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Rape of Dalit women Dariyapur

  • Posted by: Dalit Dasta Virodhi Andolan
  • Date of incident: 10-04-2013
  • State:: Punjab
  • District:: MANSA
  • Police station:: City Budhlada
  • Chargesheet:: 34 section 376/506 of IPC1860 and under Section 3 (i) (XI) and (XII) SC/ST (POA) Act 1989, No Charge sheet
  • Summary::

    Parkash Kaur, Age- 45 is from Village- Dariyapur Khurd, tehsil- Budhlada,District- Mansa. She belongs to Majhabi Sikh caste. She has five children. One elder daughter Maninder Kaur is married and the names of the other four are Rinku Singh (21 years), Lachman Singh (19 years), Mandeep Singh (17 years) and Preet Singh (15 years).From last one year her son Lachman singh was a working as a “Siri”(Bonded labourer) with Raghuvir Singh@ Bira S/o Jagroop Singh, Caste- Jatt Sikh, of village- Dariyapur, tehsil-Budhlada, District-Mansa. On 10/4/013 all the family members of Parkash Kaur went to Civil Hospital mansa to see her sister in law Manjit Kaur@ Bholi and her daughter Gagandeep Kaur@ Gaggu who were beaten by the employer they were admitted at Civil Hospital, Mansa. Parkash Kaur was alone at her house, about 8:00p.m Raghuvir Singh came and knocked the door, when Parkash Kaur opened the door he immediately dragged her and keep his one hand on Parkash Kaur’s mouth and closed the door. He forcibly dragged Parkash Kaur on the bed and raped her and threaten her that if she will disclose this incident to anybody then he will kill her. When the family members of Parkash Kaur came she shared the incident with them and they went to the village Sarpanch named Bhagat Singh, but instead of taking any step against Raghuvir Singh, he slapped Parkash Kaur’s son. After that they went to police station Budhlada but the police do not take any action against the culprit Raghuvir Singh. Raghuvir Singh was threatening them continuously so that they could not file any complaint against him. Parkash Kaur’s family came to know that VSJ is helping their relative Manjit Kaur’s family who were bonded and the employer beaten them mercilessly. Then VSJ took up this matter and our field animators Mr. Jagsir Singh approached the victim Parkash Kaur’s family and appeared before Senior Superintendent of Police(SSP), Mansa. The SSP issue orders to SHO Police Station- Budhlada to register an FIR against the culprit. But the SHO does not register any FIR. As the victim Parkash Kaur & her family members were under the pressure of the culprit,On 19th VSJ. Here Mr. Jai Singh (Gen. Secretary VSJ) met the victim family and made a telephonic call to SP (H) to know the status of the case.





    The SP(H) assure that he will took the necessary actions against the culprit and said that to present Parkash Kaur on 20th went to SP(H) office along with Mr. Jagsir Singh and Amar Singh(VSJ activist) the SP(H) start to pressurize the victim women for compromise. As the situation was not in favor of the victim then Jagsir Singh and Amar Singh along with the victim came out of the office of SP(H) . The SP (H) follow them and came out of his office and tell them to came on the next day (21st Mr. Jai Singh came to Mansa and meet the SP(H) Mansa, when the SP(H) do not take any action against the culprit then VSJ activists decided to protest against the administration. There were around 300 women and 150 men who protested before Police station- City Budlada. At last the SP(H) Mansa, DSP Budlada, DSP Sardulgarh and S.P.D and SHOs of police Stations: Bhikhi, Sadar Budhlada, Joga came on the spot and controlled the situation and then on the spot the FIR 34 was registered in police station  City Budhlada under section 376/506 of IPC1860 and under Section 3 (i) (XI) and (XII) of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act 1989 and the culprit Raghuvir Singh @ Bira has been arrested by the police. Due to the pressure of accused the victim’s family has got compromise.


