S Avila - Kidnap & Rape (Code: AP/GNT/2, Date: 16-May-2019 )

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Case Title

Case primary details

Case posted by Dalit Sthree Sakthi
Case code AP/GNT/2
Case year 16-May-2019
Type of atrocity Rape
Whether the case is being followed in the court or not? Yes

Fact Finding

Fact finding date

Fact finding date Not recorded

Case Incident

Case Incident details

Case incident date 16-May-2019
Place Village: Not recorded
Taluka:Not recorded
State: Andhra Pradesh
Police station Not recorded
Complaint date 16-May-2019
FIR date 16-May-2019

Case brief

Case summary

Details of the Case:

Siddala Vijay/35 and his wife Rahelu SC Madiga by caste reside at Dolas Nagar, Tadepalli mandal of Guntur district. They have one daughter and two sons. Daughter Avila/15 studied 9th class and she discontinued her studies. Later Avila started going to work with her parents at China Kakani village at Guntur district. They worked for 3months in that place. Munabolu Gopi is an auto driver belonging to China Kakani village, and he used to transport the workers from China Kakani to Dolas Nagar regularly. At that time, Gopi developed intimacy with Avila. Later Avila stopped going for work in China Kakani. Avila resumed to go for work in leaf plates manufacturing (Istarakula) Company at Yerrabalem. Everyday Gopi used to go for Istarakula Company at Yerrabalem meet Avila and he expressed that he very much likes Avila, without her friendship he will die.

Every day morning Avila’s father Vijay drops her on his bike and evening bring her back to   home. On the day of incident, i.e., on 16th May 2019 morning as usually, Avila’s father Vijay dropped her at the company. Later Gopi came to the company and asked Avila to come along with him and threatened her if she does not come with him, he will die. Then Avila and Gopi eloped to Vijayawada and from there Gopi took Avila to his house at Jaggayya Peta. Gopi’s parents refused Avila, and did not agree to allow her in to their house because she belongs to Madiga by caste. Hence, Gopi took Avila to Ganganamma Temple nearer to that place and tied Mangala sutra to Avila. Later Gopi took Avila to his sister in law’s house at T V Palli village of Devarakonda. Gopi’s sister in law namely Devi went to work by the time Gopi and Avila reached her house. After the return of Devi in the evening, Gopi narrated the issue. Devi beat Gopi and asked them to leave her house. Gopi requested his sister in law Devi to allow them to stay for that night in her house and that they will leave in the morning.  Devi allowed them to stay for that night, Gopi and Avila slept on the terrace of the house.  On the next day they went away and returned in the night they stayed on the terrace without Devi’s knowledge. These two days they had sexual intercourse.

Later Avila’s father Vijay with the help of Police traced Gopi’s phone and went to Devarakonda caught hold of them and brought them to Mangalagiri Rural police station.


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