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a Dalit Man Brutally Murder. In Hassan District, Alur Taluk, Byaba(Basaveswara) Village.

    Hassan District, Alur Taluk, Kasaba hobli, bhaba(Basaveswara) Village, here lived schedule caste Holiya communitym belongs Sannaiah and Devamma familythis couple has a son Ramu 40 Years and his wife Manjula 38 years thay have two children Sagar 20 years and Deepika 17 Years. Ramu and his wife Manjula is working from last 3 years under OBC Okkaligagowda community Belongs Gangadhar s/o Dharmegowda as cooly workars, Gangadhar is a concrete contractor he has some 10 workers and he use to get work here and there so he had a Bolero four wheel vehicle he use to pick and droop his workers in his vehicle. in the same way on 15-11-2019 Gangadhar has been picked his workers from Dharmapuri to Hanjihalli morning around 7.30 by that time on Mahesh s/o Kantharaju wife were coming from for walking with her dog suddenly Gangadhar vehicle has been touched her and she has been wounded but he did not stopped the vehicle and went off here Mahesh wife came and told eveeything to him soon Mahesh along with his brother Nagesh, father Kantharaju and his relative Mallesh waited for Gangadhar coming while he was coming they stopped him and scolded him and have beaten him and have send him. keeping this in mind same day around 8;30 at night in the same vehicle he brought 20 people and have been fighting with Mahesh and his family. by the time Gangadhar calls Ramu and says come to your village Hanjihalli from house soon he goes along with his reletive Annappa to that place, seeing the fight he says do not fight let us sit and discuss about this and will come for a decision. since he is low cast Mahesh and his side people scold  ramu you Holiya have come to tell us the justice and to help Gangadhar who are you to tell us and have beaten him and have beaten with the sickle on the left neck and the sickle has been 4 inch deep on the neck soon they have called ambulance but no use by the time he reaches hospital he has been dead, after that 20 people who had come with gangadhar have put fire to Mahesh house and have burnt it. on this incident the case has been filed at Alur police station on 15-11-2019 and a false counter casde also have been filed that the Byaba(Basaveswara) dalit youths have burnt Mahesh house.

    the crime No;192/2019, IPC 1860, u/s 341, 302, 307, 199, and Sc/St(poa) act-1989 u/s 3(1)(10) has been filed and the counter case crime No;193/2019 IPC 1860 u/s 143, 144, 147, 148, 436, 353, 427, 149 has been filed in FIR.

  • Posted by: Human Rights Forum for Dalit Liberation-Karnataka
  • Fact finding date: 26-11-2019
  • Date of Case Upload: 06-04-2020

The dominant people publically humiliate to human rights activist and threatened to kill him

                    दबंगों ने मानवाधिकार कार्यकर्ता को सरेआम अपमानित किया और जान से मार डालने की धमकियां दी 

    पीड़ित राजू बैठा ,उम्र करीब 43 वर्ष , पिता - श्री दारोगा बैठा , ग्राम - बासमंपुर अगरवा ,थाना - मुफ्फसिल , जिला - पूर्वी चंपारण , बिहार के स्थायी निवासी है . वह अनुसूचित जाति (धोबी ) का सदस्य है तथा मानवाधिकार कार्यकर्ता है l उन्होंने तथा उनके माता - पिता , बहन एवं परिवार के अन्य सदस्यों को एक पार्टी विशेष के कार्यकर्ताओ तथा श्री प्रमोद कुमार , मोतिहारी विधान सभा के विधायक सह कैबिनेट मंत्री बिहार के ग्रामीणों तथा चहेतों द्वारा दिनांक 02.04.2020 को भंदी भंpदी गालियाँ दी , हरिजन गिरजन कह कर अपमानित किया , जान मारने  और झूठे मुकदमो में फंसाने की धमकियां दी l उक्त घटना को 1- आदित्य  सिंह उर्फ़ सुजीत कुमार सिंह ,पिता -चुनमून सिंह , ग्राम -रमना ,थाना -पिपरा कोठी 2.सवजीत कुमार ,पिता - हिरा लाल साह , ग्राम - झाखारा , थाना - पिपरा कोठी 3-रमेश सहनी , पिता - मोती लाल सहनी , ग्राम - झाखारा , थाना -पिपरा कोठी 4- उमेश सहनी ,पिता - नामालूम ,ग्राम - उपराती झंखार , थाना - पिपरा कोठी 5- प्रदीप डॉन ,पिता - नामालूम , ग्राम - चरगाहाँ , थाना - तुरकौलिया , सभी जिला - पूर्वीचंपारण के निवासी है तथा गैर अनुसूचित जाति के सदस्य है द्वारा दिया गया l  

