Brutal Murder of Dalit man Elumalai near Thamaraipakkam Village, Sengam Block, Tiruvannamalai District (Code: TN-TVM-2020-134, Date: 17-Oct-2020 )

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Case Title

Case primary details

Case posted by Social Awareness Society for Youths-SASY
Case code TN-TVM-2020-134
Case year 17-Oct-2020
Type of atrocity SC/ST (POA) Act
Whether the case is being followed in the court or not? No

Fact Finding

Fact finding date

Fact finding date Not recorded

Case Incident

Case Incident details

Case incident date 17-Oct-2020
Place Village: Not recorded
Taluka:Not recorded
District: Thiruvannamalai(DP)
State: Tamil Nadu
Police station Kadalady
Complaint date 17-Oct-2020
FIR date 18-Oct-2020

Case brief

Case summary

Mr. Aladiyan, S/o Vadi, is a resident of the Thamaraipakkam Village, Sengam Block, Tiruvannamalai District. He belonged to the Hindu Pariayar caste (Sub Caste of Scheduled Castes). His wife passed away a few years back; presently he is residing with his son Ramesh, daughter-in-law and grandchildren and working as daily wagers in Bangalore.

Few years back Elumalai was working in Venkatraman Udaiyar’s house and they had given only food for them. He had not received any pay or wage for his work till now. A man named Padavettan of Scheduled Castes was provided 4 acres of Panchami land by the government. And Venkatraman Udaiyar has bought 2.3 acres of land through his grandson Vadivelu. In return for paying that land, Patta has transferred the above Panchami land to my name for 1.60 cents. When he had no money to eat, he sold 60 cents of land to people in his area for 30,000 rupees and had maintained the remaining 80 cents of land under his control.

He has two sons Yelumalai and Ramesh. Eldest son Yelumalai has been living in Bangalore with his wife and 2 daughters for the past 7 years. My second son Ramesh had given me 40 cents of land and had sold the remaining land a few months ago and my eldest son Ezhumalai had come to his native village Tamaraippakkam to sell the remaining land as he needed money to arrange marriage for his daughters.

Officials have come up with money to survey the land surveying office at the Marine Office to survey the Panchami land in their village. Venkatraman\'s son Ramamurthy had gone without measuring the land as he had been intimidated in the presence of the authorities that the land belonged to him and he would not let it be surveyed. Ramamurthy Udayar sent intimidation despite repeated attempts to survey the land. And constantly he had threatened Elumalai that it was his land and that he would not let the land be measured. He then registered the property in his name along with my eldest son Elumalai and my youngest son Ramesh on 27.05.2019 in the same deed as a settlement through the office of the Delegate.

Following this, on 16.10.2020, his son Elumalai was at home with Aladiyan. After 08.00 that night, his son Elumalai went missing. On the morning of 17.10.2020, he found out that his son had died with bloody wounds on his face near the Kaliamman temple on the bypass road leading to Mathimangalam. He was wearing a blue red lungi shirt with a plain shirt. His son had no illness and he was brutally murdered by Ramamurthy\'s family.


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