Modallaguda village, Nandigama Mandal, Ranga Reddy district.  He belongs to S.C.  Mala caste and ekes out living as agriculturist and grazing cattle. They sell milk out of cattle grazing.  The cattle and grass are kept at nearby land where there is a bore water also.  On 09-03-2020 at about 7.30 p.m. he fed the cattle with grass and water and was proceeding back home.  At that time, he got a call from his sister and he was talking with her on phone.  Suddenly three persons came on a bullet motor cycle and attacked him.  They are: Maheswaram Muralidhar Goud, s/o Sivaramulu Goud, Maheswaram Sivakumar Goud, s/o Pentaiah Goud and another unknown person.  They all belong to Modallaguda village.  While attacking they abused Siddeswar by caste name, saying “mala, madiga Lanja kodakallara” and hit with a stone on his head. While one of them held the hands of Siddeswar, other hit him the stomach with hands while the other unidentified person hit him in the stomach with his shoe.  Sivakumar forcibly took away the mobile phone from Siddeswar.    Siddeswar was having on his person about Rs.20,000/ being the sale proceeds of milk of that month.  They robbed that money also. As Siddeswar was talking to his sister on phone at that time, she sensed that someone attacked him and she rang up to her another brother immediately.  That phone was switched off, so she rang up to the neighbors of Siddeswar and through them passed on the information to Siddeswar’s family about the attack.  The family along with other immediately rushed to the scene and seeing them the attackers fled away.  Siddeswar who got bleeding injuries on the head.  They took him to Nandigama police station who got him admitted at Government Hospital, Shad Nagar where they stitched the injuries on head.  A complaint to the police was also given.  But on 10-03-2020 when the victims approached the police, the police dragged on without registering the complaint and suggested compromise.   The victims insisted that the case must be registered.


    There are events that happened in the previous year which led to the sudden murderous attack on Siddeswar.    Siddeswar has one chunk of five and half acres and another chunk of seven and half acres of land at two survey numbers, which is cultivated by him and his family members.  Adjacent to his five and half acres land one Naveen Reddy has his land.  Naveen Reddy forces the owners of land adjacent to his land to sell their land to him at the prices dictated by him.  The attackers Murali Goud and others belong to the group of Naveen Reddy and they are also part of the land grabbing by threatening and forcing.    Last year, Raghavendra Goud, brother of Murali Goud asked Siddeswar to sell his land which was initially rejected by Siddeswar’s father and brothers.  They refused to sell the land as it was their ancestral land.  But due to pressure and to avoid quarrel Narsimlu, father of Siddeswar and Venkatesh, brother of Siddeswar reluctantly agreed to sell the land and accepted two cheques given by them towards the sale.  But the cheques bounced.  When, Siddeswar’s brother Venkatesh questioned them about the cheque bounce, Raghavendra Goud and his gang attacked him.  Venkatesh gave a complaint to the police at Kottur police station.  But the case was not registered by the police.   Raghavendra Goud and his family, started cultivating the land and dug trenches around it with JCB.  Thus, without payment of sale amount they occupied the land and started enjoying it.   Venkatesh, filed cheque bounce case also.  In the light of these developments, Raghavendra Goud and his gang thought of eliminating one of the family members of Narsimlu and they made the murderous attack on Siddeswar on 9-03-2020.

    Siddeswar and his family explained everything to the police on 10-03-2020 and requested for registering the case on the attackers.  Despite all this, the police did not register the complaint given by Siddeswar.  Meanwhile the attacker Raghavendra Goud and his gang approached the police on 10-03-2020 and negotiated with the police.  Finally, as Siddeswar was insistent the police registered the case against Raghavendra Goud and others on 11-03-2020, but they registered a counter case of attempt to murder on Siddeswar also, on the complaint of Raghavendra Goud that Siddeswar attacked him on 10-03-2020.  But actually Raghavendra Goud was in the precincts of  police station negotiating with the police on that day.

  • Posted by: Dalit Sthree Sakthi
  • Fact finding date: Not recorded
  • Date of Case Upload: 07-08-2020

Brutal Attack & Property Destruction to Dalit Hamlets

    Sooriyanthangal village is located in Tiruvannamalai District and more than 15 Arunthathiyar families are residing in the village. Hari of the same village belonged to the Vanniyar caste had dispute with Mani, S/o Thangavel, Arunthathiyar on getting fishing tender in the lake for the past 2 years. Based on the dispute, a complaint was lodged at the Vettavallam PS and the panchayat leaders pacified and compromised the issue.

    Sooriyanthangal village is a reserved constituency and in the last December 2019 the villagers forced Mr. Rajamani, S/o Thangavel (brother of Mani) to contest in the election. Moreover, Ramasamy Gounder of the same village ensured that he would take all the expenses for the election and asked Rajamani just to sign in a document. But he did not win in the election and he resigned from his job where he was working as driver to Ramasamy Gounder.

    Meantime, Rajamani’s brother’s wife Alamelu and Alamelu’s brother Ravi contested in the election. They both got 31 votes and did not win in the election. Soon after the incident, Hari had verbally abused Alamelu, Ravi, Mani and Rajamani in derogatory and filthy language for contesting in the election and had brutally attacked them.

