Brutal violence by Thakurs over picking Mango from the tree (Code: UP-62 JNP-10, Date: 19-Jul-2020 )

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Case Title

Case primary details

Case posted by Bhartiya Jan Sewa Ashram
Case code UP-62 JNP-10
Case year 19-Jul-2020
Type of atrocity Voluntarily causing simple hurt and grievous hurt
Whether the case is being followed in the court or not? No

Fact Finding

Fact finding date

Fact finding date Not recorded

Case Incident

Case Incident details

Case incident date 19-Jul-2020
Place Village: Not recorded
Taluka:Not recorded
District: JAUNPUR
State: Uttar Pradesh
Police station SIKRARA
Complaint date 01-Jan-1970
FIR date 19-Jul-2020

Case brief

Case summary

Dalit Manguram’s son, Golu went for cattle grazing with his buffalo, while grazing the buffalo reached near the mango tree. On reaching the mango tree, Thakurs started blaming Golu, for picking mangoes, on which fight started, and fearless Thakur children’s , Ranjit Singh, Santosh Singh, Vinod Singh, Pintu singh, Murli Singh, Sushil Singh started abusing, and started kicking, hitting with sticks and the fight turned ugly.  On hearing the cream, Pradip, Sandip, Niraj, Rahul, Lucky, Niraj, Manguram, Minakshi, Shilpa,  and Moolchand, came for help, who were beaten up brutally too. When the village people interrupted, the perpetrators escaped from their, and the village people called 112, for help.  Vitim’s were taken to Police Station: Sikrara, and S.O was informed through oral statement, and later written application was submitted and further victims were sent for medical. FIR was registered

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