N Jhansi - Rape (Code: TS/RR/2, Date: 15-Nov-2019 )

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Case Title

Case primary details

Case posted by Dalit Sthree Sakthi
Case code TS/RR/2
Case year 15-Nov-2019
Type of atrocity Rape
Whether the case is being followed in the court or not? Yes

Fact Finding

Fact finding date

Fact finding date Not recorded

Case Incident

Case Incident details

Case incident date 15-Nov-2019
Place Village: Not recorded
Taluka:Not recorded
District: Ranga Reddy
State: Telangana
Police station Not recorded
Complaint date 16-Nov-2019
FIR date 17-Nov-2019

Case brief

Case summary

Brief Details of the Case:

Mr. Krishna and Vijaya, are couple, residents of Yeddu Mylaram Village, Kandi Mandal, Sanga Reddy district.  They belong to S.C. Madiga caste and have two daughters, elder daughter is Jhansi, studying 10th Class in the local Z.P. High School.  Jhansi is all the time falling ill and the parents believe that it is due to witchcraft.  They took her to several places for treatment.  They used to stay a few days at places where they went for treatment and usually when out of place, she was well.  She falls back to illness when they come back to their village Yeddu Mylaram.  In these circumstances they shifted to Sankarapalli and resided in a rented house.  They rented a house behind Mandal office and the house owners hail from Yelvarthi village.  The house is a three storied building.  In that three storied building Jhansi’s family stayed in the top floor.  Parents Krishna and Vijaya, used to take Jhansi and the younger daughter to the school in their village and then go to their work. After shifting to Sankarapalli also Jhansi had fallen ill after a month.  Mother stopped going to work to take care of Jhansi and they stopped sending the younger daughter also to school.  After some time when Jhansi’s health picked up, her mother started going to work but let Jhansi stay at home without going to school.  While so in the month of September 2019 on the occasion of Jhansi’s birth day they arranged dinner for all the residents of the three floors.  That way the relationship with other in the building developed with this family.  Jhansi’s mother while going to work used to request one Ms. Yashoda, residing in the ground floor to look after Jhansi.  Taking this opportunity, Ms. Yashoda introduced her brother-in-law Mr. Sampangi Dasaradh to Jhansi.  Mr. Dasaradh and Jhansi used to be friendly and chit chat the entire day.  He used to get her fruits and other gifts for her health and slowly their friendship developed into love.  They decided to marry.  They planned to elope and on 17-11-2019 at night time they both went away.  The next day morning, when the parents noticed Jhansi was missing, they searched for her and complained at Sankarapalli police station.   They did not suspect the co-tenants in the building.  Mr. Dasaradh who took away Jhansi joined her in a hostel, by name, Priyanka hostel, at Madhapur, Hyderabad.  There at Attapur, he had a friend by name Sampangi Suresh, residing at Attapur.  With his cooperation, Dasaradh used to take Jhansi to his house and have sex with her and leave her back in the hostel.  This got leaked to the parents of Jhansi through a friend of Suresh.  Then the parents of Jhansi requested him to give the number of Dasaradh and they called that number and spoke to Jhansi.  They asked Jhansi to come back but she refused and said she would like to stay there with him.  Then the parents approached police and gave them the phone number through which they contacted Jhansi.  Police detected the location of the call and identified that she was in Priyanka hostel, Madhapur.  Then the police, along with the father of Jhansi had gone to Priyanka hostel and brought back Jhansi.  Then also she showed disinterest to go with the parents and refused to come.  Somehow the police brought her and counselled her for three days and then handed her over to her parents.  A case under S.C.S.T (PoA) Act was registered on Dasaradh.


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