Pradip Kadam, a chamar from yavat was beaten nearly to death (Code: MH-Pun-2014/001, Date: 22-May-2014 )

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Case Title

Case primary details

Case posted by Manuski
Case code MH-Pun-2014/001
Case year 22-May-2014
Type of atrocity
Whether the case is being followed in the court or not? No

Fact Finding

Fact finding date

Fact finding date Not recorded

Case Incident

Case Incident details

Case incident date 22-May-2014
Place Village: Not recorded
Taluka:Not recorded
District: PUNE(DP)
State: Maharashtra
Police station YAVAT
Complaint date 22-May-2014
FIR date 22-May-2014

Case brief

Case summary

Pradip Kadam, a Charmakar guy from Yawat was beaten up on 22nd May and now he is taking treatment at Hospital in Pune. Till date accused are not yet arrested, section 307, 323 of IPC and PoA 3(2)(5) is applied. Both of his kids are handicapped and can only walk if Rs. 7000 per month are spend on medication, his wife too is recently operated for first stage of cancer. He is sole earner for family, both his parents are depended on him. His both legs and 3-4 ribs are fractured, his pancreas is taken out.

We demand:
1. Immediate arrests of 5 accused
2. Immediate relief and compensation
3. Medical expenses for both the hospital and further expenses to incur
4. Movable property of the accused to be attached and declared absconding.
5. Loan of 50 Lakhs to set up his own workshop or government job as per his qualification.

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