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Fact finding report on Humiliation on Gurucharan Mallick of Tikhiri, Mahakalapada under Marshaghai PS Kendrapara Dist

    Gurucharan Mallick is a resident of village Tikhiri under Marsaghai PS of Kendrapara district. There is a village temple in Tikhiri which runs on the contribution by the villagers; for that Rs.150/- per annum is contributed by every family. During Covid-19 situation many families could not pay their contribution. Recently, the village committee decided to collect the backlog and current year contributions. On 16.4.2022 a group of villagers went to the house of Gurucharan Mallick at about 10 PM and entered into his house. At that time Gurucharan was absent and his wife Rekha Mallick was alone at home. Three of the group trespassed into the house and focused torch lights as they looked for Gurucharan, Rekha protested and was abused. Shortly after that Gurucharan reached home and asked the intruders why they have entered his house at such late hour. This led to hot exchanges between them.


    On the next morning, Gurucharan and his father were summoned to the village meeting headed by the Sarapanch Gurucharan was charged for abusing the group who had gone to collect the contribution for the temple. He was abused in the meeting by caste name, threatened to impose social boycott, even the Sarapanch himself knew the truth and practicality. When he begged apology, he was not spared; he was forced to rub his nose on the human spitting.

    A complaint in this regard was filed by his wife and registered as Marsaghai PS no-116 dated 18.4. 2022 U/S 448, 294, 341, 323, 354, 354-B. 384, 506 IPC with 3(1) (r)(s), (2)(va) of SC ST PoA Act. Surprisingly none of the accused have been arrested so far.

  • Posted by: Ambedkar Lohia Vichar Manch
  • Fact finding date: 24-05-2022
  • Date of Case Upload: 16-06-2022


1) Gurucharan Mallik FIR 

Fact finding report on gang rape of minor girl Srimati Bhoi of Village- Banahara, PS- Salepur, District- Cuttack

     Pravakar Gochhayat and Sadhana Bhoi lived with their daughter Srimati Bhoi, aged about 13 years and three other daughters and only son at village Banahara under Salepur Police Station in Cuttack district. Both husband and wife are daily labourers and earn their livelihood by daily wages. The family has been living in the house of Sri Binabar Das for 15 nearly years. Srimati Bhoi studies in class 8th at Kulia High School. On 16.1.2021 Pravakar Gochhayat  and Sadhana Bhoi went for daily labour work. In the absence of her parents Srimati was alone at home. At about 2 pm one Manoj Kandi came to her house, took her inside a room, bind her mouth and legs with a cloth (Gamuchha) and raped her. After that another person Neula Behera raped her. They threatened her not to disclose the matter before anyone otherwise they will murder her and her brother. In the next day again both of them raped her in absence of her parents. On the first day she did not disclose the incident to her parents, but on the second day she felt very weak and pain and she narrated the matter to her parents.

     This was reported to police on 19.1.2021 through a written complaint and Salepur Police Station case No. 14 was registered under Section 376-D, 450, 506, IPC with 6 POCSO Act. The medical examination of the girls was delayed by the police.

  • Posted by: Ambedkar Lohia Vichar Manch
  • Fact finding date: 30-01-2021
  • Date of Case Upload: 27-05-2022


1) FIR Copy 
2) JER Copy 

Fact finding report on rape & threatened to murder of Dipanjali Sethi of Bharatipur, PS- Pipili, District- Puri

    Sarat Sethi, a small farmer lives with his family in Bharatipur village in Pipili Block of Puri district. He also runs small poultry farm. He & his wife Kanak Sethi earn their livelihood by his. On 09/11/2021, the couple had gone out to temple. Their daughter, a 16 year old minor girl, namely Dipanjali Sethi was alone at home. At about 1 PM, one Priyajit Swain, who works as Supervisor of Pashupati Company, Pipili came to their house. Priyajit used to come to their place at different times for poultry farm related transactions & was friendly to the family. Dipanjali was not hesitent to talk to him. In the process of talking, he entered the house & raped the girl. Sarat & Kanan found the daughter in shocked condition when they came back. She was taken to hospital & treated. After she recovered, her mother lodged complaint & Pipili PS Case no- 515 dated 18/11/2021 was registered under Sections 376(1),506 IPC with Section 4 of POSCO Act. Sarat Sethi informed the incident to ALVM & sought for help, hence fact finding was conducted on 29/12/2021.

