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A Dalit girl Gang Rape.

    Dakshina Kannada district, Puttur Talluk, Kodipadi Village, and post Bathupadi house, there lived Prakash and his wife Kavith who belongs to schedule tribes, Valmeekhi Nayaka community. this couple has only one child Peena P @ Mamatha and she is studying second year Bcom in a private college Swami Vivekananda Education societies at Puttur city. at present Kavitha has been elected as Gramapanchayath member since the relationship between husband and wife her husband Prakash had left his wife Kavitha so Kavitha and her daughter Peena is living together. as usual on first week of march 2019 she had gone to the college and after finishing her collage around 4-30 in the evening she was going to the beauty parlour at Puttur city near Mahadeswara temple road while on her way same college her classmate Sunil comes to her and saying lie that he says to her that your mom had told me something and she had told me to bring you soon as possible and he takes her in his car. in the car already there were fore more people were there and they take her to Uppinangadi deserted area of Katara forest Kumaradara. in the car including Vinay there were 5 of them were there thay are

    1, Gurunandan s/o Radhakrishna 19 years OBC belongs Banta community from Ganadamule, Badathur village, Puttur talluk.

    2. Prajwal s/o Nagesh nayak 19 years OBC belongs Bramin community from Puutur town.

    3. Krishna s/o Sadashiva 19 years OBC belongs Banta community frome Kadambu House, Parne village, Puttur Talluk.

    4. Sunill s/o Shanthappa Gowda 19 years OBC belongs Vokkaliga community from Piligumpa house, Aryapu Village, Puttur Talluk.

    5. Prakyath s/o Subbanna Shetty 19 years OBC belongs Banta Community from Balya house, Birimaru Village, Bantwala Talluk.

    these five of them forcefully takes to this forest deserted forest area and the state government has been announced and put the board that this area and the road is very dangerous even though they takes her there she asks them were are you taking me and she shouts for help there forcefully they mixes medicine in cold drinks her and after all five of them rapes her and they make video of this rape scene and they threaten her saying if you say anyone we will leak out this video and we will going to kill you. after all this there was college leadership election because of this electin there was misunderstanding between these five of them and became two group to revenge on 02-07-2019 some of them have sent the rape video scene to whatsApp group and this video was viral on this group.

    seeing this at Puttur police station on 03-07-2019 police have voluntariiy longe the complaint and FIR has been filed and the crime No; 12/2019, IPC 1860 341, 376(D), 506 Sc/St(poa) Amendment Act-2015 u/s 3(1)(w)(1)(11), 3(2)(V) and Information Technology Act-2008 u/s 66 E, 67 A, has been added in the FIR.

  • Posted by: Human Rights Forum for Dalit Liberation-Karnataka
  • Fact finding date: 12-07-2019
  • Date of Case Upload: 05-04-2020

A Dalit Men Murder

    Chamarajanagar district,hanur taluk, Managalli village, lived schedule caste holiya community belongs Venkataiah 58 years S/o late Karugaiah had gone out on 18-06-2019 and had not come back home but his body found separated from his head and have burnt at the out skirt of village about two and  half KM Alagumule forest area in the land of Kelsinanjaiah. on 24-06-2019 By the helf of police died Venkataiah wife and children have figured the body and have told that this murder has been done by bandalli village Muslim community belongs Shafiulla 52 years and R S Dddi Village Fharath Khan 48 years in the matter of money. on this case on 21-06-2019 missing case and on 24-06-2019 unknown Body case has been filed at Hanur Police station on missing case No;75/2019, and unknown body case No; 79/2019 IPC1860 u/s 302, 201, has been filed. foursly appeal police officials letur then add in FIR on 05-07-2019 IPC 1860 u/s 506 and Sc/St (poa) Amendment act-2015 3(1)(r), 3(1)(s), 3(2)(V) and 3(2)(Va) has been added in FIR.

  • Posted by: Human Rights Forum for Dalit Liberation-Karnataka
  • Fact finding date: 03-07-2019
  • Date of Case Upload: 05-04-2020

A Dalit minor Girl Rape

    Hassan district, Holenarasipura Talluk, Elachenahalli Village, Gombera Koppalu Colony, here nearly !0 family of schedule caste Sillekytha community refugee family. last 20 years back distric adminitrativehas been give 50 by 100 mensuredsite from government land of Elechenahalli survey No;110/p1 to this community. this community people piays the dolls in differes and earn for their living and were traveling all over. there lived Rajamma and her son raju and his wife Yeshoda this couplehad 7 children this couple had dide last 8 years back and this couple children 2 girl Manjula and Lakshmi have been married and they both are in there husbands house, ASha and Nanditha are in Bangalore and prema are in Rajammas 2 son Hanumantaiah House.Rajamma has become older and she is paralyzed so she could not talk and walk she is at home.

    Y R PREETHI 16 years werestuding 10 standard at Yalachenahalli Government High school and daily she was going to school every day by walk. on her way the same village OBC Lingayath community belongs mini lorry driver and he had 2 children Ravi @ Lang Ravi 40 years s/o Mallappa had been teasing Preethi on road but preethi was not responding him and was going. on 16-06-2019 sunday Devaraju had the order of dolls play at other Villsge and have informed that i will come late home today and have gone . in the same day around 11-30 at night door was knocked Preethi thinking that my brother had come and she opensthe door but it was not his brother it was Ravi @ Lang Ravi forcefully he closec her month and forcefully have rapes her in front of her grandmother since her could not talk and walksomehow she goes and calls her grandson Devaraju next to her house by the time he reaches he had been escaped on 17-06-2019 morning they have taken to the hospital for treatment and have been admitted her.

    this incident case has been filed at Holenarasipura police station the crime No;50/2019 IPC 1860 u/s 448, 376. and Protection From Sexual Offence Act 2012 Wth Sc/St (poa) amendment Act-2015 u/s 3(2)(Va) has been filed.

