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Untouchability Practice against Dalit Woman Muthumari

    Thalaiyuthu is a panchayat town in Tirunelveli district in the state of Tamil NaduIndia. It is also called as Sankar Nagar. It is located about 8 km north of Tirunelveli District. The village is home to 9,013 people, among them 4525 (50%) are male and 4488 (50%) are female. 77% of the whole population are from general caste and 23% are from schedule castes.

    Ms. Muthu Mari (29), w/o Mr. Samuthira Pandi belonged to the Hindu Arunthathiyar Castes (Sub caste of Scheduled Castes) is a resident of Gopal Devar Compound, Opp to TNEB Office, Melthalaiyuthu village of Tirunelveli District. She was residing in the above mentioned address for about 1 ½ years for rent of Rs. 1200/-.

    Ms. Kalavathi w/o Mr. Arumugam belonged to the Pillaivar caste (other backward caste) was residing in the same compound and is neighbour of Muthu Mari. Kalavathi had inquired Muthu Mari about her nativity, occupation of her husband and about her caste. Meanwhile, Muthu Mari had noticed that Kalavathi was in extra marital affair with Mr. Varatharajan. On knowing this, Kalavathi had started subjecting Muthu Mari in public view while she went to fetch water from the common tap and socially boycotted to use the public source on 22.04.2018. She tried to attack her with the plastic pot.

    Kalavathi had verbally abused in derogatory language by referring to the caste names that Muthu Mari is belonged to the Arunthathiyar caste, her husband Samuthirapandi is manual scavenger. She also abused that Muthu Mari is impure and unclean and will cause viral/bacterial infection to the other people. Meantime, Mr. Varadharajan along with few men including Arumugam, Chinnadurai and ADMK Executive chairman had also verbally abused Muthu Mari in the public view and was about to attack her. But Muthu Mari in saving her life ran away from the place and immediately went to the police station. She lodged a complaint and the Sub Inspector Anandaraj went to the spot and inquired the incident. Based on the complaint, the FIR was filed with the crime no: 176/2018 and gave the CSR Copy to Muthu Mari. But the policemen did not take any action against the perpetrators in the incident.

    Likewise, on 13.03.2019 around 7 pm in the evening when Muthu Mari went to fetch water from the common tap she was forced not to take water from the common tap and was boycotted by the non-dalits of the same locality. She lodged a complaint at the Thalaiyuthu PS on 14.03.2019 and the perpetrators were enquired. Finally for the third time, on 30.03.2019 at 6 pm she was again subjected to heinous forms of untouchability practices and caste atrocity. She had gone to the SP office to lodge a complaint and the SP told the Thalaiyuthu PS to enquire the case.

    On 24.04.2019 at 10: 45 pm the Inspector Jayanthi came to the PS and did not read Muthu Mari’s petition. Before she entered the PS she had a conversation with Kalavathi (under the Neem Tree) and had got money from her. This was video graphed by Muthu Mari. One of the policemen informed this to the Inspector. Immediately she had seized the mobiles phones of Muthu Mari and her husband Samuthira Pandi and subjected them to brutal forms of attack by turning Muthu Mari’s hand and punched her shoulders and strangled her throat. She had also banged her head to the wall and Muthu Mari got collapsed and fainted to the floor. Jayanthi was shocked and immediately told Samuthira Pandi to take her wife from the station. Muthu Mari sustained severe injuries at her hand, shoulder, throat, face and head. On 25.04.2019 Muthu Mari along with her husband lodged a complaint to the District Collector. He ordered the SP to enquire the case and to provide medical treatment to the injured victim Muthu Mari. She was admitted as the inpatient and received medical treatment from 25.04.2019 to 29.04.2019.

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  • Fact finding date: 01-06-2019
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दलित चौकीदार पर जान लेवा हमला, Chhetran Panchayat

                    यह घटना जिला ऊना की तहसील हरोली की पंचायत छेत्रां के गाँव वीदड्वाल की है. इस गांवके बार्ड नंबर 4 में प्रमोद कुमार स्पुत्र स्व: कुंदन लाल जाति भन्झडा (SC) रहता है जिसकी उम्र 44 वर्ष की है और वह छेत्रां पंचायत में चौकीदार के रूप में नियुक्त है और रात्री के समय प्रमोद कुमार अमराली में सिथित बन रहे पारस कोल्ड स्टोर में भी चौकीदारी करता है,                                   

                    दिनाक 23 जून 2019 को जब प्रमोद कुमार अपनी रात की ड्यूटी के लिए पारस  कोल्ड स्टोर अमराली के  लिए अपने घर से पैदल आ रहा था तो करीब समय 8 बजकर 30 मिनट पर अमराली उपरोक्त कोल्ड स्टोर फैक्ट्री से लगभग 100 मीटर पीछे सड़क पर पहुंचा तो सडक किनारे दाहिने तरफ आम के पेड़ के पीछे से 6 से 7 लड़के अपने हाथो में डंडे और तलवारें लिए प्रमोद कुमार के सामने आ गए और प्रमोद कुमार पर जान् लेवा हमला कर दिया प्रमोद कुमार को पीटते समय लड़के यही कह रहे थे के तू पूर्व प्रधान अशोक कुमार उर्फ़ शोकी के खिलाफ शिकायतें देता है इतना कहते हुये प्रमोद कुमार को पीटते रहे वह तलवारों से प्रमोद कुमार को बुरी तरह से जख्मी कर दिया आचानक सड़क की दूसरी और से दूर से कोई मोटर साइकल आता देख कर लड़के प्रमोद कुमार अधमरा छोड़ कर भाग गये इतने में कोई स्थानीय व्यक्ति गाड़ी ले कर वहां से गुजर रहा था उस ने अपनी गाड़ी में प्रमोद कुमार को 108 गाड़ी तक रस्ते में पहुंचाया फिर प्रमोद कुमार को हरोली अस्पताल से ऊना अस्पताल पहुँचाया गया पर ऊना सरकारी अस्पताल में प्रमोद कुमार की गंभीर हालत को देखते हुए पी०जी०आइ० चंडीगढ़  रेफ़र कर दिया गया वहां पर उसको 5 दिन के बाद छुटी दे दी गई.