Baljit Singh in Chain Bondage

  • Posted by: Dalit Dasta Virodhi Andolan
  • Date of incident: 08-04-2013
  • State:: Punjab
  • District:: MUKATSAR
  • Police station:: Lambi
  • Chargesheet:: Not Filed
  • Summary::

    Baljit Singh S/o Natha Singh

    Village- Varing Kheda, tehsil- Malout, District- Shri Muktsar Sahib. He belongs toMajhabi Sikh Caste. From  8-4-2013 Baljit Singh was employed by the employer Buta Singh S/o Jaswant Singh Village- Varing Kheda, tehsil- Malout, District- Muktsar as a “Siri” (a agriculture bonded labourer) when he was employed  the employer given him Rs. 3000/- as an advance. The employer and after that again the employer given him Rs. 2,0000/- which he used to repay the bonded debt of his previous employer Harbans Singh @ Hansa S/o Mithu Singh, Village- Varing Kheda, tehsil- Malout, District- Muktsar Sahib.The employer Buta Singh do not give him any information regarding his wages. He was working for the employer from 5:00a.m to 10:00p.m during the wheat and paddy transplantation season he was working day and night for the employer. The employer was not allowing him for any weekly rest or over time whenever he could not attend the work then the employer charged him a fine according to his own wish and was imposing an interest on the whole amount. During the work period the employer has taken his thumb impressions on many types of blank papers about which Baljit Singh do not know as he is an illiterate person. In January 2014 when he demanded his wages from the employer the employer do not give him any wages. The employer imposed Rs. 36000 as a bonded debt on him. The employer was  threatening him that if he will demand his wages and will not pay the bonded debt then he will hand him over to police. The employer abused him on caste basis. As the employer is not paying his wages so he do not want to continue his services with the employer and he ran away from the work place and approached to DDVA. A complaint was sent to District Magistate Muktsar on 13/2/014.   On 4/4/014 the Naib tehsil Lambi called Baljit Singh to record his statement. That day the employer was also present during the enquiry  the employer said that he is not demanding any bonded debt from Baljit Singh but he will also not pay any of his wages. The employer was pressurizing Baljit Singh to make compromise with him but Baljit Singh was not in favour of compromise. The naib tehsildar recorded the statement of Bajlit Singh and gave a next date on 9/4/014. 


Dalit Bonded Labour Kadaiwala

  • Posted by: Dalit Dasta Virodhi Andolan
  • Date of incident: 27-03-2013
  • State:: Punjab
  • District:: MOGA
  • Police station:: Fatehgarh Panjtur
  • Chargesheet:: No F.I.R
  • Summary::

    Lakhmir Singh@ Sher S/o Ranjit Singh @Jeet is R/o village- Kadaiwala, tehsil- Dharamkot District- Moga. He belongs to “Valmik” caste which has been declared as a Scheduled Caste by the State government of Punjab.

    From last two years he was working as a “Siri” (bonded labourer) with Amrik Singh @Giyani S/o Swaran Singh of Village- Kadaiwala, tehsil- Dharamkot, District- Moga who belongs to Jatt Sikh community. When he joined the work of Amrik Singh@ Giyani he was given 12 packets of cement as an advance during the construction of his house. The employer fixed his wages Rs.35000 (Rupees thirty five thousand) pera annum. Lakhvir Singh was working from 4:a.m to 9:00p.m. During the paddy and wheat transplantation of paddy and wheat he was forced to work day and night for the employer. The employer was not allowing him to his house as his house was in the same village but he could go because of the fer of the employer. The employer never paid his earn wages whenever he demanded his wages the employer always makes excuses and said that he will gave him later. Lakhvir Singh’s mother was working outside and she was taking care of the other expenses in his house. In the month of March one day Lakhmir Singh came to the work of the employer the son of employer Gurjit Singh beaten him mercilessly and due to the fear of Gurjit Singh, Lakhmir Singh ran away from the fields of the employer and took asylum some where else. The employer started to harass the family of Lakhmir Singh in his absence and he was demanding the bonded debt of Rs. 1,70000 (One lakh and seventy thousand). The employer daily visiting to the house of Lakhmir Singh and abusing the members of his family and was threatening them that if Lakhmir will not rejoin his work then he will find out him from anywhere and will kill him. So the family was under fear and Lakhmir Singh was not able to come back to his native house.






