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counter case against dalit community

  • Date of incident: 29-04-2016
  • Create date: 26-05-2016
  • State:: Uttar Pradesh
  • District:: SAHARANPUR
  • Police station:: Gagalhairhi
  • Chargesheet:: Yes
  • Summary::

    Ankur son of rajendar kumar a s.c student of I.T.I ,who passed tha high school 82% and intermediate 75%  and got gold madel from I.T.I . On date 27-05-2016 afternoon ankur call his elder brother mr,ankit at 1:00 pm and called to Sansarpur and tolled you come Sansarpur village with tha bick when ankit riched by bick to Sansarpur but ankur did not found there and his mobile switch off ankur,s family\'s members worried and serch out either and there but when mr,irfaan along with thekedar gone to tha mango orchard to tha Sansarpur giving tha wood then he saw a dead body this occurrence in tha morning time and some one in formed tha village pardhan of Aalampur kla and information of dead body viral . Than village pardhan along with tha villagers inspect and identified tha dead body of ankur son of rajendar kumar of Aalampur kla . Police also riched at tha place of occurrence and logged tha F.I.R name of unknown.


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Rape and Sucide

  • Posted by: Centre for Social Dignity
  • Date of incident: 29-03-2016
  • Create date: 28-04-2016
  • State:: Uttar Pradesh
  • District:: GHAZIABAD
  • Police station:: Kavi Nagar
  • Summary::

    Babbloo entered in victims house and Raped Victim and her younger brother seen him when he was entering the house of victim. after raped her Babbloo and his freind Rencho ren away and victim burnt herself.


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Physical Assault on a Dalit Women by SHO and Dominant Caste person in Navi Nagar, Aurangabad, Bihar

  • Posted by: NCDHR - AIDMAM - Bihar
  • Date of incident: 20-03-2016
  • Create date: 09-05-2016
  • State:: Bihar
  • District:: AURANGABAD
  • Police station:: NABINAGAR
  • Chargesheet:: NO
  • Summary::

    20.03.2016 time 08.30 pm dominent caste and SHO nabinagar bitten burn dalit youth and his mother. victim complane go to FIR Nabinagar Police Station. But Nabinagar SHO and accused person bitten by Golden kumar and his mother. Not complanet written in police station. Next day 21.03.2016 arrest and send to aurangabad jail. But not log FIR. DHRD complane to District Magistrate aurangabad. District Magistrate design to SHO Nabinagar and 3 accused person SC/ST section-4 log FIR.

    Dt. 30.03.2016 complane to log FIR aurangabad SC/ST Police station. Sc/ST police station aurangabad FIR No- 5/16 but not arressted any accused person not given compantation not chart sheet file, not protection, not victim witness etc. 



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The caste Hindus brutally charged the Dalit woman removing her clothes in the village meeting.

  • Posted by: Samajik Samata Abhiyan, Jajpur
  • Date of incident: 11-10-2015
  • Create date: 21-10-2015
  • State:: Odisha
  • District:: JAJPUR
  • Police station:: Kuakhia Police Satation
  • Chargesheet:: No
  • Summary::

    On dtd. 11.10.2015 at 7.30 pm, a Dalit woman named Kalpana Guru(30), W/O-Chakradhar Guru belongs to S.C and sub-caste \\\"KAIBART\\\" (Fsherflok) brutally charged by the caste-Hindu villagers removing her cloths in the village meeting. Her husband, father-in-law & mother-in-law also physically assaulted by the same accused persons while they rushed to rescue Kalpana from the culprits in village Nuahat, P.S-Kuakhia, Dist-Jajpur in the state of Odisha. Her relatives took them to the nearby govt. hospital at Madhuban. Nex day morning on 12.10.2015, Kalpana Guru lodged the written FIR in Kuakhia Police Station. the concerned Police officials didn\\\'t respond it and later regd the FIR on 13.10.2015. On dtd. 14.10.2015, the IO BB Behera(DySP) visited the spot. But till date, police didn\\\'t arrest the culprits.

    Name of the Victims; 

    1) Kalpana Guru(30), W/O-Chakradhar

    2) Chakradhar Guru(40), S/O-Jateswar

    3) Jateswar Guru(65), S/O-Baishnab

    Name of the accusers:

    1) Gani Das(26), S/O-Kathia Das

    2) Kabi Das(40), S/O-Sukuti Das

    3) Abua Das(45), S/O-Sukuti Das

    4) Kathia Das(50), S/O-sukuti Das

    5) Badia Das(22), S/O-Kathia Das


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जमीन विवाद को लेकर एक दलित महिला को दबंगों दुवारा घर में घुसकर छेड़खानी व निर्वस्त्र कर बेरहमी से पीट पीट कर गावं में घुमाया, महिला गर्भवती थी उसका बच्चा भी हुआ खंडित,

  • Posted by: Bundelkhand Dalit Adhikar Manch (BDAM)
  • Date of incident: 07-08-2015
  • Create date: 12-10-2015
  • State:: Uttar Pradesh
  • District:: JALAUN
  • Police station:: JALAUN
  • Chargesheet:: NO
  • Summary::

    जमीन विवाद को लेकर एक दलित महिला को दबंगों दुवारा घर में घुसकर छेड़खानी व निर्वस्त्र कर बेरहमी से पीट पीट कर गावं में घुमाया, महिला गर्भवती थी उसका बच्चा भी हुआ खंडित,

    घटना उत्तर प्रदेश बुंदेलखंड के जनपद जालौन के उसरगावं थाना कोतवाली कालपी की है, जहाँ दलित विरादरी के धानुक जाति के बाला प्रसाद का अपने प्लाट की जमीन को लेकर विवाद चल रहा था, 7 अगस्त 2015 को विवाद हुआ और दबंग सूबेदार अपने लोगों के साथ आया और कहा की यह जगह खाली कर दो यह हमारी है तुम लोग इसे अभी खाली करो और जाती सूचक गलियां देते हुए घर के अन्दर घुसकर बाला प्रसाद की पत्नी सुमन देवी के साथ छेड़छाड़ की और उसे निर्वस्त्र कर बेरहमी से पिटाई की और गावं में घुमाकर घसीटघसीट कर मारा महिला गर्भबती थी इस तरह की पिटाई से उसका बच्चा खंडित हो गया, बड़ी मुस्किल से प्राथमिकी दर्ज की गई लेकिन पुलिश दुवारा माले में सिर्फ- 323,504,506 ipcकी मामूली सी घाराएँ लगाई गई है जबकि SC /ST एक्ट को छोड़ दिया गया है , आरोपी आज भी खुले आम घूम रहे है और लगातार पीड़ित परिवार को जान से मरने की लगातार घ्म्कियाँ दी जा रही है  


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