Murder of a minor Dalit girl (Code: BH-GA-04, Date: 29-Oct-2016 )

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Case Title

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Case posted by AIDMAM Bihar
Case code BH-GA-04
Case year 29-Oct-2016
Type of atrocity Murder
Whether the case is being followed in the court or not? No

Fact Finding

Fact finding date

Fact finding date Not recorded

Case Incident

Case Incident details

Case incident date 29-Oct-2016
Place Village: Not recorded
Taluka:Not recorded
District: Gaya(DP)
State: Bihar
Police station Chakand
Complaint date 29-Oct-2016
FIR date 29-Oct-2016

Case brief

Case summary

Kasturba Gandhi BalikaVidyalaya(KGBV) is located in the district Gaya of Bihar state and it comes under Chankand Police station of the state.Around 40% of Scheduled Caste(SC) girl students studying in the school. At present 100 girl students have been enrolled in the school, out of which 22 girl students have discontinued their educationafter this cruel incident. The teaching and non-teaching staffs of the KGBV school are as follows: female teachers are 05 in number, there are 02 night guards and 02 cooks; and is directed by Mr. Madhav Prasad who is also the in-charge of Rahim Bigaha Middle High School. Mrs. Vidyapati is the present warden who mistreats the girl students particularly from Dalit community and makes them to clean the hostel and toilets and also make them to do the oil massage for her. The victim PreetiKumarione of the students from Dalit community had the target for the warden this time to do all these menial jobs.

The victim Preetiwas living at her grandfathers’ house of village: Kandi, PO: Bithosareef, PS: Chandouti Block, Dist: Gaya, and studying in Kasturba Gandhi Balika Residential School, Rahim Bigaha from past three years. Preeti was 13 years old studying 8th Standard. She was very calm in nature. She was being mistreated by the warden by making her to clean and cook food. She was even not allowed to go home during the holidays and only once or twice she was allowed. When she was at home also she was very quiet and unwell. She could not say anything to her parents/grandparents. So they did not take it seriously. The warden hasnot allowed Preeti to stay at home for more than 2 daysby sending hostel guard Shanti Devi to bring Preeti to the school. And whenever her parents come to meet her, she was never allowed to meet them separately in person and always she was accompanied by the teachers/guards.

It was revealed that the warden Vidyapati was having an affair with someone and during the night a vehicle used to come to the warden room frequently. Victim Preeti have seen the warden and a man together once and she also raised question about him. So since then Vidyapati was torturing her very badly and targeting the victim as she has seen them.

About a month before the incident, Mrs. Vidyapati the warden of KGBV had blamedPreeti for theft of her money and emotionally victimized her a lot and also blackmailed her using that theft incident. On the night of 28-10-2016, after having dinner all the students went back to their rooms. But the warden called only Preeti to her room to get done oil massage.Preeti went to warden’s room but did not return back. The same night the vehicle also had come to the warden room.

Then the next day morning on 29.10.2016, Preeti’s body was found on the railway track behind the KGBV School. It was cut into pieces. It was informed to the school by some passers- by but even after the information no teacherhave informPreeti’s family or relatives. One among the students phoned to her own family and informed about the incident and through them Preeti’s family got to know about this. Immediately Preeti’s family went to the incident place and saw her body was lying in a very bad condition. Her hands were tied in rope and there were injuries of cut on her body.  In the meantime the police also was informed about this incident and came to the spot. Thereafter Preeti’s body was sent for the post mortem.

The same day on 29.10.2016 the complaint was given by Preeti’s grandfather and lodged FIR. FIR was registered no. 301/16 u/s 302, 201, 34 IPC and 3(1)(r), 3(2)(v) SC/ST (PoA) Amendment Act against the Warden Vidyapati and hostel guard Shanti Devi as she also was in support of Vidyapati.

Even after the FIR, the police didn’t arrest the accused warden Mrs. Vidyapati; After the protest by NDMJ team and the victim’s family the police arrested the accused and after 24 hours she was released. So far no further action has been taken.

From Kandi village around 35-40 girl students were studying in KGBV but after such incident happened with Preeti, from then onwards 22 girls have left their studies from there. Warden Vidyapati has been transferred to some other place. So far the accused has not been sentenced any punishment. In this case there is negligence of responsibility from the police; the victims are not able to get justice and till date police haven’t completed the enquiry procedure.


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