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Dalit Man Shanmugam Brutally Attacked by Caste Hindu Mob

    Shanmugam (34) S/o Karuppan belongs to Dalit community, reside at Kangampalayam colony, Nathipalayam Via, Kullampalayam post, Gopichetti palayam Taluk, Erode District of Tamil Nadu. He and his wife wife Amaravathi were worked in Jaganathan Gownder agricultural laborer past two years. Amarawathi and Pragash son of Jaganathan Gounder had a illegal conduct with them. He come to know husband and wife were separated.

    On 21.06.2015 Shanmugam met Ms.Nithiya wife of Pragash gounder at bus stand. He went to brief the incident. Since,  she was asked to come at home to discuss this issue.  He went to her home at evening. He had a alchogal so he decided to come back to his home and discuss tomorrow. While he was returning to home. He was stopped by Moorty and other eight caste hindu mob. They were brutally beaten how to you come to our agricultural land. He narrated the incident but all caste Hindus were caste abused in the filthy words and brutally attacked. Caste Hindus filed false case against him. Followed that he lodged complaint against accused under SC/ST PoA Act. 

  • Posted by: Social Awareness Society for Youths-SASY
  • Fact finding date: 22-06-2015
  • Date of Case Upload: 23-06-2015



Caste Abuse and Attack on Madiga Srinivas

  • Posted by: Dalit Sthree Sakthi (DSS)
  • Fact finding date: 31-03-2015
  • Date of Case Upload: 22-06-2015



Kothagarh Rape Incident

    Banitha Boliarsingh, aged 15 years, SC Christian, daughter of Mikhael Boliarsingh and Chitka Boliar Singh, resides under Madaguda GP, Khandiaguda village, Navasahi,Kotagarh raped by 65 yr old man, Sc Christian,  belong to the same village community on 22nd December 2012 at 12 pm.

    On 22nd December 2012 as usual she had gone to take bath in a pond nearby and the accused aged around 65yrs followed her quietly. The accused is a family friend of the child’s family. The girl was all alone and that was the time he sexually assaulted her. She informed the family immediately but because of the stigma and shame they kept this incident covered until 2nd of Jan 2013.  On 2nd Jan  they filed a case against the accused. The FIR was registered on the same day. The police threatened them by saying not to reveal the matter to anyone. The family does not  want to go ahead with court cases because they are very poor. At the same time they want the man to be punished. The police had asked the family to change the statement in the beginning because they belong to the same village community. The medical examination is done at Berampur hospital and the report is with Kotagarh police. The accused was arrested immediately and he is in Balliguda sub-jail. After the arrest of the accused there is no follow up action has been taken for the welfare of the child.

    The child is under trauma. She wants to have a change of place and people, she is willing to stay somewhere else so that the memories will not taunt her.

  • Posted by: OROSA
  • Fact finding date: Not recorded
  • Date of Case Upload: 21-06-2015

Dalit Youth Sagar Shejwal Brutally Killed for Keeping Mobile Ringtone of Babasheb Song in Shirdi -Rahata Block in Ahamadnagar District

    Deceased Sagar Shejwal aged 22 years, belonging to scheduled caste was the student of nursing course at Nasik. On 15th May 2015, he came to his native place Shirdi for attending the marriage of one relative.

