Caste Abuse, Sexual Abuse and Attack - Vakapalli (Code: DSS-AP-VSP-03, Date: 11-Apr-2015 )

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Case Title

Case primary details

Case posted by Dalit Sthree Sakthi (DSS)
Case code DSS-AP-VSP-03
Case year 11-Apr-2015
Type of atrocity Other Crimes Against SCs
Whether the case is being followed in the court or not? Yes

Fact Finding

Fact finding date

Fact finding date Not recorded

Case Incident

Case Incident details

Case incident date 11-Apr-2015
Place Village: Not recorded
Taluka:Not recorded
State: Andhra Pradesh
Police station Not recorded
Complaint date 13-Apr-2015
FIR date 13-Apr-2015

Case brief

Case summary

Brief Details:

One Mr Mudada Thrimurthulu SC Mala by caste of Vakapalli village has given his daughter for marriage to a person of Lachireddypalem in Routhulapudi mandal on 11th April 2015. The marriage was being performed as per Christian tradition in a church at Lachireddypalem. Gubbala Veerababu S/o Ramulu BC Setti Balija by caste and Gorla Veerababu S/o Tathabbai BC Yadava by caste of Vakapalli village have come for the marriage uninvited. While performing the marriage, the pastor has announced the ages of bride and bridegroom. Gubbala Veerababu abused the pastor in the name of caste saying “Vorai Mala Lanja Kodaka, Vayassu tappu chepputunnavra” (You son of a Mala bitch, you are saying the wrong age of the bride) and Gorla Veerababu too abused the pastor in vulgar language by using the name of caste. They created nuisance, threw the chairs, caught hold of the collar of the pastor and beat him up. All kept silent as they feared that the marriage may be stopped. In the meantime one Mr Balaraju came to the rescue of the pastor and he was also beaten by Gubbala Veerababu and Gorla Veerababu. Mudada Sekhar tried to stop, but has to face their hardship. Feared dalits were returning back to Vakapalli in a van, Gubbala Veerababu and Gorla Veerababu chased them in a bike, stopped the van, forcibly asked the women to get down the van, abused them saying “Mala lanjallara mimmalani rape chesthe avadu adduvasthadu”. Later they caught hold of Mudada Appala kondamma SC Mala by caste, sister of Sekhar, laid hand on her breast and pushed her down and fled away on their bike. The dalits returned to the village on the same day, informed about the incident to their caste elders and Mudada Ramana former Sarpanch.

On the next day morning i.e., on 12th April 2015 Mudada Ramana took the dalits to Rongala Nageswara Rao, Sarpanch of Vakapalli and by that time Gogada Venkata Ramana, Gogada Kondala Rao, Budda Donga Babu, Yedla Sanyasi Rao, Gagada Rajulu, Surampudi Konda Babu, Verrigukka Nuka raju, Kuramdasu Accha Rao, Gorla Krishna, Killadi Krishna and others belonging to BCs (Yadavs, Setti Balija and Velmas) were already there. Gogada Venkata Ramana, Gogada Kondala Rao and others said that their children might have beaten the dalits, if so what! They abused the dalits saying “Mala lanja kodakallara mammallani aduguthara!”. The Sarpanch Rongala Nageswara Rao supported the accused Gubbala Veerababu and Gorla Veerababu and all the other have tried to attack the dalits. During this argument, Gubbala Veerababu and Gorla Veerababu sat at the Ambedkar statue and were consuming liquor. Though the dalits brought to the notice of the Sarpanch, he was least bothered. Sensing the danger, dalits returned back to their colony.

The same day evening i.e., on 12th April Gubbala Veerababu and Gorla Veerababu came on the motor bike to the dalit colony abused in the name of caste and uttered “Vosai Mala Lanjallara memmalani ma kulastulu vadukunnare, merantha maa daggara thongunnare, mimalani denguthame”. Pointing at 60 years old Pedda Pentayya of SC caste, they said we will also fuck your wife. They threatened to kill Mudada Sekhar and Entha Bala Raju for opposing them and left away.

Background of the village:

In Vakapalli village there are about 50 SC Mala families, 150 BC Yadavs, 12 Setti Balija and 40 Koppula Velma families. The dalits as well as the BCs are agricultural workers and also take up Podu Cultivation. The dalits are treated as untouchables by all the BC communities. The dalits are forced to live submissively and often the dominant communities ill-treat the dalits irrespective of age, humiliate & harass them in-front of all for no reasons. The youth belonging to the BC communities misbehave with the dalit girls and the dalit youth are silent spectators. Since ages the barbers won’t shave beard or cut hair to the dalits. Similarly the washer-man doesn’t wash the clothes of the dalits. Likewise in the hotel run by the BCs, if the dalits go and ask for a cup of tea/coffee, the tea is given in a separate cup and the dalits have to clean the cup after drinking. Last year i.e., in 2014 Gubbala Veerababu was consuming liquor at the Ambedkar statue, they beat up a family of Nelaparthi Rama Rao for questioning and said “If he is God to you, what is it for us”. When the incident was taken to the notice of the elders, they said that such things are quite common and they shouldn’t make it an issue and they inturn alleged that Nelaparthi Srinivasa Rao s/o Rama Rao has abused the wife of Veera Babu.

On 13th April morning the dalits mustered courage approached Prathipadu PS and lodged a complaint. A case has been registered bearing Cr No- 69/2015 U/s. 354(A), 427, 506, 509 of IPC and Sec 3(1)(i), (x) & (xi) of SC, ST (PoA) Act.

Interventions of DSS:

• Conducted fact finding

• Got the case registered

• Got the police picket posted in the village

• Organized awareness meeting in the village

• Met the DSP- Peddapuram of East Godavari District

List of Documents:

• Fact finding report


Present Status:

• Under Investigation

• 2 Accused arrested

• Compensation yet to be paid



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