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Attack and beat up

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  • Posted by: Centre for Dalit Rights
  • Fact finding date: 11-03-2022
  • Date of Case Upload: 13-05-2022

Fact finding report on brutal murder of Ramesh Mallick & attempt to burn down his family members at Village- Manibada PS- Bentkar, District- Cuttack

    Ramesh Mallik was a resident of village Manibada under Bayalish Mouza island area in Cuttack district. He was a small farmer. His family consists of wife Baijayanti, two daughters China (16 years) & Jina (14 years) and 10 year old son Satya. Ramesh was quite helpful person and had cordial relationship with the neighbour. All the children are studying. They stay with the joint family of his elder brother Udhab Mallik. The house of Udhab Mallik is at the front side near the road and the house of Ramesh Mallick is at the back side near the field. 

    On 1/04/2022 night Ramesh, his wife and son slept in the back yard house, while both the daughters slept in the front part building in uncle’s (Udhab Mallik’s) house. At about 1 AM, Bikash, son of Udhab was called loudly by his mother and told that his uncle Ramesh, aunty and Satya were put on fire. He tried to come out of his house but, his grill gate was locked from outside with a piece of iron rod.

    On the other part, it was not possible to lock the room from inside in which Ramesh and family were sleeping due to disengaged hinges of the door. They used to keep the door closed without locking. It got revealed later that Ramesh got up being on fire and tried to rush out of the room. He found the door locked from outside. He used all his strength to break open the door. When he came out burning, Udhab poured water on him to put out the fire. In that condition, Ramesh went inside the burning room again and rescued his wife and son.

    Ramesh had severe burn injuries and other two had comparatively less injury. They were taken to SCB Medical College Hospital. Ramesh succumbed to the injuries on 7.4.2022; Baijayanti and Satya were discharged on 13.4.2022. FIR no 57 dated2.4.2022 was registered case U/S 436, 326, 307 IPC by Bentakar PS basing on the complaint by Bikash Mallik. Forensic team inspected the spot and has taken samples.

    During the fact finding many angles of cause of the murder were put by the victim family and witnesses interviewed. Most probable murder theory seemed to be the relationship of the elder daughter of the deceased. This showed involvement of 4 or 5 youths. Due to many murder theories, the police are found to be clueless.


  • Posted by: Ambedkar Lohia Vichar Manch
  • Fact finding date: 27-04-2022
  • Date of Case Upload: 13-05-2022


1) FIR of Ramesh Mallick 
2) Letter dated- 09/05/2022 to DCP, Cuttack 

Fact finding on Pre-election Mass attack on Tribal Family of Village- Mania, PS- Tangi, District- Puri

    Mania village is situated under Tangi Police Station of Cuttack district, in which 25 families of Sabar tribes reside. In the recent panchayati raj election, there was high tension in the area between different political parties. Usually one major political party gets the vote of the sahi; they used to threaten the tribal people to cast the votes in favour of their candidate. This time, the tribal sahi seemed to support another political party as they joined a rally organised by that candidate. This infuriated the other prime political party; to terrorise the tribals, they launched a mass attack on the tribal sahi on 21.2.2022, the night before the polling day.

