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Harassment and Abetment to Suicide - G Sampoorna

    Brief details of the Incident:

    Guvvada Sampoorna(35) w/o Lakshmana Rao is SC ‘Mala’ by caste and are the residents of Aluru village, Mudinepalli mandal in Krishna district. Lakshmana Rao can’t do any work due to ill health and Sampoorna goes for agricultural work and is the bread winner of the family. In the recent past, SCs in the village have fought for the tank in the village against the BCs and Sampoorna stood on the fore front of the agitation. This irritated the former sarpanch Satish Babu and he developed grudge against her. Similarly Panthagani Manmada Rao, Kurma Jaya Raju, Undi Bogeswara Rao and Uttepalli Venkataratnam of the same village have developed hatred against Sampoorna as she has not yielded to them and often they used to harass her by all means. Meanwhile Satish Babu has taken the contract of Anganwadi building construction in the village.  

     Sampoorna has repaired the floor of her house by borrowing cement and bricks from Matta Venkateswara Rao and Arza Veera Dasu. Satish Babu levied false allegation against Sampoorna saying that she has stolen the cement and bricks from the anganwadi building material. Therefore he has sent Panthagani Manmada Rao, Kurma Jaya Raju, Undi Bogeswara Rao and Uttepalli Venkataratnam to forcibly search for cement and bricks in the house of Sampoorna. Though nothing was found in the house they continuously harassed Sampoorna wherever they came across her. In this context Lakshmana Rao husband of Sampoorna was called to Subba Rao’s rice mill in the village, and was warned of dire consequences by Satish Babu and Barla Ram Mohan. Sampoorna was offended over false charge of robbery and the continuous harassment and has committed suicide on 16th December 2013 and passed away on 18th December 2013 while undergoing treatment. A case has been registered bearing Cr No: 241/2013 U/s 306 r/w 34 of IPC and Sec 3(1)(viii) of SC,ST (PoA) Act in Mudinepalli PS.


    • Conducted fact finding

    • Discussed with the concerned police officials for compensation and rehabilitation

    State Actors Approached:

    • DSP – Gudiwada

    • Deputy Director – SWD, Krishna district

    Action to be taken:

    • Payment of Compensation and Rehabilitation

    • Arrest of the accused

    • Charge sheet to be filed


  • Posted by: Dalit Sthree Sakthi (DSS)
  • Fact finding date: 05-11-2014
  • Date of Case Upload: 29-06-2015



Rape and Murder of Tribal Minor Girl - Bogina Veeramma

    Brief Details of the Incident:


    Bogina Manchali(35) ST Chenchu by caste is the wife of Bogina Oblesu (late). They are daily laborers and are the residents of Janikirampuram, Hamlet of Nageswararaopet, Bantumilli Mandal, Krishna District. Manchali has 5 daughters and 3 sons. Two daughters are married and the remaining are Veeraiah(15), Veeramma(13), Chinna Veeramma(11), NagaRaju(9), Nageswara Rao(4) and Papa(one and half years) namely. She lost her husband Oblesu 2 years ago while she was pregnant. Deceased Veeramma(13) is the third daughter of Manchali. After the death of her husband, Manchali migrated to Valulanka Thumu, Kruthivennu mandal, Krishna district.

    Veeramma stayed back at Janakirampuram, Hamlet of Nageswararaopet, Bantumilli Mandal, Krishna District and used to stay with her maternal uncle. Veeramma got into touch with one Mr Kalyanam Subrahmanyam(28), BC Jangala by caste and is the resident of the same area. Kalyanam Subrahmanyam is mason by profession. He eliminated his first wife and later married other women and had two children with her. Subrahmanyam lured Veeramma on the pretext of marriage and sexually exploited her. Veeramma became pregnant and insisted him for marriage. Subrahmanyam tied the knot (thali) and said that they both are married. Ramanamma elder sister of Veeramma got suspicious over the behavior of her sister and questioned her. Veeramma revealed the whole story. The relatives of Veeramma took the issue to the notice of the caste elders on 27th March 2013 morning. They said that they will look into the matter in the evening. They again approached the caste elders in the evening. As they all were drunk, they asked them to come on the next day. On the same late night, i.e., on 27th March 2014, having come to know about the incident, Subrahmanyam came along with his brother and brother-in-law to the house of Veeramma, took her to the fields nearby, raped her, beat her up, broke her leg and squeezed her neck to death. On the next day morning i.e., on 28th March morning, Ramanamma went to attend the nature call, noticed the dead body of Veeramma and informed to her family members and later lodged a complaint.                      

