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Rape of a 30 year old lady in Rohtak Haryana

    On Dated 23-7-2014 at Appox. 10:30 pm  victim mamta & her Husband rajender caste Chamar was kidnaped by accused Rohtas&Phool Kumar  s/o Hoshyare, Seema W/o Rohtas & seeta W/o Phool Kumar  Caste Jat from the Street. They took to them at there own house. They torture to victims very cruly. They Removed the cloth of mamta & bind  with a window & Beaten very cruly. They also bind Rajender & Beaten very cruly. They Hammered the kil in body of Mamta. She was  Unconsious Due to torture.When she came out from Unconsious she found She was Rapped also. Police came their & one police man made a MMS of mamta.Serpanch Amir Katyal & Bablu Sport to Accused in hole Incetent. police Did not file the FIR  under section 376.

  • Posted by: NDMJ-Haryana
  • Fact finding date: 08-08-2014
  • Date of Case Upload: 06-10-2014



28 year women raped in livan Haryana

    सोनिपत में 21 वर्ष की दलित लडकी के साथ जाट जाति के 65 वर्ष के व्यक्ति ने रैप किया। खेत में घास काटने गई लडकी के साथ लडकी को मारने की धमकी दे कर लडकी से गलत ब्यान करवा दिये। लडकी के परिवार में ना पिता हैं ना भाई हैं। और लडकी की 6 बहने हैं और माँ हैं घर में कोई आये का साधन नहीं हैं।


    ऑल इण्डिया दलित महिला अधिकार मंच की टीम इस केस को लेकर डी.एस.पी. एवं एस.पी. से मिले जिसमें कि डी.एस.पी सोनिपत पीडित लडकी से बहुत बुरे तरिके से बात कर रही थी। लडकी को कहा चल बोल क्या होया और क्यू इतने लोगो को लेकर आई हैं क्या तना सबर नी आया जो मैंने कल बोल दिया। उस पर जो तू इन सगंठन के लोगो को लेकर आई अकेले क्यू नहीं आई। और जिस डॉ ने लडकी का मैडिकल टैस्ट किया था। वो बोल रही तू कह रही हैं तेरा टैस्ट नही हुआ तू पागल हैं या इन्सान जो तुझे ये ही नहीं पता बता ना तेर तेरे कपडे उतरवाये थे। तेरे शरीर में उगली डाल कर देखी थी। या नहीं तुझे यहा बताते हुये शर्म आ रही हैं अभी तो हजार बार बताना पडेगा तुझे। लडकी बता रही कि जाट जाति के लोग उनका पीछा कर रहे थे परन्तु उसकी कोई बात नहीं सुन रहा पीडित लडकी को एक अपराधि की तरह से व्यवाहर किया जा रहा था। और डी.एस.पी. कहती हैं कि हम दुबारा आप के ब्यान के लिये फोन कर के बोल देगे अगर हो गया तो सही हैं अगर नहीं हुआ। तो हमारे हाथ में कुछ नहीं हैं। इसके बाद डॉक्टर मुझे पूछती कि आप कौन हो। मैंने कहा मेरा नाम मनीषा हैं और AIDMAM में स्टेट कॉडिनेट्रर हूं तो मुझे कहा आप समझा कर क्यू नहीं लेकर आये इसे मैंने कहा मैडम पहले ही आप जानती हैं ना हमारी लडकियों को कितना घर से बहार जाने दिया जाता हैं अगर वो कुछ हिम्मत कर के यहां न्याय के लिये आई हैं। हम अधिकारियों को भी उसे पीडित समझ कर ही बात करनी चाहिये उसके साथ बुरा हुआ हैं ना कि जिस तरह से आप बात कर रहे हो वो कोई अपराधि नहीं हैं लडकि बोल रही हैं उसके पेट में लाते मारी हैं दर्द हैं डी.एस.पी. बोल रही हैं ये मुझे क्यू बता रही हो डॉक्टर को बताती मैं क्या कर सकती हूं

  • Posted by: AIDMAM Haryana
  • Fact finding date: 12-08-2014
  • Date of Case Upload: 30-09-2014



Dominant caste had murder to Dalit women Mandvi Devi

    Case details is not available
  • Posted by: NDMJ-Bihar
  • Fact finding date: 02-08-2014
  • Date of Case Upload: 15-09-2014