    घटना का कारण पिछले चुनाव में विधायक श्री प्रमोद कुमार के पक्ष में वोट नहीं देना तथा विधायक के दायित्व निर्वहन में कोताही वरतने पर सवाल खड़ा करना बताया गया . एक नामजद अभियुत द्वारा विधायक श्री कुमार के नाम का उल्लेख कर पीड़ित के विरुद्ध की गयी टिप्पणी की गैयी है . पीड़ित श्री बैठा का मानना है कि उक्त घटना को विधायक श्री कुमार की सह पर अंजाम दिया गया है . मामले के संदर्भ में मुफ्फसिल थाना मोतिहारी में कांड सं ० 150/20 ,u/s 504, 506 , 34 IPC & 3(1)(r)(s) SC/ST act के तहत प्राथमिकी दर्ज की गयी है . खेद की बाते तो यह है कि मोतिहारी पुलिस अधीक्षक एवं मुफ्फसिल थाना अध्यक्ष द्वारा मामले में मंत्री के दबाव में शिथिलता बरती जा रही है तथा पीड़ित पर केस सूलह कर लेने का दबाव दबाव बनाया जा रहा है . पुलिस अधीक्षक मोतिहारी द्वारा काउंटर केस करने की बाते भी की जा रही है . प्राथमिकी में आपराध के मुताबिक सही धराया नहीं जोड़ी गई है . 

  • Posted by: NDMJ-Bihar
  • Fact finding date: 04-04-2020
  • Date of Case Upload: 06-04-2020


1) FIR 
2) file 2 

two Dalit Men Brutly Murder, In Bagalkot District, Mudhol Taluk, Shirola Village.

    Bagalkot District, Mudhol Taluk, Shirol Village, there lived schedule caste Madiga community belongs thalageri family on this family on 10-05-2019 a group of banajiga Lingayath Community  which belongs to OBC have attacked them in their house, 2 tractor, 4 bike, 2 car and other vehicles at their house and obout this we have admitted in the hospital and about this incident they had given complaint at mudhol police station on 13 people and they were arrested and after they were out on bail. after coming back from jail they were simply threating my simply threating my family for small matters and trying to kill my children by lorry, Bike and car and by other vehicles so on this we had told to DC and SP and we had given requisition for protection of us but it was no use. on 11-10-2019 there was a post on watts app by hindu Jagarana Vedike saying that we are the final winner and a banner of handing a knife in hand. we were afraid and on 15-10 2019 morning around 10 o clock Thalgeri family members went to Mudhol to meet Circle Inspector S R Patil at his office to give complaint on life threat and have met him and told everything what was happening to them at village for that he told them nothin will happen you don\'t have senes give complaint and he went out. from there they went to Mudhol Police station there they met inspector Shivashnkar there he told them to wait here i will be back and went out around 12 O clock and he came back after noon around 4 O clock then we told everything about their life threat by the time a phone call comes to Yallappa thalageri from same village Muslim community belongs Mr. Dasthagiri Sab he says that your brother Vitll and your father brother were killed soon they went back to village. Vital Thalageri 50 and Malyappa thalageri 60 have been murdered in the center road of Ashraya colony road on this murder case been filed on 13 people at Mudhol police station on 15-10 2019 and totally 4 cases and FIR has been filed.

    1. crime No;160/2019, IPC 1860 u/s 143, 147, 148, 302, 120B, 149 and Sc/St(poa) Amendment  act-2015 u/s 3(2)(Va).

    2. crime No;161/2019 IPC 1860 u/s 143, 147, 504, 506, 307, 149 and Sc/St(poa)amendment act-2015 u/s 3(2)(Va).

    3. crime No;162/2019 IPC 1860  u/s 143, 147, 323, 504, 506, 149 and Sc/St(poa)Amendment act-2015 u/s 3(1)(s), 3(1)(r),

    4. crime No;163/2019, IPC 1860 u/s 143, 137, 504, 506, 149 and Sc/St(poa) amendment act-2015 u/s 3(1)(s), 3(1)(r). has been filed.

  • Posted by: Human Rights Forum for Dalit Liberation-Karnataka
  • Fact finding date: 07-11-2019
  • Date of Case Upload: 06-04-2020

A Schedule Tribes girl raped, In Dakshina Kannada(Mangalour) District, Bantvala taluk, Alasinakatte House, Kumbala Bettu, Vitla Village.