    A case has been registered bearing Cr No: 32/2013, U/s 302 of IPC in Bantumilli PS, Krishna District and only one of the 3 accused has been arrested and remanded.          


    • Conducted fact finding

    • Discussed with the concerned police officials on the status of the case

    State Actors Approached:

    • DSP of Machilipatnam Sub Division, Krishna District

    • SP Krishna District 

    Present Status of the Case:

    • Charge sheet filed

    • Accused arrested

    • Compensation yet to be paid

    Action to be taken:

    •  Include sections under SC,ST (PoA) Act and 376(D) of IPC and 5(G) r/w 6 of Juvenile Act                                                        

    • Payment of compensation and rehabilitation to the family members of the deceased.   



  • Posted by: Dalit Sthree Sakthi (DSS)
  • Fact finding date: 22-04-2014
  • Date of Case Upload: 29-06-2015




    Brief Detailsof the Incident:

    Maddi Narasimha Murthy (32) S/o Rajarao and Kancharla Chinna Apparao S/o Veera Swamy (36) SC Mala by caste are the native of Rowthulapudi village & Mandal, East Godavari District. The both are friends. Maddi Narasimha Murthy lorry driver by profession and his wife Ratna kumari is house wife. He has three daughters eldest daughter is studying 6th, second daughter is studying 3rd in the Rowthulapudi Govt High School and the youngest daughter is of 3 years. Kancharla Apparao (36) and his wife Parvathi are agricultural workers. His son is studying 4th standard and daughter is studying 2nd standard in Rowthulapudi Government School.

    On 27/04/2015 afternoon around 2’o  clock after filling  petrol in the bike on their way back to home stopped at a  Brandy shop and asked  the people at the counter for water packet. One Mr. Koruprolu Narasimha Murthy BC Koppula Velama by caste and of the same village having liquor in the same shop abused in the name of caste saying “ Malalanjakoduka  should I give water to you?” Are you rowdies!  He uttered many abusive words and went away quickly in the direction of Panchayat office. M. Narasimha Murthy and K. Chinna Apparao were on their way back to home on their bike. K. Narasimha Murthy informed the matter to one Mr. Bandaru Sattibabu owner of a Pan shop, they both came back with iron rods. They stopped the bike of Narasimha Murthy, took out the iron rod abused in the name of caste saying “Ee Mala Na Koduku Pani Ee Debbatho Aipothundi” ( This Mala fellow will be finished with this slash) and attacked with rods.  Both Maddi Narasimha Rao and Kancharla Chinnapparao were grievously injured and had multiple injuries on shoulders, head and legs.  Having come to known about the attack Mala Caste elders Barre Rajeswara Rao (50), Yadagiri Satya Prakash (49) and Kancharla Raju (54) reached the spot immediately, moved to the hospital and got a case registered in the Annavaram PS with the help of DSS.    

    Rowthulapudi is the mandal headquarters. There about 200 SC & ST families and 500 families of BCs & OCs consisting of Setti Balija and Kapu. SCs mostly depends on BCs & OCs to earn their livelihood and go as agricultural laborers in their fields. The SCs face continuous humiliation, harassment and discrimination in the hands of BC & OC communities.


    •          Conducted Fact Finding

    •          Got the case registered

    •          Ensured the arrest of the accused

    List of Documents:

    •          Fact finding Report

    •          FIR

    Present Status:

    •          Accused arrested and sent to remand

    •          Charge Sheet yet to be filed

  • Posted by: Dalit Sthree Sakthi (DSS)
  • Fact finding date: 28-04-2015
  • Date of Case Upload: 27-06-2015



A 3 years old SC girl was raped by her cousin uncle of Baliguda, Kandhamal

    Name of the Child       : Leah Digal

    Age                             : 3 years

    Religion                      : Christian

    Caste                           : SC

    Education                    : Goes to Anganwadi center in the village

    Name of the Village     : Badagoan, Balliguda

    Background and Summary of the Case:

    Leah Digal, aged 3yrs, daughter of Samson Digal and Pushpita Digal of Bodagam village under Balliguda police station of Kandhamal District was sexually assaulted on 17.10.2012 by arrested Raghu Digal, 35 years, Bodagam village, of Balliguda police station.

