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allegedly raping a minor girl belonging to tribal community.

    Mysore District, H D Kote Taluk, Anthara Santhe Hobli, Beramahalli Post, Hosahalli Hadi Village, cshedule tribes Adivasi community belongs , Basavaraju 48 years old and his wife Ganga 40 years old this couple had 3 female and one girl children and they are Basamma 20 years, Cheluvamma 18 years Bhagya 16 years and Ravikumar 9 years, His third daughter Bhagya was studying in Hoahalli Hadi Village, Vivekananda private boarding school up to 5th standard and since she can\'t study she left the school and was at home. all off a sudden again and again a missed call comes to her phone it was Dinesh s/o Madevappa 23 years he is from Mysore district, Hunsur Taluk, Kolavige Village. this call terns into love and both of continuing speaking in the phone and their love becomes vary strong.

    on 18-12-2018 there was school day at Hosahalli Hadi Vilage school so Bhagya tells her parents and goes to school day and after that she stays at night her friend Devammas house. on 19-12-2018 Dinesh comes to devammas house and he picks up Bhagya. since Bhagya had not come home from last two days searches every ere and asks evertone but they could not find her and they comes back home. Dinesh and Bhagya both rooms here and there in the city and at night around 10 o clock they go ton a from house at Basapura village, moor bhead road and which is 20 km away from Hosahalli village and he says her that i will marry you and i am from Hunsur Hanchya village and he forces her for sexual activities she ignores for that even though forcefully he uses her for sex hole night and stays on that there. Morning on 20-12-2018 both comes to Basapura hand post there Dinesh saysyou stay here i will come and he goes from there but he won\'t come waiting she was fed-upand she goes in search of him to Hunsur Hanchay village there she asks every one about Dinesh but nobody noes about him he had given her wrong address. she stands somewhere there crying people sees her and informs Hunasuru police station soon police brings her to the station and enquires her and calls her friend Devamma and informs about her and also she is from Bechanahalli police station jurisdiction they informs them also. soon her mother Ganga and her village Renuka w/o Mahadevaswamy and along with Asha comes to Hunasuru police station and sees Bhagya and asks her what happend where were you fromlast two dyas and she says everything happend. on 21-12-2018 around in the morning 4.30 am they come to Bechanahalli police station and gives complaint that my minor daughter Bhagya has been forcefully raped by dinesh.

    on this police have filed case on him and the crime no; 170/2018 dated; 21-12-2018 and FIR has been filed IPS 1860 U/s 376 sc/st (poa) amendment 2015 u/s 3(1)(w), 3(2)(V) and POCSO act 2012 u/s 4, 5.

  • Posted by: Human Rights Forum for Dalit Liberation-Karnataka
  • Fact finding date: 07-01-2019
  • Date of Case Upload: 03-04-2020

11 members died after eating poison mixed prasada at temple

    Chamarajnagar district, Hanur Taluk, Ramapura hobli, Sulvadi village, there was a temple called kuch kuth Maramma and Maramma is goddess here in this temple, this temple had a committiee and to take care at the same time the time growing temple had many income from its devotees and present temple account had 45 lak bank balance. the second swamiji and also the temple committee president immadi Mahadevaswami planned to grab the amount of temple. because of income of temple there was two parties in the temple committee one is from Suttur Matas first Swamiji Guruswamijis group and the immadi Mahadevaswamijji is the second group, this secound Swamiji Mahadevaswamijji had sexual relationship with Ambika who is from Sulvadi village and the temple secretary Madeshs wife . sohe planned to spoil the name of temple trustees and to dissolve the trust reform the trust and to join Ambika and her wife Madesha to the temple trust and rule the temple in own and grab the amount of temple . one day there was a meeting a tower of temple but in this meeting Immadi Mahadevaswamijji group opposes and says don\\\'t build but the group of Guruswamijjis says will build the tower and forcefully Guruswamijjis group decides to build the temple tower , as decided before on 14-12-2018 at 9 am in the morning the tower building proses puja was done and for this there was prasada Vegetable palsw{food) was prepared to distribute for the temple devotees after the Puja. Immadi Mahadevaswamy had planned before that to spoil the name of temple trustees and to dissolve the trust the day before on 13-12-2018 had with Ambika and her Husband Madesha and doddaiah had discussed and planned to mix poison in to the prasada. as desided Ambika Ambika calls her relative who is working at agriculture officer Siddappaswami and says I need a medicine for my from plants and gets 500 mls of three bottles of monocrotopass.

