Dalit Youth Yuvaraj Attacked case (Code: TN-VPM-2014-010, Date: 18-May-2014 )

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Case Title

Case primary details

Case posted by Social Awareness Society for Youths-SASY
Case code TN-VPM-2014-010
Case year 18-May-2014
Type of atrocity Voluntarily causing simple hurt and grievous hurt
Whether the case is being followed in the court or not? Yes

Fact Finding

Fact finding date

Fact finding date Not recorded

Case Incident

Case Incident details

Case incident date 18-May-2014
Place Village: Not recorded
Taluka:Not recorded
District: Villupuram(DP)
State: Tamil Nadu
Police station Kandamangalam
Complaint date 18-May-2014
FIR date 19-May-2014

Case brief

Case summary

Yuvaraj s/o Kanniappan, a resident of Katterikuppam Village, Mannadipattu, Pondicherry, belongs to Irula tribe. He is working as a plumber. He is living with his Wife Soundarya (18) and widowed mother Padma (38). His sister Bhuvana (19) and his brother Prakash (23) have got married and living in neighboring villages.

Yuvaraj’s wife Soundarya is working in a stationery shop located in Katterikuppam village. In the adjacent PVC bulb shop, her friend Stella is working as a sales woman. Whenever they are free, they used to chat. On 19/03/2014 around 12 am, two young men (later came to known as Ramesh and his friend) came to the shop. Soundarya addressed them as brothers and asked Anna (brother) what you want? Ramesh, verbally abused her saying, bugger do you know which caste I belongs to and you belongs to Irula tribe, how dare you call me as brother. He verbally abused her referring derogatory regarding caste and gender. Soundarya and Stella maintained calm until Ramesh and his friend leave the scene. On her return to the home, she informed her husband Yuvaraj about the verbal abuse by Ramesh. Soundarya gave the Bike registration number to her husband and she could not establish any other identity. Some days later, on noticing the bike with the same registration number given by his wife, Yuvaraj enquired Ramesh, whether he abused his wife. At that time, Ramesh denied and told he was mistaken him for someone else.

On 01/04/2014, during the Mariamman Temple festival, Yuvaraj took Soundarya to the temple. Soundarya saw Ramesh and shown him to her husband. On confirming the identity of Ramesh, Yuvaraj went up to Ramesh and asked him why you abused my wife and why you denied it the other day?. When Yuvaraj was enquiring about the abuse, Ramesh assaulted him. The police men, who were on duty for security during the festival, noticing their fight, took them to the Katterikuppam Police Station. In the police station, Yuvaraj gave a detailed complaint about the verbal abuse of his wife and physical attack on him. The police registered an FIR. Ramesh belongs to Valuthavur village. His village elders brokered for compromise and asked Yuvaraj to excuse Ramesh for this one time. Hence Yuvaraj withdrew his complaint.

On 18/05/2014 around 11 am, when Yuvaraj was on his way to his sister’s house in Villayanur village, he was intercepted by Ramesh and his friends namely Manikandan, Vinoth and two others at Valuthavur road. When Yuvaraj was about to get down from the vehicle, Ramesh and his friends kicked his motor bike. Yuvaraj fell down along with his vehicle. When he managed to stand up, Ramesh beaten him with a wooden log on his hand and on his legs. Ramesh abused him referring derogatory regarding caste name, saying, you Irula prostitute how dare you lodge a complaint against me in the police station. Because of you I happened to face humiliation among my villagers. When Yuvaraj told that you only abused my wife leading to the FIR registration. On hearing this Ramesh was further infuriated and asked how dare you speak against me. Saying so he further assaulted Yuvaraj with the stick and told you Irulas are forty in number, what you people can do to us. Ramesh friends remained as spectators during the assault and they threatened him not to lodge a complaint against them in the police station. Then Yuvaraj managed to reach the Manadipatti Social Welfare Government Hospital, to get medical treatment. On noticing the nature of the assault and the condition of Yuvaraj, the hospital authorities reported this to the Kandamangalam police Station. Inspector of the Kandamangalam Police station called Yuvaraj and enquired about the incident. Then the Inspector asked him to come to police station and to lodge a complaint. Around 3.15 pm, on reaching the police station lodged a complaint. An FIR No. 151/14, under sections 147, 341, 323, 506(i), of IPC r/w 3(1)(r), 3(1)(s) of SC/ST PoA Amendment Ordinance, 2014. On the same day night, the police have arrested Ramesh, Manikandan and Vinoth.

On 19/05/2014, 10.45 am Yuvaraj went to the police station as he was called up by the Inspector. Inspector enquired whether he is going to withdraw the complaint. Yuvaraj replied that he has no intention to withdraw the complaint. As the police delayed the FIR registration and on knowing that the police have not filed an FIR regarding the atrocity, Yuvaraj approached Mr. Siva who was a leader of the Viduthalai Chiruthaihal katchi (VCK) party. As Siva spoke to the Kandamangalam Police Inspector, a case was registered against the perpetrators. During the same day evening, VCK party member Siva asked him to withdraw the complaint. But Yuvaraj refused to withdraw the complaint. Yuvaraj reported about Siva to the VCK Party Mannadipattu Kombuyun secretary Mr. Sivashankar. Sivashankar called Siva and scolded him for the request made to Yuvaraj regarding complaint withdrawal.  Later some influential people in the area called Yuvaraj and asked him to withdraw the complaint. But Yuvaraj refused to withdraw the complaint and was stubborn to seek justice for the atrocity meted out to him and his wife Soundarya. He is in constant fear, worrying about the safety and security of his family members.

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