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Offenders have murdered a Dalit laborer and looted his money.

    Case details is not available
  • Posted by: NDMJ-Bihar
  • Fact finding date: 09-12-2020
  • Date of Case Upload: 04-02-2021

Tribal Women sexually abused

     The victim is a 30 year old women blonging to the pardhi community. belongin g to traibes.The accused along with her husbund, tow doughters and a sun are living in a hut in the field of Rama Prabhakar Lohar in Hasegaon Distric Usmanabad .and she dose the cane harvesting with her husbund.The accused son sexually abused the victims minor daughter by luring her in to marriage and the girl become pregnant. The victim\'s husband  loudged a complaints with the police and the accusad was arrested the accusad forced the victim\'s familys to leave the hut in hasegao and live the village 

    On 24\\2\\2020, The victim women brought her little girl sima to hasegao to get her and her familys clothes and necessities and will walking towards her hut in the field, accused Mr. rama  got out of the two-wheler and started asking where the victim went. The victim informed that she had come to the hut to get cloths . Accused told her that  I  will drop you of at the on the hunt on a two wheler . The accused took her to his hotel kolegaon shiradhon without living her at the hut .

    The victim said the women outside the hotel and took her daughter to seema to his house at the beasted of unkown person  rama lohar alias baba raut .

    The hotel was closed at 9:00 PM and the accused took the victim to a hotel room . he  was drunked he forcibly had sex with the victim. if the women started shoughting, he bit her to death and because of yours daughter \'my son went to jail\'  he will not let you go like this he continue to sexually abuse her all night long and the next day he brought  the victim\'s daughter seema to him and relase her .

     The victim was repaidly biten and raped the victim sustained seourly injuries to her facr, iyes,buttocks and entire body .

    After 3 days sunil kale (the husband of victim) came to the hotel in the search of her and broke the lock on the door on the room, took her out and lodged a case with the shirdhon police sation .

  • Posted by: NDMJ - Maharastra
  • Fact finding date: 08-06-2020
  • Date of Case Upload: 04-02-2021


    Case details is not available
  • Posted by: NDMJ - Maharastra
  • Fact finding date: 08-06-2020
  • Date of Case Upload: 01-02-2021

Atrocities on Manash Behera of village Kanti under Pipili Police Station of Puri District for taking bath in village pond

    Village Kanti is situated in Pipili Police Station of Puridistrict. Total habitation of the village is around 200 household out of which 166 household are Khandayats, 10 household Karana, 42 household from different OBC castes and 30 SC families. Among the SCs there are 15 household of Kandara, 12 household of Bauris and 3 households of Dhoba. The Khandayat are not only majority in number, they also dominant in the society in all issues and impose feudal caste practices in the village. The SCs are not permitted to ride bicycle in the village or take out marriage procession; temple entry is banned for them. The Dhobas are not allowed to use the main village road; they go to their sahi on a separate Bandha covering almost 3Kms more than the village road. Few years back, there were cases of violence on the Dhobas to force them to extend customary caste service to the dominant castes which was closed following compromise. Now Dhobas from other village provide service to these villagers.


                On 6.08.2020 Manas Behera was taking bath in the village pond at about 11:30 AM. Then two of the accused Kartik Parida and Achyuta Pradhan came to the bank of the Pond, abused by caste name asked Manas to come out of the pond. They also threatened not to dare repeating the act. In the afternoon, 4 members of dominant caste went to Manas’s house, abused his family, his elder brother and Mother to the village meeting. They beat them up and threatened to set their house on fire if they take bath in village pond any further. They also demanded a penalty of Rs. 20000/-. Manas’s father and mother begged apology, still they were beater up resulting in injuries. They went to the Health Centre and got treatment for the injuries. SaratParida, one of the leading persons of the village told them to settle the issue amicably. When nothing happened, Manas filed a complaint in Pipili Police Stationon 08.08.2020. There was village meeting by the dominant castes and they imposed social boycott on the victim family. Ambedkar Lohia Vichar Manch was informed about the incident, a fact finding was done and discussion with the IIC and SDPO, Pipili took place; following which FIR No. 229/20 was registered u/s 341, 323, 294, 506, 354A, 34 of IPC with 3 (1) (r) (s) (w) (i) 2 (va) of SC&ST PoA Act on 11.08.2020. 

