allegedly raping a minor girl belonging to tribal community. In Mysore District, H D kote Taluk, Anthara sante Hobli, Hosa halli hadi Village. (Code: KAR/MYS/2019-01, Date: 19-Dec-2018 )

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Case Title

Case primary details

Case posted by National Dalit Movement For Justice - NDMJ Karnataka
Case code KAR/MYS/2019-01
Case year 19-Dec-2018
Type of atrocity Rape
Whether the case is being followed in the court or not? Yes

Fact Finding

Fact finding date

Fact finding date Not recorded

Case Incident

Case Incident details

Case incident date 19-Dec-2018
Place Village: Not recorded
Taluka:Not recorded
State: Karnataka
Police station Not recorded
Complaint date 21-Dec-2018
FIR date 21-Dec-2018

Case brief

Case summary

Mysore District, H D Kote Taluk, Anthara Santhe Hobli, Beramahalli Post, Hosahalli Hadi Village, cshedule tribes Adivasi community belongs , Basavaraju 48 years old and his wife Ganga 40 years old this couple had 3 female and one girl children and they are Basamma 20 years, Cheluvamma 18 years Bhagya 16 years and Ravikumar 9 years, His third daughter Bhagya was studying in Hoahalli Hadi Village, Vivekananda private boarding school up to 5th standard and since she can\'t study she left the school and was at home. all off a sudden again and again a missed call comes to her phone it was Dinesh s/o Madevappa 23 years he is from Mysore district, Hunsur Taluk, Kolavige Village. this call terns into love and both of continuing speaking in the phone and their love becomes vary strong.

on 18-12-2018 there was school day at Hosahalli Hadi Vilage school so Bhagya tells her parents and goes to school day and after that she stays at night her friend Devammas house. on 19-12-2018 Dinesh comes to devammas house and he picks up Bhagya. since Bhagya had not come home from last two days searches every ere and asks evertone but they could not find her and they comes back home. Dinesh and Bhagya both rooms here and there in the city and at night around 10 o clock they go ton a from house at Basapura village, moor bhead road and which is 20 km away from Hosahalli village and he says her that i will marry you and i am from Hunsur Hanchya village and he forces her for sexual activities she ignores for that even though forcefully he uses her for sex hole night and stays on that there. Morning on 20-12-2018 both comes to Basapura hand post there Dinesh saysyou stay here i will come and he goes from there but he won\'t come waiting she was fed-upand she goes in search of him to Hunsur Hanchay village there she asks every one about Dinesh but nobody noes about him he had given her wrong address. she stands somewhere there crying people sees her and informs Hunasuru police station soon police brings her to the station and enquires her and calls her friend Devamma and informs about her and also she is from Bechanahalli police station jurisdiction they informs them also. soon her mother Ganga and her village Renuka w/o Mahadevaswamy and along with Asha comes to Hunasuru police station and sees Bhagya and asks her what happend where were you fromlast two dyas and she says everything happend. on 21-12-2018 around in the morning 4.30 am they come to Bechanahalli police station and gives complaint that my minor daughter Bhagya has been forcefully raped by dinesh.

on this police have filed case on him and the crime no; 170/2018 dated; 21-12-2018 and FIR has been filed IPS 1860 U/s 376 sc/st (poa) amendment 2015 u/s 3(1)(w), 3(2)(V) and POCSO act 2012 u/s 4, 5.

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