    on 14-12-2018 morning at 8 am food cooks Lokesh, Eranna and Puttaswamy who are From  Sulvadi villagecooks Vegetable palaw after finishing cooking cook Lokesh goes home to take bath.there enters Ambika husbend Madesha and Doddaiah and say another two cooks eranna and Puttasawmy go out and arrange plates and water to give prasada to devotees and they goes out to prepare what they says here inside these two mixes the half litter of poison monocrotopass into the prasada(Vegetable palaw). Eranna comes back he gets some bad smell soon he asks Madesha and doddaiah what\'s this smell? for that they says it\'s a camphor smell nothing will happen go and distribute the prasada and he had distributer it. first neariy ten devotees eats it and have thrown the leaf. from the leftover thrown leaf the crow was eaten and nearly 60 crows were dead seeing that people says that something has been mixed in the Prasada don\'t eat but it was no use by that time nearly 120 devotees have been eaten it. in this prasada eaten devotees some were fallen, some were vomiting and some were crying because of stomach burning. soon all of them ware taken by goods auto to nearby government primary health centres of Ramapura, Martalli mali Mahadeshwara hills. there nearly 104 Devotees hsve been primary treatment has been give and for further treatment they have been sent to Kollegal Govarnment taluk Hospital, Chamarajanagar district hospital, Mysore district hospetal (K R hoapetal) and the critical condition patents were admitted in many of the private hospetal of Mysore city. in that 104 patents 17 people have been dead in that 10 people are belongs to schedule caste Lambani communityu belongs 7 people and Madiga community belong 3 people and the other 7 are from OBC belongs community people. know nearly 104 patents under treatment in deferent hospitals of Mysore  city and some of their condition is very critical since its powerful poison doctor has told that it\'s very difficult to survey and they won\'t be give guaranty for one year, in that patents 69 people are belongs to schedule cast community. the Government of Karnataka hed taken care of the expenditure of treatment and at present rupees 5 lak check has been issued to the dead people family by the Government.this incident case has been complained and have filed at Ramapura police station the crime No; 266/2018, IPC 1860 u/s 304, r/w 34, has been put. in this case more of the schedule caste belongs people have died and some are still under treatment so we have forced to add sc/st(poa) amendment 2015 in the FIR. 

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  • Fact finding date: 23-12-2018
  • Date of Case Upload: 02-04-2020

A Dalit girl raped

    Haveri district, Byadagi taluk, Shidenuru Village there lived schedule caste belongs Lambani Community Umesh and his wife Girijamma this couple have a daughter Savitha 19 years and last 13 years back Girijamma dies because of heart attack. so Shavitha was at Girijammas elder and younger Brother somesh 36 years and Kumar 34 years at Shidenuru. Savitha hed competed her studies up to second PUC. Savithas uncal Somesh is a government official and he is working at KEB department as linemen at Uttarkannada District hed quter Karvara town and he is staying at Government Quitters and he is taken care of Savitha and he sending her for further study to cimmerce collage for Bcom from his house.

    Srikanth s/o Sannanagappa 26 years OBC belongs Kurubagowda community and he is from Mattur village, Bydagi taluk, Haveri district. he and Somesh both are friends and working in the same dipartment and both are staying at in diffaren house of KEB quitters. since they are staying nearby Srikanth use to come Somesh house now and then there he got introduced savitha this became very close frinedship between both of them. one day he takes the phone number of Savitha and he was calling her and was speaking long time in the phone. Savitha had her collage morning 9-30 to noon 12-00 and she comes back home that time Srikanth calls her phone he was coming to her home when she was alone and they both were charting and spending thier time this became very close. Srikanth says to Savithathat i will marry you. both gets sexual relationship, this comes to no Somesh so he sends her to his younger brother Kumaras house at Haveri district, Byadagi talluk, Nwe Shidenuru village, even though Srikanth contacts Savitha by phone and it continues some days. one day on 24-11-2018 Srikanth calls Savitha and says don\'t tell anyone come let\'s get marry and says come to Havery bus stand, so she comes to bus stand and she waits till the night but he dintcome. she calls Srikanth but it was not reachable. soon she comes to women welfare centre and says Srikanth have cheated me he had toid me that he will marry me and we had sexual relationship. on 25-11-2018 he had told me that forget me if i marry you my family will kill me because you are from low caste, so i have to marry my community girl whom my family says. about this one of Srikanths relative promises me and him that give me a week time i will speak with your parents and i will helf you to get marry. on 01-12-2018 they informs Srikanth parent that we will get marry for that they oppose that she is from iow caste how can we accept her so no we don;t agree for this. about this incident on 01-12-2018 complaint has been given at Haveri women police station and the crime no; 50/2018 IPC 1860 u/s 376, 504, 506, r/w 34 and sc/st(poa) amendment act 2015 3(1)(w) (1) (11), and 3(2)(Va) has been filed.