  • Posted by: Ambedkar Lohia Vichar Manch
  • Fact finding date: 10-08-2020
  • Date of Case Upload: 30-01-2021

पंचायत प्रधान बनने पर दलित महिला के घर पर हमला at Kangar

               यह घटना जिला ऊना की तहसील हरोली के गांव कांगड़ की है. यह गांव ऊना मुख्यालय से 12  कि०मी० की दुरी पर है. राज्य हिमाचल में जातिय व्यवस्था पर आधारित छुआछूत की घटनाएं थमने का नाम नहीं ले रही है भारत को आज़ाद हुए 70 वर्ष के करीब हो गए है पर ऐसी घटिया मानसिकता रखने वाले लोग आज भी समाज में मौजूद है. घटना सिथित इस गांव में पंझडा (डॉम) SC जाति के 10 घर,  चमार जाति के 60 घर, राजपूत जाति के 4 घर, सन्यार जाति के 50 घर, ब्राहमण जाति के 2 घर, बाती (OBC) 350, तरखान जाति के 70 है लोहार जाती का 1 घर है  इस गांव में 2 प्राइमरी व एक +2 तक हाई स्कुल है इस गांव में डिस्पेंसरी भी है व् पानी की भी कोई समस्या नहीं है.


              इसी गांव में दलित लोहार SC जाति में से नीलम कुमारी पत्नी श्री अच्छर चन्द धीमान रहती है जिसकी उम्र लगभग 57 साल की है. इसके तीन बच्चे है एक बेटी और दो बेटे है. बड़ा बेटो व बेटी की शादी कर दी है. नीलम के पति की अपनी वर्कशाप है जोकि इनके गांव से 10 कि०मी० दुरी पर सिथित गांव रैन्सरी जिला ऊना में है. गांव कांगड़ की पंचायत में इस बार के चुनाव में पंचायत काँगड़ की प्रधान पद की सीट महिला व् SC रिजर्व रही है जिसके चलते नीलम देवी ने अपना नामाकन पंचायत प्रधान पद के लिए दर्ज किया व 21/01/21 को पचायत के चुनाव के दोरान नीलम कुमारी ने अपनी जीत हासिल की है नीलम देवी को कांग्रेस पार्टी का समर्थन रहा है नीलम दवारा जीत हासिल करने के बाद दुसरे दिन ही कांगड़ की तहसील हरोली के आकाश ठाकुर व अमन ठाकुर ने नीलम व उसके परिवार को गालियाँ निकालना शुरू कर दिया की एक लोहारी कैसे प्रधान बन गई.

            28/01/21 को रात करीब 8:15 पर आकाश ठाकुर स्पुत्र सतीश ठाकुर व् अमन ठाकुर स्पुत्र लक्ष्मी ठाकुर अपने दोस्तों के साथ महिन्द्रा थार गाडी में आया व नीलम कुमारी के घर के बाहर आकर गालियाँ निकालने लगा की कूतो निकलों बाहर साले लोहारो आज आपकी खैर नहीं इतना कहते हुए नीलम के घर के बाहर खड़ी उनकी दो गाडियों क्रेटा व एटोस की तोड़ फोड़ कर डाली जिसका कुल नुकसान करीब 1 लाख 20 हज़ार के करीब हुआ है. नीलम व् उसका पूरा परिवार सहमा हुआ घर के अन्दर ही रहां फिर जब आकाश व् अमन मौका से चले गए तब नीलम व् उसके परिवार बाले घर बाहर आये और अपनी टूटी हुई गाड़ियों को देखा उसके बाद नीलम कुमारी ने पुलिस थाना हरोली में फोन किया व मौका पर पुलिस को बुलाकर अपनी FIR दर्ज करवाई है. पर अभी तक पुलिस की तरफ से दोषी खिलाफ कोई भी कार्यवाही अमल में न लाइ गई है.                    


  • Posted by: NDMJ - Himachal Pradesh
  • Fact finding date: 29-01-2021
  • Date of Case Upload: 29-01-2021


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