Narahari Sethi Murder case

    As mentioned in the FIR and also stated by Nirmala Sethi, the wife of the deceased, the deceased Narahari Sethi was brutally killed by a group of assailants belong to dominant caste persons. On 27.03.2014 at about 8.00 am, Narahari Sethi was airing the paddy at his own paddy ground while son Tukuna, 19 was helping him. The neighbor, Ms. Gouri Maiti spoke something to her husband over telephone. Suddenly, a group of people came to the spot with lathi, thenga, axe and bhujali and attacked Narahari and his son Tukuna as  planned. The name of the persons who attacked the deceased were Dhira Rout s/o Rama Rout, Rama Rout, s/o Daitari Rout, Sudarsana Rout, Baidhara Maiti, Chtaranjan Maiti, Manoj Rout,Saroj Rout, Brja barik, Kalandi Barik, , Patia Barik, , Rabi Das, Bapi Das, Satyabhama Rout w/o Madan Rout, Tukuni Rout, Kanak Maiti, Gauri Maiti, Kanchan Maiti and 10 others all are from village Akhada Sahi, PS- Mahakalapada of district Kaendrapada. They attacked Narahari with lathi, axe, Bhujali. While, the deceased tried to enter his house, Baidhara Maiti attaked him on his chest with a big stone and he became dead. They also attacked their two sons Tukuna Sethi and Babu Sethi. Tukuna Sethi was severely injured. The assailants beaten up and outraged modesty of Nirmala Sethi, wife of the deceased, who is a handicapped lady. They also broke her aid. After that they destroyed all valuables such as TV, two mobile phones, two wheler vehicle and took away Rs.30,000/- from the house. At last they attempted to lock both mother and children in the house to set on file. On receiving the information police is reaching, they fled from the place.



    During last two years, the deceased Narahari Sethi and his family members were repeatedly attacked by accused Dhira Rout and his co assailants. However, police did not take any action on the cases as mentioned below. The victims too did not receive any compensation from the district administration.

  • Posted by: NDMJ Odisha
  • Fact finding date: 08-04-2014
  • Date of Case Upload: 14-09-2014

Pollachi Sanitary worker were caste abused and Terminated from his service

    Ananthan (Aged 50) residing at Pollachi Colony in Coimbatore District belongs to a Hindu SC Arunthathiar Community. He is working as load man (Sanitary worker) in Pollachi Municipality Ward-4 and doing the work of loading the garbage into lorry for more than 35 years and his service was made permanent. The Health Inspectors are having a practice of collecting money and offer to the higher officials of Municipality. The said Ananthan refused to give money and Marimuthu, Karuppasamy and Rajendiran who are all working with him also refused to give money. The Health Inspectors are very angry towards this attitude and waited for a chance to victimize them.

    In this situation, on 06.08.2014, the said Anandan asked for leave due to chest pain. The officials concerned refused to grant him leave and he worked with chest pain and loaded three load of garbage into the lorry and disposed it. When he loaded the fourth load he fell with giddiness due to the work pressure and chest pain. The lorry driver Marimuthu halted the lorry at its place and took Anandan to Pollachi Government hospital for treatment.   

    Meanwhile, Mariappan, a Health Inspector instigated Selvaraj who belongs to the Udaiyar Community and a garbage lorry driver to take photo of the said lorry and send it to the Municipal Commissioner of Pollachi. He also did the same as per the instruction of said Maripappan. The Municipal Commissioner instituted a Departmental Enquiry and suspended Anandan from service for negligence in duty and creating bad name to the Municipality among the public. 

    In this situation, while the said Anandan on the way to Ayyappan Temple Driver Selvaraj scolded him by using the filthy language and by caste name saying ‘see, we have victimized you as we desired. How can work antagonising the Health Inspector? Sakkili bastard, what you can do?’

    In this regard, the victim Anandan preferred a complaint to the East Town Police Station authorities and a case was filed under the Prevention of SC/ST (Atrocities) Act 1989.  As usual the Police never arrested the accused and atlast Anandan lost his job and suffering a lot.   

  • Posted by: Social Awareness Society for Youths-SASY
  • Fact finding date: Not recorded
  • Date of Case Upload: 13-09-2014

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