“Minor Tribal girl delivered child\\\" (Code: OD-DH-04, Date: 06-Feb-2015 )

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Case Title

Case primary details

Case posted by OROSA
Case code OD-DH-04
Case year 06-Feb-2015
Type of atrocity Voluntarily causing simple hurt and grievous hurt
Whether the case is being followed in the court or not? No

Fact Finding

Fact finding date

Fact finding date Not recorded

Case Incident

Case Incident details

Case incident date 06-Feb-2015
Place Village: Not recorded
Taluka:Not recorded
District: Dhenkanal District(DP)
State: Odisha
Police station Kamakhyanagar
Complaint date 12-Feb-2015
FIR date 12-Feb-2015

Case brief

Case summary

Randai Sundhy aged 16 years, daughter of Ghana Sundhy of Chulia village under Kamakhyanagar police station limit of Dhenkanal district. She married to Motai Bodra (Peta) during   pregnancy he left her and went away from her. On 06/02/2015 she delivered a child and after the death of her child she become serious and admitted in the SCB Medical, Cuttack.

Randai was studying in class VIII at Baghamunda Seba Ashram School in the 2012. In June 2012 her father was died and she came from hostel for her father’s funeral rituals and did not return back to hostel and she stayed with her mother. Dasama Sundhy her mother was only the bread earner and worked as a maid in the local area. Due to the poor financial condition Randai did not return to the hostel and worked as a labour in the Dhenkanal Kengali Cenal construction work where she met Motai Bodra, who worked as a contractor in the same project. He proposed her to get marry. During the Durga puja they decided to live together and got married in their village. After living together for one year, she got pregnant and along with husband she came to her mother’s house and was staying there. Her husband went outside for searching of work and not returned back. On 06/02/2015 Randai delivered a immature child in her seventh month of pregnancy at her mother’s house and after 3 days of delivery her was died and she became serious and was lie down in the outside of her house. On the same day Mr. Lambodar Nayak husband of the Sarapancha visited Chulia village and suddenly he saw Randai and her new born child was lie down and nobody taking care of her. Her mother went for household work nearby villages. Immediately he took her to the Sub-divisional District Hospital of Kamakhyanagar and admitted her. Because of her serious condition doctor referred to the Dhenkanal District Medical for better treatment. On 12/2/2015 her mother went to Kamakhyanagar police station and lodged an FIR against Motai Bodra, after then Randai along with her mother went to Dhenkanal Hospital admitted there and she was under treatment for 3 days and doctor referred to the Cuttack SCB medical for further treatment and discharged her at evening time and advised them to go Cuttack by Ambulance but Randai refused to her mother not to go Cuttack for treatment and both of them returned to their village by hiring a cab. Again her health condition was serious so both of them went to Cuttack with the support of Lambodar Nayak and villagers. During the treatment Doctor found that her internal organs were functioning in opposite sides, this is a rare case to handle. In the Cuttack hospital she was neglected from proper treatment and on 27/02/2015 doctor discharged her after knowing that she was suffering from typhoid. She came back with her husband and mother to her home and after six days her mother in-law came and took her to their house. On 09/03/2015 Randai was died at her in-laws house and her dead body sent to hospital for post mortem.  Police arrested the accused Motai Bodra and forwarded to the court. 

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