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    The  Incident was  on the date of 28/29 august 2018 at mid night . when Victimwas sleeping in her baramda with her Grand FATHER and her Elder Sisterin deep sleeping. . Accused is  neighbour Neeraj scielentlycame to Baramada and picked up to sleeping baby . he tooked her in field of 300 metre fr fromvictim house  . he threatend her to be a ghost acting. Baby was to feared  after he rape with Minor girl .  

    after again accused took her and putted to baramada. vicitm was weeping and then after slept. Today Morning at 6 am when she did not got up, her mummy to awake her to go to latrine. but victim started to crying and show her and explaind he  incident . after the case family member call to the Police by 100 dial. 

  • Posted by: NDMJ-UP
  • Fact finding date: 10-09-2018
  • Date of Case Upload: 04-10-2018

Deadly attacked by Garasa when victim was comming to house by reoad

    Deadly attack from Garasa if failure in rape

    The Victim Babli was Comming from latrine onthe date of 19/8/2018 at 6.30 pm. she was comming by road for her house . when she resched near the accused house , accused Devendra kumar catched her and teasing to her . Victim was apposed than after accused Plowed on the ground to her amd raped her . After leaving his clutches she started shouting loudly for the help. Then the accused attacked Garasa immediately.The victimThe victim blazed and  fell down . Listening to the noise and seeing the people now the accused fled. After incident the husband of victimcall to Police on 100 no. 

    Police came to Incident place and brought her niPolice station and send for medical .. according toVictim Police did not help to Medical of Rape incident.  Police lodged FIR against accused under section of aatempt to Muder.

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  • Fact finding date: 04-09-2018
  • Date of Case Upload: 04-10-2018



    On he date of 30th august 2018  when victim was in her house alone and her her husband was on the army service and out of the state arunanchal pradesh. Victim was doing her kitchen work , Accused  entered her house and force fully catched her  and raped her .

    accused had a arms and threatened to Victim and created under terror atmshere. Victim called to her brother in law  and shared atrocity happened to him. next day on the 31th august 2018 victims went to Pihani Police station and complained against accused to Police.Police has been lodged FIR against accused under the proper sections.

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  • Fact finding date: 08-09-2018
  • Date of Case Upload: 03-10-2018

Entered house and beaten to Dalit



    Onthe Date of  there wad latrine in front of house by opposite child through help of Rasid. The Victim apposed, then accused started to abuse to Victim, the Victi apposed to abouse  than after accused 1 stateted to beaten to Victim Sanjay.

    When Sanjay\'s Father in Law MAHAVIR Apposed to Rasid . Rasid and Azad both were Beating to Mahavir also. they were injured and they abusing to take name of Caste.

    After Victim Inform to Police and Police arested to accused and ldged FIR against accused.

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  • Fact finding date: 07-09-2018
  • Date of Case Upload: 03-10-2018

Dalitha mahilapai dhadi mariyu bhu akamana

    సర్వే నెంబర్ 77 లో 2 ఎకరాల 20 గుంటల భూమిని లింగంపల్లి జంగమ్మ గత 50 సంవత్సరలనుంచి సాగు చేస్తుంటే అట్టి భూమిని ఆకమంగా అదే గ్రామానికి చెందిన బాలరాజు గౌడ్, పెంటయ్య గౌడ్,లింగం గౌడ్, బాలయ్య గౌడ్ దొంగ ROR ను సృష్టించుకొని పొజిషన్ పైకి విత్తనాలు వెయ్యుటకు రాగా లింగంపల్లి జంగమ్మ కూతురు స్వప్న అడ్డం పొగ వారిపై దాడి ఇబ్బందులకు గురిచేసినందుకు అట్రాసిటీ కేసు నమోదు అయింది కానీ ఈరోజు వరకు నిందితులను అరెస్ట్ చేయలేదు.

  • Posted by: DBSU TS MBNR
  • Fact finding date: 11-09-2018
  • Date of Case Upload: 16-09-2018


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