Ramasamy and Arukkani was murder by Caste Hindus (Code: TN-ERD-2021-137, Date: 14-Nov-2020 )

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Case Title

Case primary details

Case posted by Social Awareness Society for Youths-SASY
Case code TN-ERD-2021-137
Case year 14-Nov-2020
Type of atrocity Murder
Whether the case is being followed in the court or not? Yes

Fact Finding

Fact finding date

Fact finding date Not recorded

Case Incident

Case Incident details

Case incident date 13-Nov-2020
Place Village: Not recorded
Taluka:Not recorded
District: Erode(DP)
State: Tamil Nadu
Police station Kodumudi
Complaint date 14-Nov-2020
FIR date 14-Nov-2020

Case brief

Case summary

Arunthathiyar Ramasamy55, of Chittappullampalayam West Arisana Colony, Kodumudi Circle, Erode District, is residing with his wife Arukkani-45. His son Bhupathi 28, is working as a Supervisor at Infra Tex, a private company in Infra Tex, Perundurai. His daughter Mallikeswari lives in Kodumudi with her husband Perumal.

In this situation, on 13-11-2020, Mallikeswari, also known as Menaka, came to Chittappullampalayam village with her son Bhairavamoorthy and her husband Perumal to take clothes to her parents. Naveen and seven others teased Mallikeswari for lighting firecrackers, which Mallikeswari had allegedly quarreled with on both sides over what her husband had heard.

Mallikaswari, also known as Menaka, used to give new clothes for her Diwali and when she returned at night, she used to light a firecracker and tease the Nadar, Pallar and Arunthathiyar youths who were flying over the area. Yuvraj, Mallikeshwari\'s brother, and his parents, along with Surya and Karthik, have been attacked again and again by the Nadar community (other backward caste). People have seen that it is not funny, Kodumudi police came in connection with this incident and registered a case against the above youths and handed over Mallikeswari to Menaka without arresting them. Mudi has been sent to the government hospital, where Nadar youths have threatened not to let Mallikeswari’s parents see and kill, while Mallikeswari’s son Bhairavamurthy stayed with his grandparents that night.

On 14-11-2020 at around 01-30 in the morning Bhairavamurthy woke up to urinate and tried to wake up his Grandpa and Grandma. Later he switched on the cell phone and saw Grandpa Ramasamy and Grandma Arukkani again. He shouted and the neigbours arrived immediately and the two old people had been beheaded but brutally murdered.

The boy Bhairavamurthy immediately informed his uncle Bhupathi who is in Bangalore. The police sniffer dog came and went to the nearby houses and sniffed and Surya who was involved in the scuffle went to their house and stopped. Surya\'s father Samidhan has surrendered to the police claiming that he was the one who first attacked his son.

When Surya was arrested and interrogated by the police while fleeing with the help of Kirubakaran in a two-wheeler in the Kodumudi area, Surya admitted the truth. He told himself that his father Saminathan had taken the scythe used for coconuts from the coconut tree and killed the Arunthathiyar family.

The case was registed in Kodumudi PS with FIR No. 459/2020 u/s 147, 341, 294(b), 323, 506(ii) IPC r/w section 4 of TN Prohibition of Harrassment of women Act 2002 and the muder case was registered with the same case in Kodumudi Ps FIR No. 460/2020 U/S 449, 302 IPC r/w 3(2)(va) SC/ST PoA Amendment Act 2015.

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