  • Posted by: Human Rights Forum for Dalit Liberation-Karnataka
  • Fact finding date: 22-06-2019
  • Date of Case Upload: 05-04-2020

A Dalit Men Naked and Parading

    Chamarajanagar district, Gundalpet talluk, Terakanambi Hobli, Syanandralli villagelived schedule cast Holiya communty belongs Shivaiah ana his wife arasamma bothwere Retired Government officials ana have 3 childran 2 male and one female. ther daughter is stadying MBBS at Mysore since she is studing in Mysore whoie family is living in Mysore and their frist son Lokesh is workingin mysore sandal shop factory at Bangalor and the second son S Prathap $0 years from 2005 to 2008 he was working as second divisinol clerk at Karnataka state polution control board  dipartment. he was interested in writing IAS exam so he had left his work on 2008 for to study and to prepare for his IAS exam. for that he had taken training from 2012 from famous Vagiram IAS academy at delhi.there was IAS exam in Marimallappa school at Mysore on 02-06-2019 but by the time he reaches exam center it was last he could not write the exam. he was upset and then he roamed all over the city by his bike KA-09-HS-0680 Hond Activ-125 after roaming all over he goes back to him own village Syanadralli.on his way he was attacked by some thief\'s and they grab all his things watch. Golden chain and his mobail by this he was afraid of them and to escape from them he goes to Veeranapura Village near by temple Kebbakatte temple and he stays whole knight there. the next day on 03-06-2019 morning around 8-30 the temple priest Shivappa and some other 5 people come to the temple and sees him inside the temple and saying that he has broken gods status and beats him badly all over his body and naked him and they ties his hands to his back and make preseasons up to one and a half kilometre and ties him to a coconut tree.this video has been uploaded to social media and it was very viral. on 03-06-2019 he had been treated atKRS hospital and then on 04-06-2019 he had been admitted and treated at St, marys hospital at Mysore as inpatient.

    on 06--6-2019 Prathap cousin son Kantharaju 34 years had gone to Gundalpete police station to give complaint but there police hav scolded and threatened him and have sent him back instead of taking the compiaint. there after this video has been viral in social media seeing this the same sub  inspector calls Kantharaju and file the complaint on 11-06-2019 the complaint crime No;267/2019, IPC 1860 u/s 143, 147, 395, 342, 324, 323, 355, 504, 149 and Informetion technology Act-2008, U/s 67(A) and sc/st (poa) Amendment Act-2015 U/s 3(1)(d), 3(1)(r), 3(1)(s), 3(2)(Va) has been filed in the FIR.

  • Posted by: Human Rights Forum for Dalit Liberation-Karnataka
  • Fact finding date: 19-06-2019
  • Date of Case Upload: 04-04-2020

Police is taking extreme care in the case of Dalit girl gang rape and kidnapping.

                                                  दलित बालिका का अपहरण गैंग रेप 

    दिनांक : 13-12-2020 को सूबे बिहार के पश्चिमी चंपारण जिले के मझौलिया थाना क्षेत्र निवाशी अनुसूचित जाति ( चमार ) निवासी लालचंद राम की 15 वर्षीया पुत्री मुनाब कुमारी को बगल के परसा , टोला - डुमरिया निवासी 1- समिउलाह मिया ,पिता - अंसार मियां 2- असदुल्लाह मियां , पिता - मुनाब मियां 3. तौकीर मियां , पिता - अजिजुल्लाह मियां द्वारा एक साजिश के तहत उसके साथ सामूहिक दुष्कर्म करने की नियत से अपहरण कर लिया गया . अपहृता की  पड़ोसिन चन्द्रावती देवी भी मामले में संलिप्त बताई गयी . चन्द्रावती देवी आरोपियों एवं अपहृता के साथ सम्वाहक का कार्य किया करती थी . अपह्तिता एवं एक अपहर्ता के बीच पूर्व से ही निकटम सम्बन्ध होने की बाते प्रकाश में आ रही है . अपहरण के बाद अपहृता के पिता एवं परिवार के लोगों द्वारा अपहर्ताओ के परिवार के लोगों से पूछ ताछ करने पर अपमानित किया गया . जाति सूचक गलिय बोलकर भगा दिया गया . अपहृता के पिता द्वारा गावं में पंचायती की गयी तो अपहर्ताओ के अभिभावकों द्वारा 05 दिनों में लड़की को बरामद करने का वडा किया . पर वे लोग बरामद नहीं कर पाए . पंचायती को लेकर प्राथमिकी दर्ज करने में काफी देर हुई . हारमान कर लड़की के पिता द्वारा दिनांक : 17. 02.2020 को स्थानीय थाना - मझौलिया में लिखित आवेदन देकर प्राथमिकी दर्ज करने का आग्रह किया . पुलिस द्वारा उक्त तिथि को ही कांड सं ० : 30/20 के तहत प्राथमिकी दर्ज का ली गई . पर , पुलिस काफी निष्क्रिय बनी हुई है . अब तक एक भी आरोपी को गिरफतार नहीं कर सकी है . लड़की के पिता एवं उसके परिवार वाले को आशंका है कि आरोपी मुस्लिम है . वे लोग लड़की का धर्म परिवर्तन करा सकते है . लड़की के साथ गैंग रेप की भी आशंका जताई जा रही है .आशंका व्यक्त की जा रही है कि लड़की की हत्या भी की जा सकती है . 

  • Posted by: NDMJ-Bihar
  • Fact finding date: 05-02-2020
  • Date of Case Upload: 04-04-2020


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