     इस घटना के पीछे का कारण पूर्ब प्रधान अशोक कुमार उर्फ़ शोकी को ही माना जा रहा है क्योंकि प्रमोद कुमार ने जिला पंचायत अधिकारी को लिखित रूप में शिकायत दी की अशोक कुमार की पत्नी अनीता देवी मौजूदा प्रधान है पर उसकी जगह उसका पति पूर्ब प्रधान अशोक कुमार उर्फ़ शोकी ही उसकी कुर्सी पर बैठता है उसकी तरफ से ह्स्ताक्षर करता है इसी के चलते प्रमोद कुमार ने गांव के 109 लोगों के हस्ताक्षर करवाकर शिकायत की है. प्रमोद कुमार को कई बार पूर्ब प्रधान अशोक कुमार उर्फ़ शोकी ने धमकियां भी दी थी जिस कारण प्रमोद कुमार का यही मानना है की उस पर हमला पूर्ब प्रधान अशोक कुमार उर्फ़ शोकी ने ही करवाया है                    


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Honor Killing

    Ms. Amutha (32), W/o Mr. Moorthy a resident of Door No-9, A Block, Manual Scavengers Quarters, Vellipalayam, Mettupalayam Block of Coimbatore District. She is married and destitute by her husband; presently living with her parents Ranganathan and Rangammal in the above mentioned address.  She has three children Dharshini Priya (19), Varshini Priya (16) and Naveen Kumar (14). She was having difference of opinion with her husband and currently living along with her children in her father’s place. She is rearing her children with the support of her parents.

    Meanwhile, Kanagaraj (21), S/o Mr. Karuppasamy resident of the same village belonged to the Hindu Valaiyar caste (Most Backward Castes) was in love with Amutha’s younger daughter Varshini Priya and had mesmerized her with his love. In November 2018 he has abducted the girl and the girl’s family was shocked by this incident. Amutha immediately lodged a complaint at the Mettupalayam PS and had rescued her daughter Varshini Priya. And the Mettupalayam Policemen did not take any action against the accused person Kanagaraj. Later, Amutha concerned with her daughter’s protection, she had sent Varshini to her father-in laws residence.

    Amutha’s elder daughter Dharshini Priya had got married to one of her relatives and her son is studying his school education. Amutha is accompanying with her mother Rangammal to the scavenging work. In the meantime, Kanagaraj had traced the whereabouts of Varshini Priya who is residing in Gandhi Nagar, Karamadai Road with her father’s parents. He had told the girl that he will take care of her well, he will marry her and his parents will accept their marriage. Finally he abducted the girl and had kept her near Oodaikarai in a hut.

    On 21.06.2019 around 11:30 pm a man (Chinraj) consumed alcohol with the support of Vinoth (brother of Kanagaraj) had gone to Amutha’s house and had verbally abused her in filthy, derogatory language referring to the caste names. He had threatened Amutha that Varshini should not love or marry a man belonged to Valaiyar caste and if this happens, Varshini and Kanagaraj will be killed and thrown in the river.

    Following this, on 25.06.2019 around 5 pm in the evening Amutha had a call (cylinder supplier) and got information that Kanagaraj was brutally injured by his brother Vinoth. Amutha had told that she is no way connected to this incident and tried to disconnect the call. But that person had told that Vinoth had also brutally attacked Varshini. Amutha along with her relatives Nagamani, Chinnakannan, Chinraj rushed to the spot and saw Varshini in the pool of blood and was crying for help. Immediately they took her to the Mettupalayam GH in an auto. They provided first aid and then shifted Varshini to Coimbatore Government Hospital.

    Vinoth along with his companion Kanthavelu had given liquor to his brother Kanagaraj and had brutally attacked him with the sword. He had sustained heinous injuries and died in the spot. Varshini tried to stop this attack and she was also sustained severe and brutal injuries. Presently she is fighting against her life.

    A FIR was registered at the Mettupalayam PS with the Cr. no: 270/2019 u/s 302, 307 IPC r/w 3 (2) (va) of SC/ST PoA Amendment Act 2015 and the accused person Vinoth was arrested.

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1) FIR Copy 

Dalit Man Aaran Brutally Attack by Gang of Caste Hindus

    Case details is not available
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1) FIR Copy 

Dalit Women Lakshmi Murder by Caste Hindu Thamoothiran

    Case details is not available
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  • Fact finding date: 20-05-2019
  • Date of Case Upload: 02-07-2019

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