    Lakhmir Singh approached to VSJ office and narrated his tale of woe and on behalf of Lakhmir Singh VSJ filed a complaint to District Magistrate, Moga for the release and rehabilitation from bonded labour and bonded debt. When they filed the complaint against Amrik Singh then he threaten them that he will implicate Lakhmir Singh in a false case. Then Lakhmir Singh  along with his family members were presented before SSP Moga for the protection and the SSP marked the complaint to the concerned SHO of PS- Fatehgarh Panjtur for the further actions. But uptill now, no FIR has been registerd against the culprit Amrik Singh. Lakhmir Singh is physically free and living in his house but he has not been issue any release certificate or any compensation under Bonded Labour Act and SC/St Act.


Attack on Dalit Woman Sarpanch, out of Jealousy

  • Posted by: Centre for Dalit Rights
  • Date of incident: 10-03-2013
  • State:: Rajasthan
  • District:: AJMER
  • Police station:: Sawar
  • Chargesheet:: No Chargesheet
  • Summary::

    A Dalit woman sarpanch, Sajna Devi (30) w/o Kahneya is residing at Tankawas village, under Sawar police station in Ajmer Dist. belongs to Scheduled Caste (Khatik) community. She has been elected as sarpanch of Tankawas Gram Panchayat. She has two kids, one boy child and one girl.


    On 10 March, 12 at about 4.30 p.m., while Sajna Devi was washing utensils at home, Naib sarpanch Ramanarayan Loda (50) s/o Sugna Loda, Chiranjilal s/o Ramanarayan Loda and 6-7 other persons, belonging to dominant caste reached victim’s house unexpectedly and started abusing in caste lines. They also abused her husband and brother in-law in caste lines and said that they would break their hands and legs if they find them.


    On hearing, the victim went out of the house. The accused persons threatened her to resign from sarpanchship and leave the village and then they pushed her in public. Sajna Devi fell down on the ground with half naked. On seeing that, her neighbours namely Durgalal s/o Gopilal, Ganapat s/o Ghisha Loda and Pushpa w/o Kalu rushed over there and rescued her. The perpetrators while going back threatened the victim to kill her husband and brother in-law, wherever they find them. They would not allow Sajna Devi to execute her responsibilities, because she is a dalit woman.


    She informed her husband, who was at Sawar about the matter over phone. He also informed the matter in Sawar police station. A.S.I went to the spot; meantime the accused persons already escaped from the place. When her husband returned home back, she narrated whole incident to him and then they went to Sawar police station to lodge complaint against the accused persons.

    However, the police did not register their complaint. So on 11 March, 12, the victim met Superintendent of Police with a written complaint, still the case was not registered. However, with the intervention of CDR, a local human rights organization, the case was registered on 10 March12, case no. 28/12, u/s 504/354 IPC & 3(1)(x) of SC/ST (PoA) Act. However, the police did not take any action against the accused persons on this case.


    Ramanarayan Loda, the accused is a very influential person and also a habitual offender. There are numbers of cases against him. Still he is moving free.


Atrocity and Social Boycott of Dalits

  • Posted by: Navsarjan Trust
  • Date of incident: 07-03-2013
  • State:: Gujarat
  • District:: MAHESANA
  • Police station:: Kheralu Police Station
  • Chargesheet:: II.Cr.Reg.No. 39/13 dated 07/03/13 under section 324, 504, 506(2), 114 of IPC and 3(1) (10) of SC/ST Act
  • Summary::

    Madhugadh village is situated in Kheralu taluka of Mehsana District. Most of the villagers are from Thakor Community and the belong to non-schedule cast whereas there is a only family of the complement belonging to schedule cast is living in the village. On the day of incident the complement and his wife went to the milk co-op. society to sell milk at that time Secretary of the society Iswarbhai and Thakor Himmatsingh Bhikhaji, Thakor Ramaji Jivaji, Thakor Lalaji Bhikhaji etc. had abuse the wife of the complement and insulted her. Stating abusive words regarding her caste, therefore the complaint was registered in the Kheralu Police Station.

    To pressurize the complainant and his family to compromise with the accused persons.  The villagers with the help of above accused person made a social boycott of Dalit family. The boycott went on for nearly 3 months. The villagers stopped giving anything to the Dalit family. The complainant and wrote to DSP of Mehsana for the protection of the family and claimed compensation from the government.

    The said incident was reported in the news paper, thereafter the collector of Mehsana initiated legal proceeding and after the intervention of Media, Social Originations and Government Officers, finally boycott of Dalit family was ended after laps of 3 months. 


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