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Sexual assault and attack

    on dated 8-8-2018 at approx:2pm victim Munni reached her shop,where accused Suresh came there and caste abused to victim and said that your work not sale the vegetable, your work only repair sleepers when victim oppose this accused trying to remove her cloths,beaten. accuesd mohit,sahil and mother also beaten to victim.accused reached at victims house and attack on her husband krishan with Gandassi in which krishan is in Koma till now.

  • Posted by: NDMJ-Haryana
  • Fact finding date: 14-08-2018
  • Date of Case Upload: 18-08-2018

Attampt Rape and attack

    . On dated 25-3-2018 at approx.: 4.30pm victim Anita w/o Satnarayan caste valmiki was returned from her field along with grass, when she reached in front of accused Jagdish s/o Ram Singh caste Jat house as a daily routine. Accused jagdish forcedly took her on Gun point in his house and trying sexual assult with victim Anita. When victim protest then accused Jagdish Split her clothes due to wrong intention and beaten very cruelly with the stick. When victim shouted then accused wife Rajrani reached their and she also beaten to victim with the stick. Both accused also abused to victim on caste line. Jagdish threaten to victim that they can murder her like ‘’ Haddy Caste Women”. Victim run away from their house in crucial condition.

  • Posted by: NDMJ-Haryana
  • Fact finding date: 18-07-2018
  • Date of Case Upload: 24-07-2018

Dalit teenage strangled by Dominant people

    Case details is not available
  • Posted by: NDMJ-Bihar
  • Fact finding date: Not recorded
  • Date of Case Upload: 23-07-2018

Death of a Dalit boy named Sivaram due to Negligence of school authorities

    Sivaram, (13) S/o Late. Mr. Sivalingam is a resident of Ambedkar colony, Melarungunam Village, Thenpalai Post, Melmalaiyanur Taluk of Villupuram District. He belonged to the Scheduled Caste (Sub Caste: Adi Dravidar). His father expired 3 1/2 years ago and his mother Kumari is working as a cook in Panchayat Union School in  Melarungunam Village.

    He is studying 8th standard in Raja Thesingh Government High school at Gingee Taluk of Villupuram District. Usually he reaches the school by 7: 40- 8:00 am by bus. 

    On 18.07.2018 after reaching the school the boy went to toilet and since there was no water in the pipes he went to draw the water from a 10-feet open septic tank (temporary tank made for fetching water in constructing the new building inside the school campus). As the boy was fetching water from the open tank he slipped into the water and drowned.

    A school teacher of the same school, found that the boy was floating in the open tank and informed to the school authorities and police department. A case was registered Crime no: 581/2018 u/s 304 (2) of IPC r/w 3 (2) (va) of SC/ST PoA Amendment Act 2015 in Gingee PS on 18.07.2018

  • Posted by: Social Awareness Society for Youths
  • Fact finding date: 18-07-2018
  • Date of Case Upload: 20-07-2018


1) FIR copy 

Untouchability practice in School against Dalit Woman PAPPAL by caste hindus

    Ms.Pappal (42) W/o Mr. Palanisamy belongs to a Dalit community resides at Harijan Colony, Thirumalai Gowndan Patti, Kuttakam Village of Avinasi Taluk of Tirupurdistrict working as a Cook since 2006. She was continuously threatened and forbidden to cook in the school where the Gownder Community Children studied. She was continuously transferred to various Schools by the opposition and caste discrimination of Gownder community.

    She got another transfer order issued by the District Collector on 29-06-18 and she was opposed by group of Gownder Community to cook in the School. She was complained about caste discrimination to Ms.Meenkshi, BDO and she gave another transfer order on 16-07-18 to Ms.Papal appointing as a Cook in ThirumalaiGowndanPalayam Government High School.

    On 17-07-18 around 09.30 am Mr.Palanisamy Gounder along with 75 Gounder community people came to the Schools and threatened Ms.Papal to leave from the School and derogatory referred her caste name. The mobs were thrown away the cooking vessels and threatened her saying, how dare are you bloody Chakkili cook for our Children.

    Ms.Papal was humiliated and insulted with derogatory referred her caste name in public by the mob of Gownder community and abets to commit suicide. No body from the school to rescue her from this brutality. The mob of Gownder was continuously opposed and forbidden her to cook mid-day meal in the school for the Childrenwho belong to the so called “Upper Castes”. She was threatened by forcefully transferred to another school by the authorities instead of taking criminal actions against those mobs who belong to the dominant caste in Avinashi of Tirupur district.


  • Posted by: Social Awareness Society for Youths
  • Fact finding date: 19-07-2018
  • Date of Case Upload: 19-07-2018


1) FIR copy 
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