     As it reveals about the incident of that evening, the tribal inhabitants were sleeping in their houses. At about 8 P.M., a group consisting of  Mohan Bahalia S/o- Umesh Bahalia, Jayanta Behera S/o Dharaindhar, Bhaskar Das S/o Amulya Das, Tapan Mallick S/o Netrananda Mallick, Janmejaya Khillar S/o Jayadeba Khillar, Keshab Behera S/o Lt. Baya Behera, Gopal Sahoo S/o Loknath Sahoo, Prasanna Behera S/o Maku Behera, Lipun Barik S/o Bhagaban Barik, Sinu Behera S/o Bira, Jitu Behera S/o Bichitrananda Behera and others reached the sahi, entered the house of Nanda Dehury and Bimbala Dehury and forcibly took Nanda Dehury with them to the village chhak. There Nanda Dehury was beaten mercilessly by the group; in the process he sustained bleeding head injury. Bimbala Dehury, W/o Nanda Dehury cried for help and some men & women of the tribal sahi came running to the spot.  The perpetrators abused them with obscene language aspersing their tribe name and outraged modesty & threatened to rape the women. One Pramila Dehury was assaulted and suffered sprained hand. There was a tussle and the tribal people rescued Nanda Dehury from the dominant caste persons. Nanda was taken to hospital and had to have six stitches on the injured head. Bimbala lodged complaint in the police station on the next day which was registered as Tangi PS case no 33 dated 22.2.2022  U/s 363, 506, 325, 307, 336, 354-A, 294, 34 IPC with 3(1)(r)(s), (2)(v)(va) of SC & ST PoA Act. Counter case was also lodged by the opposite group which was registered too.

    On the day of fact finding it was learnt that six persons from tribal sahi and four persons from dominant community sahi were arrested and later released on bail. It was found that Nanda Dehury is yet to recover fully from the effect of the head injury and mostly confined to bed.

  • Posted by: Ambedkar Lohia Vichar Manch
  • Fact finding date: 28-04-2022
  • Date of Case Upload: 12-05-2022


1) Bimbala Dehury's FIR Cupy 

An 11-year-old tribal boy is attempted to kill by upper-caste students

    Case details is not available
  • Posted by: Social Awareness Society for Youths-SASY
  • Fact finding date: Not recorded
  • Date of Case Upload: 12-05-2022

Anganwadi worker was given street by the head husband and another using caste Abuse words

    दलित महिला विन्दू देवी जो वर्तमान में सीठापुर गांव में आंगनबाडी कार्यकत्री पद पर कार्यरत है। जो दिनांक 1.4.2022 को सुबह 10ः30 बजे गांव की राधा यादव के पति विजय यादव पिछले कई महीनो से चमार जाति होने के कारण दुर्व्यहार करता रहा और जाति सूचक शब्दों में बार-बार गालियां देता रहा है। मुझसे मिलने नही आती इस कुत्ती चमाइन को नौकरी से निकलवा देने व अपने आदमियों से मारवाने की धमकी देता रहा प्रवेश कुमार गुप्ता पुत्र बसंतलाल गुप्ता और विजय यादव पुत्र लाल बहादुर यादव दोनो लोग गन्दी-गन्दी गालियां देते है डेढ साल से बच्चो का रासन खुद हजम कर रहे है कभी मेरे केन्द्र पर राशन उपलब्ध नही करवाते है यदि मै सी.डी.पी.ओ. कार्यालय राशन लेने जाति हूॅ तो अपने आदमियो से मरवाने की धमकी देते है और मेरे अधिकारियों को धमकी देते है कहते है कि मेरे घर में प्रधान व जिला पंचायत सदस्य है मै जो चहूॅगा वही करना होगा इस लिये मुझे केन्द्र तक जाने में बहुत डर लगता है वे लोग मेरे साथ कुछ भी कर सकते है इसके बाद मै थाना सिकरारा जाकर थानाध्यक्ष को प्रार्थना पत्र देकर घटना से अवगत कराई और बडी सिफारिश के बाद एफ.आई.आर. दर्ज करवाई और नौकरी की सुरक्षा की मांग की। इसके बाद जब इसकी जानकारी सस्था के साथी विजेन्द्र जी को हुई तो इस मामाले में पिडित से मिलकर सारा मामला सुनने के बाद महिला आयोग एवं अनुसूचित जाति आयोग में पत्र भेजवाया गया इसके साथ ही इलाहाबाद हाईकोर्ट मे कैबीयट दाखिल करवाया गया तब जाकर मामले में लिपापोती से बचना हुआ। अब पैरवी चार्जशीट के लिए किया जा रहा है।

  • Posted by: Bhartiya Jan Sewa Ashram
  • Fact finding date: 05-05-2022
  • Date of Case Upload: 12-05-2022


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