Sailaja - Abetment to Suicide (Code: TS/RR/1, Date: 24-Sep-2019 )

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Case Title

Case primary details

Case posted by Dalit Sthree Sakthi
Case code TS/RR/1
Case year 24-Sep-2019
Type of atrocity SC/ST (POA) Act
Whether the case is being followed in the court or not? Yes

Fact Finding

Fact finding date

Fact finding date Not recorded

Case Incident

Case Incident details

Case incident date 24-Sep-2019
Place Village: Not recorded
Taluka:Not recorded
District: Ranga Reddy
State: Telangana
Police station Not recorded
Complaint date 24-Sep-2019
FIR date 24-Sep-2019

Case brief

Case summary

Details of the Case:

Kandada Parvathamma and Padma Rao, residents of Ayyappa Reddy Gudem village, Sankarapalli mandal, Ranga Reddy district, have one daughter and two sons.  They belong to S.C. Madiga caste.  Padma Rao died in an accident 13 years ago. Elder son is physically handicapped.  Parvathamma is employed in a school in Sankarapalli in the mid-day meals scheme.  Daughter, Sailaja, is studying degree course in Jagrithi Degree College, Sankarapalli.  They run a small provision shop in their home.  The younger son, Naresh, looks after the provisions shop at home. One Mr. Chandippa Mahesh, belonging to B.C. caste, resident of the same village, is a close friend of Naresh and visits Naresh every day.   Over a time, relationship developed between Mahesh and Sailaja.  Naresh, knows that Mahesh had developed relationships with three other women earlier and cheated them.  But he never suspected him that he would do such a thing to his sister as they were close friends.  Sailaja and Mahesh used to meet at her college and communicate over phone.  While so 2-09-2019 Mahesh secretly went to see a girl for an alliance at Tanguturu village and there he had photographs also with that girl whom he consulted for marriage alliance.   Sailaja got information about this matter and spoke to him over phone.  Later when Mahesh visited her home as usual, she checked his phone for the photos of his visit for marriage alliance.  On that night Mahesh messaged her, “I love you”.  Naresh, saw that message and warned his sister Sailaja and told her that Mahesh is not a good person and about how cheated other girls in the past.  But Sailaja insisted that she would marry only Mahesh and that he promised her that he would marry her.  Then Naresh summoned Mahesh and warned both Sailaja and Mahesh.   Then Mahesh promised Naresh that he would not contact his sister in future.  On 04-09-2019 Mahesh got engaged with the girl from Tanguturu.    On 6-09-2019 Sailaja went out of the house saying that she was going to college.   But, after some time, Naresh got a phone call from Mahesh and Sailaja, that they both came out of home and that they have decided to marry.  They said that they are near BPL forest area.  Immediately Naresh went to the location they told and shouted at Mahesh, how many women he cheats and brought back Sailaja.  The same day evening both Sailaja and Mahesh again eloped and went out.   Sailaja’s brother again went in search of them and found them at Kesa Mailaram forest area and bet both of them and brought back Sailaja.  She was at home for about 15 days.  On 24-09-2019 when the entire family were engaged in their work and were away, Sailaja committed suicide in the home by hanging with her saree.  On 25th post mortem was conducted in Sankarapalli government hospital and the body was handed over to the family.    A case was registered against Mahesh for cheating in the name of love.     

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