    On 25.03.2020 Dhanasekaran, S/o Chinnapaiyan had gone for withdrawing money from ATM in his two-wheeler and while he was returning home the dominant caste men Chettiyar, S/o Mannu and Rajiv Gandhi had verbally abused him in cruel forms of caste names. Meantime, Dhanasekran’s uncle Kutty, Mani & Alamelu were coming on their way and asked for the verbal abuse against Dhanasekaran. Immediately the two dominant caste men had pulled Alamelu and pushed her down. Rajiv Gandhi damaged Dhanasekaran’s two wheeler. And he along with other dominant caste people brutally attack on the Dalits and rushed to the Colony and damaged the houses and vehicle. The following properties were damaged and destructed by the dominant caste people. 

    25.03.2020 – The brutal attack on Dalits in Soorapathangal Village and the dominant caste people caused damaged and property destruction to Dalit Hamlets.

    26.03.2020 - FIR has been registered at the Vettavallam PS with the crime no: 78/2020 u/s 147, 148, 294(b),323, 324, 427,506(ii) IPC r/w: 3(1)(r), 3(1)(s), 3(ii)(Va)  – SC/ST PoA  Act.

    28.03.2020 – Crime No: 101/2020 u/s 147, 148, 294 (b), 324, 506 (2) IPCs  [counter FIR]


  • Posted by: Social Awareness Society for Youths-SASY
  • Fact finding date: 25-03-2020
  • Date of Case Upload: 04-08-2020


1) FIR Copy 

Attempt to Murder on Velicham TV Reporter

    Mr. Athi Suresh is resident of above mentioned addressed and belonged to the Hindu Paraiyar Caste (Sub Section of Scheduled Castes). He is residing with his wife Jayalakshmi (40) who is working as writer in police department and has two children Elilan (17), Mukilan (10) respectively.

    Athi Suresh is working as Reporter in Velicham TV, Ulundurpet Taluk of Kallakurichi District. He used to record the news across the Ulundurpet for news telecast. Likewise on 13.03.2020 he had recorded the news where the panchayat union middle school head mistress, school teachers had drew the pictures of the national leaders on the school walls. That same night Sathish @ Sathya, S/o Kannayiram had defamed the image of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar with obnoxious substance. Following to this, the VCK district secretary Mr. Lenin had lodged a complaint at the PS and the CSR was filed. Athi Suresh has recorded this news and it was telecasted in Velicham TV as well as in other visual media too.

    Following to this, Sathish Kumar @ Sathya developed enmity and hatred towards Athi Suresh for telecasting the news in the Velicham TV Channel. On 17.04.2020 around 1: 30 p.m, Athi Suresh was standing near the PS where Sathish Kumar along with 10 dominant caste men (Vanniyar caste – Most Backward Castes) came with iron rods,  knifes and wooden logs and attempted to murder Athi Suresh. Immediately he lodged a complaint at the Ulundurpet PS.

    Subsequently on 19.04.2020 around 8 p.m, Rajapandian and Pushparaj belonged to Vanniyar caste came in two-wheeler to Athi Suresh’s village and halted near Krishnamoorthy’s petty shop. They both verbally abused and discriminated in cruel, derogatory forms of verbal abuse referring to their caste name in public view. In few minutes around 20 dominant caste men reached the spot in two-wheelers and had iron rods, wooden logs, knives with them. They had threatened Athi Suresh to murder him. The next day morning Athi Suresh rushed to Mr.Mayavan’s house (leader of the village) and along with him Athi Suresh lodged a complaint at the PS. A case was registered under SC/ST PoA Act and the accused persons Arun Pandiyan and Siva was arrested and imprisoned in Villupuram Central Prison.

    On 23.04.2020 around 8: 30 p.m Athi Suresh was returning home after completing his work where about 20 dominant caste people along with Sathish Kumar came there and stopped Athi Suresh’s vehicle. They had brutally attacked him with sharp edged sword at his head and he sustained severe blood injuries. The caste mob escaped from there and with the help of the villagers he was taken to the Government Hospital, Mundiyambakkam, Villupuram District. He was admitted as in-patient and two days later he was shifted to Tanjore Hospital for further treatment.

    Sathish Kumar, Ilavarasan, Shanmugam, Malairajan, Velu, Rajasekar, Rajendran, Gurunathan, Venkatesan were arrested and imprisoned in Cuddalore Prison. Also 4 counter case was filed against 7 Dalit youths  stating that for creating damage to the vehicles of the police department and district collectorate, arsoning the sugarcane fields and houses.

    • 7.04.2020 – On 17.04.2020 around 1: 30 p.m, Athi Suresh was standing near the PS where Sathish Kumar along with 10 dominant caste men (Vanniyar caste – Most Backward Castes) came with iron rods,  knifes and wooden logs and attempted to murder Athi Suresh.  

    • 19.04.2020 – On 19.04.2020 around 8 p.m, Rajapandian and Pushparaj belonged to Vanniyar caste came in two-wheeler to Athi Suresh’s village and halted near Krishnamoorthy’s petty shop. They both verbally abused and discriminated in cruel, derogatory forms of verbal abuse referring to their caste name in public view

    • 23.04.2020 – Around 8: 30 p.m Athi Suresh was returning home after completing his work where about 20 dominant caste people along with Sathish Kumar came there and stopped Athi Suresh’s vehicle. They had brutally attacked him with sharp edged sword at his head and he sustained severe blood injuries

    The case case was filed at Ulunthurpet PS with the FIR No:512/2020 U/S 147, 148, 294(b), 323, 324, 506(ii), 307 - IPC, 3(1) (r), 3(2)(va) - SC/ST PoA Act.


  • Posted by: Social Awareness Society for Youths-SASY
  • Fact finding date: 25-03-2020
  • Date of Case Upload: 03-08-2020


1) FIR Copy 
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