    It was during the Durga Puja time on 17th October, 2012 when the parents had gone for work and she was in the house with her grandmother. Then her Uncle (distant relative) came home when she was playing and took her by hand, her grandmother did not object as he is a part of the family. He took her to nearby forest, raped her, and left her alone in the forest. When her parents came back home they did not see her so inquired from the grandmother, she told them that her uncle has taken her outside. The family started searching for her everywhere and finally they heard her cry from the nearby forest and rescued her. When she came back home she could not walk properly and she had pain in her private parts. So her mother asked her that what had happened so then with actions she explained the mother what uncle had done with her. Her parents then took her for a medical examination. After the incident, the victim child is taken to Balliguda hospital for check up and treatment. The doctor recommended for forensic test. The matter was informed to the village committee but the accused person did not confess his offence rather he filed a counter case against the parent of the victim. Raghu is unmarried and lives with his mother.

    According to the suggestion of village committee, the mother of the victim child lodged a complaint against Raghu Digal  on 20.10.2012 at Balliguda police station, which was registered as case no 99/2012 under section 376 (2) ( 1) of IPC. 

  • Posted by: OROSA
  • Fact finding date: Not recorded
  • Date of Case Upload: 27-06-2015


1) FIR copy 


    Brief Details of the Incident:

    Jayagalla Sunitha (22) SC Madiga by caste, is a native of Aloor , Chevella Mandal, Rangareddy District. She is the younger daughter of Anthaiah and Late Padmamma. Her elder sister is married.  Sunitha is physically handicapped and both feet are crippled, hence she has difficulty in walking.  She started doing a private job after her sister got married. Later she happened to meet one Mr Raghavender (32) BC Gowd by caste of the same village. His parents Anasuja and Ananthaiah are marginal farmers. Raghavender and Sunitha soon fell in love. Sunitha helped financially to Raghavender while he was studying B.Ed. Their love went on well for 3 years and they both got married on 12/06/2014 in Yadagirigutta. On the same day they moved to a rented house in Vikarabad.

    On the same day evening i.e., on 12th June he went for marriage looks and saw Santosha of his caste. He married Santhosha on 22/6/2014 and continued to live with both of them without the knowledge of Sunitha. On 28/8/2014 he got job as Railway Track Man at Marpalli. Later Sunitha came to know about his second marriage and questioned him.  Raghavender Gowd convinced Sunitha that he would also take care of her along with other wife. He shifted Sunitha to Mominpet from Vikarabad in January 2015.  He rented separate rooms for both the wives.  Santosha, his second wife became pregnant and since then he slowly began to avoid Sunitha and started quarrelling for petty issues. On 4/4/15 as Sunitha was not feeling well she asked him to take her to hospital but he unnecessarily beat her up a lot and went to his job.  Sunitha had severe bleeding, hence made a phone call to Raghavendar and informed about her bleeding. He came and gave Rs 1000/- for medical expenses and simply went away and since then he has not returned back.  Unable to bear the agony and his negligent attitude towards her she complained in the Chevella PS.  Then Raghavender’s family members threatened Sunitha that they would commit suicide if she didn’t withdraw the case. Sunitha was convinced to withdraw her complaint stating that her husband would look after well.   The same day he left her again at their room in Mominpet and went away. Then Sunitha informed the entire matter to her father and later they approached Vikarabad SP and Women Police station, but in vain. DSS women collective of Alur took up the issue conducted a fact finding and got the case registered on 12/05/15 at Chevella PS.


    • Conducted fact finding

    • Got the case registered

    • Followed up with the IO

     State Actors Approached:

    •  SP of Vikarabad

    •  DSP  Chevella

     Present Status of the Case:

    •          Accused  yet to be arrested

    •          Case is under investigation

  • Posted by: Dalit Sthree Sakthi (DSS)
  • Fact finding date: 21-04-2015
  • Date of Case Upload: 27-06-2015


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