  • Posted by: Ambedkar Lohia Vichar Manch
  • Fact finding date: 29-12-2021
  • Date of Case Upload: 26-05-2022


1) FIR Copy 

Madhaha and trees, plants and straw kept on the leased land, burn the tati in Holika and also gave Abuse in caste words.

    गरीब दलित रामहित पुत्र स्व0 रामफेर जो कृषि किसानी करके अपना व अपने परिवार का भरण पोषण करता है दिनंाक-18.3.2022 को रात्रि को 21 बजे पट्टे की जमीन मे रखी मडही व पेड पौधा व पतरा रखकर पिछले कई वर्षो से कब्जा किये है जिसमें उनकी पत्नी गीता देवी घर से खाना बनाकर अपने पति रामहित को रात्रि 9ः00 बजे खाना खाने के लिये बुलाने गई तो देखी गांव के ओमप्रकाश पुत्र राम बहाल सिंह, कृष्ण गोपाल उपाध्याय पुत्र स्व राम उपाध्याय, धर्मराज यादव पुत्र बद्री यादव पुत्र राम खेलावन यादव गोलबंद होकर आये थे मेरे मडहे की टाटी व रखा पुआल को लेकर होलिका में डाल दिये इसके बाद मडहा ले जाने की कोशिश कर रहे थे तो हम दोनो पति पत्नी इसका विरोध किये तो उक्त दबंगो ने जाति सूचक शब्दो में गाली देते हुये मेरे पति को लात घूसो व डंडो से पीटाई कर दी और जान माल की धमकी देते हुये चले गये। इसके बाद उक्त लोगो ने पुलिस को फोन करके घटना से अवगत कराया कुछ समय बाद 10 संे 12 पुलिस मेरे घर आये और उल्टा सीधा बोलने लगे और कहा कि तुम लोग नकल बनाये हो जो दवा के लिये चिल्ला रहे हो कहां चोट लगी हैै और होलिका नही जलाने दे रहे हो व मार-पीट कर रहे हो इतना बोलकर जाने लगे तभी दरवाजे पर खडी पल्सर मोटर साइकिल उठा ले गये और बोले की मोटर साइकिल चोरी की है जो कि पास के गांव के लोग से ही खरीदे थे बस ये था कि उसका हस्तांतरण नही हुआ था फिलहाल जिसकी बाईक था वो थाने से उठा लाये और मुम्बई चले गये बात करने पर बोले की लौट कर आते है तो आप बाईक को आप अपने नाम से हस्तांतरण करा लिजिए पीडित परिवार दो बजे रात्रि को 108 नं0 एम्बूलेंश को फोन करके बुलाये और अस्पताल गये। अस्पताल में गीता देवी व उनके पति रामहित को दवाइयां दी गई उसके बाद गीता देवी को भर्ती कर लिया गया और हस्पिटल में पहंुची पुलिस पीडित रामहित को थाने उठा ले गई उनके ऊपर मुकद्दमा दर्ज बंद कर दिया। दिनांक-19.3.2022 को दोपहर को उनका चलान तहसील मछली शहर में कर दिया गया चैविस घंटे बाद पीडित जमानत करवा कर घर वापस आये। 

  • Posted by: Bhartiya Jan Sewa Ashram
  • Fact finding date: 23-03-2022
  • Date of Case Upload: 18-05-2022


1) Fact Finding Report 
2) FIR 

Attack on dalit

    After eating food in the victim Sanjay '& Dhaba, the accused were beaten up the victim and abused him for asking for money for food. 

  • Posted by: Centre for Dalit Rights
  • Fact finding date: 10-01-2022
  • Date of Case Upload: 16-05-2022

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