    Dakshina Kannada district, Bantwala Taluk Halasinakkatte Huose, Kambalabattu post, Vitla Madnur Village, There living schedule tribes Valmeki Nayaka community belongs Sheshappa Nayaka and her wife Leelavathi this couple do colony for thereliving and they 3 children son Nagesh 21 years and thir daughters Bhavya 17 and Vinaya 15 years and she is studying SSLC and Bhavya had studied SSLC since she is natured girl she had left studying and she is at home and if anybody calls for cooly work she use to go and more of the days she stays at home. their house are in the forest and all the house are 1.5 KM distance from every house. the same village OBC Banta community belongs Ganesh, Pavan, Puneeth, and schedule tribe Valmiki Nayaka community Belong Krishnappa 38 years one who is working inthe panchayath bill collector and same community belongs danush Nayaka have all used for sex from 2018 and have threatened her if you say this to any one we will going to kill you for that she was frightened and she had never told this to anyone. there was variation in the body of Bhavya so she stayed at home. seeing this Asha workers visits Bhavya and examines her there they find that she is 6 months Pregnant since she is not married and she still minor girl Asha workers informs this to women and child welfare officers and they brought her to Mangalore district hospital and gives treatment toher.

    this incident has been filed at Vitla police station on 08-07-2019 and FIR has been filed on them and crime No; 113/2019, IPC 1860, u/s 376, 506, and Sc/St (poa) Amendment act 2015 u/s 3(1)(w)(1)(11) with Protection of children From Sexual Offences Act-2012 u/s 4, has been added inthe FIR.

  • Posted by: Human Rights Forum for Dalit Liberation-Karnataka
  • Fact finding date: 13-07-2019
  • Date of Case Upload: 06-04-2020

police Turchar A dalit Family, In Dakshina Kannada (Mangalore) District, Puttur Taluk, Coudicharu Village.

    Dakshina Kannada district, Puutur talluk, Ariyandna House, Kowdicharu Village, there lived schedule caste Holiya community belongs Anand has his wife Pushpha natively this family is from Madikeri District, Murnadu village, looking employment they hav come here and living in a rented house. this couple has two daughter 1, Asha 14 years 2, Kannika 12 years, Anand work in a workshop as welder. Shivaram bhatta who is from Janaral catagery Bramin community is the owner of this house nobody was coming to this house and he had 11 actores of land attached to this house but it was not secured thinking that if i give this huose for rent to Anand family my land will be secured and he gives the house to and attached to this land there was Muslim community belongs Mumthaj was living and she was trying to accrue this land but it could not. this rented house had no electric connection so to charge the mobile phone Anandas wife Pushpa use to go to Mumthaj house to recharge the mobile. as usual on 20-07-2019 ecening around 6 o clock Pushpa had gone to Mumthaj house to put the phone for charge and come back home and next day 21-07-2019 morning around 8 o clock Pushpa had gone to Mumthaj house get back her phone but she was in the bathroom so she takes her phone and comes back home. after some time Mumthaj comes to Pushpa homes and she asks that my 4 pound gold hasbeen stolen you have taken it give it back for that she says i don\'t know i have not taken it this is the pian of Mumthaj to waken this rented house family if this family waken nobody will come to this house and then she can get that 11 actors of land. so she had put stolen drama on Pushpa.

    on 27-07-2019 Mumthaj had give complaint at police station that my gold chain has been stolen. the next day on 28-07-2019 morning around 10;30 police had come to Anands house and have taken whole family Anand and his wife Pushpa and his minor daughters asha and Kannika and there police sub inspector Satyavelu, constable Dinesh, gayathri and Prasnith have remanded them whoie day and till night 11;30 by sticks they have not left children also and have given electric shock treatment to Anand they not given water to them by the beat of them Anand wife Pushpa ieg bone and hand bones were broken now at present they have admitted in Puttur Government Hospital and have referred to Mangalore district hospital and have admitted them and they are getting highertreatment. Present PSI Sathyavelu, PC Dinesh, Gahatri and Prasnitha have been suspended and have taken further investigation. on this incident nowhere complain or FIR has been not filed.

  • Posted by: Human Rights Forum for Dalit Liberation-Karnataka
  • Fact finding date: 13-07-2019
  • Date of Case Upload: 05-04-2020

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