    On dated 16th May 2015, deceased Sagar Shejwal went to Vijay Nagar Shirdi for attending the marriage of sister of Rohit Magar along with his friend Avi and Satish @ Balu Gaikwad. At about 12 pm deceased Sagar asked Satish to go out to discuss something and deceased Sagar along with Satish and Avi went to B.M.Beer Shop on motor cycle. Avi purchased one beer and all three went back to beer shop at about 1.30 pm. Perpetrators Vishal Kote, Rupesh Wdekar, Somnath Wadekar, Sunil Jadhav,Rama Jadhav and Dipak all not belonging to SC or ST were sitting and drinking beer. Suddenly the mobile ring tone of Babasaheb song “tumhi kitihi lava shakti, tumhi kitihi ladhva yukti, tumhi kitibi kara re hall..lay majbut bhimacha killa” was ranged therefore perpetrator Vishal Kote asked the name to deceased Sagar. Asoon as he informed his name as “Sagar Shejwal” all perpetrators started beating deceased Sagar with kicks and fist, Perpetrator Vishal Kote assaulted with the beer bottle on the head of deceased Sagar. When Satish Gaikwad tried to save the deceased Sagar, perpetrator Vishal Kote threatened him and Somnath Wadekar and other three beaten him and caught hold pressing towards wall. Thereafter Vishal Kote and Rupesh Wadekar took deceased Sagar on one motorbike no. MH 12-2424 and went towards Savalivihir. Thereafter all these six perpetrators dragged him to Shingve Shivar-land of Sheti Mahamandal and made naked to deceased Sagar and brutally killed with weapons and driven the vehicle on his naked body and also robed his golden chain. 

    The FIR vide crime No. I-103/2015 is lodged with Shirdi PS on 16/05/2015 at about 5.45pm under sections 363,366, 143,147, 148, 149 of IPC. Shirdi Police got the information from Rahata Police Station around 10 pm that deceased Sagar and found his naked dead body in Shingve Shivar-land of Sheti Mahamandal. Thereafter the uncle of deceased Sagar Mr.Babasaheb Shejwal given the statement to Shirdi Police and the Shirdi Police sent the dead body for postmortem to Rahata Civil Hospital.

    Later on, as the statement was given by the uncle Babasaheb Shejwal, the atrocity sections of 3(2)(v) POA  & IPC sections 302, 395, 109, 201 were added.

  • Posted by: NDMJ - Maharastra
  • Fact finding date: 26-05-2015
  • Date of Case Upload: 12-06-2015




1) FF Report 

Dalit beaten and by cast abuse due to land dispute

    यह घटना जिला कांगड़ा की तहसील धर्मशाला के गांव नरवाना बाज़ार योल कैंट की है. यह गांव धर्मशाला से 15 कि०मि० की दुरी सिथत है. इस गांव में उतम चन्द सपुत्र स्व: बूगर राम रहता है. जो की सुरहडा जाति से सम्बंधित है. वह घोडा गाडी व् छोटी सी सब्जी की दूकान चलाके अपना परिवार चला रहा है. इसके घर के साथ ही विपिन कुमार सपुत्र किशोरी लाल का घर है जो की जाति से ब्राहमण  है, उतम चन्द को इंदिरा आवास योजना के तहत 1976 में ज़मींन मिली थी व उसके साथ लगती ज़मींन पर 70-80 साल से काश्तकार रह रहे हैं. 10/04/15 को विपिन कुमार सपुत्र किशोरी लाल जाति ब्राहमण व उसके चाचा भुवनेश्वर ने उत्तम सिंह के घर को व खेत को जाने वाले रास्ते को डंडे ज़मींन में गाड कर बंद करना शुरू कर दिया उत्तम चन्द की पत्नी उत्तम सिंह के लिय दूकान पर खाना लेकर जा रही थी उसने यह सब देख कर उत्तम चन्द को जाके बताया जब उत्तम चन्द ने इसका विरोध किया तो विपिन कुमार सपुत्र किशोरी लाल जाति ब्राहमण व उसके चाचा भुवनेश्वर ने उत्तम चन्द के साथ धक्का मुकी शुरू कर दी व गालियाँ निकालने लगे की तुम सुरहडों को तो अकल देके छोड़ेंगे व अंदर करवाके रहंगे हमारी बड़ी ऊपर तक पहुँच है. भुवनेश्वर सिंह ने उत्तम चन्द को जोर से धक्का दिया जिस कारण व खेत की निचली और पत्थरों पर गिर गया जिसके चलते उत्तम चन्द को अंदरूनी काफी चोटें आई फिर उत्तम चन्द ने सारी घटना के बारे में पुलिस को बताया व मामला दर्ज करवाया.  

  • Posted by: NDMJ - Himachal Pradesh
  • Fact finding date: 30-04-2015
  • Date of Case Upload: 10-06-2015


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