Public insult and bit, in Chamarajanagar District, Gundalpet taluk, Terakanambi Hobli, Yariyuru Village. (Code: KAR/CHN/2018-04, Date: 06-Sep-2018 )

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Case Title

Case primary details

Case posted by National Dalit Movement For Justice - NDMJ Karnataka
Case code KAR/CHN/2018-04
Case year 06-Sep-2018
Type of atrocity Abuses by caste name in any place within public view
Whether the case is being followed in the court or not? Yes

Fact Finding

Fact finding date

Fact finding date Not recorded

Case Incident

Case Incident details

Case incident date 05-Sep-2018
Place Village: Not recorded
Taluka:Not recorded
State: Karnataka
Police station Gundalpet
Complaint date 06-Sep-2018
FIR date 06-Sep-2018

Case brief

Case summary

There was Election for Gramapanchayath at Chamarajanagar District gundalpet Taluk, Angala hobli, Bachanalli Village, on 05-06-2018. This panchayath has totally 7 members in that from BJP Ganga from Lingayath community, Krishnamurthy and Basamannamma form Scheduule cast holiya Community and from congerss Rajendra from OBC Lingayath community and Rathanamma from Schedule Tribse soliba Community and from Bsp Chikkathayamma who is from schedule cast holiyan community and other last one is independent member muddappa who is from OBC Lingayath community. in the same there was election for President and vice President on 04-07-2015 at that time congress supported candidate Ganga hed elected as president and as vice president Basamanamma hed been elected. evenGanga was prasident she hed no role at the panchayath but all the administration was done by her husband Nagesh,there was no work going on without him. About this the order members had been spoken them self is not good. On that persident and vice president election they were supported by congress supported Candidate Lakshmma and Rajendra. Before three years back there was a decision taken that after three year president and vice president should be give to congress supported Rajendra has president and BJP support  Krishnamurthy as vice president. So on 05-09-2018 there was re-election for president and for vice president. As decided before Rajendra for president and Krishnamurthy for vice precident have contested, for this former president ganga wife Nagesh and  his brother son Sunil Kumar @ Raghu had theaterened Chikkathayammaa and Basamani saying that you have to vote Rajendra seeing this they were afraid so they voted the independent candidate Muddappa. On the same day in the night around 11-30 Nagesh s/o Late, Bellappa 45 years, Sunil Kumar @ Raghu s/o Guruswamy 32years, Shivakumar @ Babu s/o Chandrappa Muddappa 32years who all belongs to Lingayath community and Sudarshan s/o Venugopal 36years who is from Bhramman community came to Basamani house by two wheeler and they smash the door by feet and smash the window galsses by sickles and they started beat Basamani in front of her children and they have scolder her by bad words not onley she even they scolds her mother in law and they says you people of Holiya community we will going to rape you and they have theatened that we will going to kill you. But that time Shedule caste Holeya community leader Kempabellaiajh and Kongalaiah and other of same community people comes there, seeing them all 8of them escapes from there and they left their two wheelers no KA-09FE-3565 CD 100 .On this incident on 06-09-2018 FIR has been field and the crime No 392/2019 and the IPC section 1860 U/S 143,147, 148,142,504,506,149 and SC/ST (POA) Amendent Act 2015 3(l)(r)3(l)(s)has been field

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