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  • Fact finding date: 05-12-2018
  • Date of Case Upload: 02-04-2020

Forced a Dalit women as bonded labour

    Janaki W/O Chinnatambi 35 Years who belang to schudule caste adi Karnataka comunity and originaly she is from Tamilnadu. For work her parent had come to Mandya District Maddur taluk,Basavanapura Village, and They wear doing colony and from there they came to Maddur taluk, Goravanahalli Village and they stayed there. Janaki bourn and brought there and last 15 years back Janaki was married to Basavapura village Chinnathambi. She hed a son Abishek 14 years and all three of them were working as Banded labour at Maddur taluk Kuduregundi village former president of APMC Nagesh from last three years back her husband was dide so she request Nagesh to leave us we can\'t work here Banded lebour we will work some were else and we will run our life for that he say no you can\'t leave you have to work here until you die because i have spent Rs 30,000/- rupees to sanction your house who will give that money so you have to work here only and he had scolded her in bad words. Last 8 months back she escaped from there.

    thereafter with the help of her known pepole she gets a rented house at Bekkalale village and she was working concrete work and she was running her life alone on 20-09-2018 morning around 5 o clock somehow knowing Janaki house Kuduregundi from owner Nagesh comes there with his frinds Pandu and Kariyappa and enters her house and scolds her by bad words and beats her forcefully they pulls her to their read car and they takes her to Kudregundi from and says i will not leave you untill you give my money.

    this incident has been taken video by neareby people and it was viral at social media  seeing this nearby police station they goes to Nagesh farm and brings and enquires her and files the case on them.

    The case has been filed at Koppa police station on 20-09-2018 and the crime no is 216/2018, and the IPC section 323, 354, 342, 447, 506, 34 and sc/ st (poa) amendment act-2015 U/s 3(1)(r), 3(1)(s), 3(1)(w) and BONDED LABOUR SYSTEM (ABOLITION) ACT- 1976 U/S 16, 17, 18, 20 has been filed.

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  • Fact finding date: Not recorded
  • Date of Case Upload: 02-04-2020

ST community government official ( police head constable) public insult and Beaten dominant caste press reporter

    Chamarajanagar District, Kollegal taluk, Palya Village scedul tribes Valmiki Nayaka comunity Belongs Kesavanayaka S/o Masananayaka 39 years. he is working has police head constable nearly 19 years his no is HC - 49. last 2 years back he started working at gundalpet police station and he was deputed to these under comes sub station at Bandipura sub station with him his couleg Suresh PC NO 66 was him . on 30-08-2018 around 11-30 in the morning in the working hours fake press reporter called Mahadevaprashad @ Suresh 37 years and his friend Veresh 35 years both came to me and they you Kesavanayaka you don\'tknow you shouid not stopped the vehicle and collect the money and they grebbed the money which was in my hand and they scolded me in bad words and they have beaten me the other constable Suresh hasbeen seen all these, this Mahadevaprasad @ Suresh has been doing this for many times and he had collected mony other government officers threating them and they have complained on him.

    this incident has been complained at Gundalpet police station on 30-08-2018 the crime no is 385/2018 and the IPC section 1860 u/s 353, 189, 504, 34 and sc/st (poa) amendment act 2015 u/s 3(1)(r), 3(1)(s) has been filed.

  • Posted by: Human Rights Forum for Dalit Liberation-Karnataka
  • Fact finding date: 24-09-2018
  • Date of Case Upload: 02-04-2020

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