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Two Dalits murdered in Medina, Haryana, by a Non Dalit group

  • Posted by: NDMJ-Haryana
  • Date of incident: 30-04-2013
  • State:: Haryana
  • District:: ROHTAK
  • Police station:: Meham
  • Summary:: Meham block of Rohtak district is called as Meham Choubici because it is consisting of 24 villages. Economic and political position of dalit in this area is very poor. Dalit are depending on JAT community, because they work as daily laborer in the field of JAT and mostly affected by the atrocities. A mass attack on dalit was also noticed on 7.6.2007 in this area. This is an incident of Medina, one of the villages in Meham block. On 27th June 2012, Vikas(26) s/o Sh. Khusi Ram a Dalit (Chamar), was returning home from work around 7 pm. When he reached the Dalit Slum he saw 4 Jat boys ( Amit Bhumi, Sandeep and Yogi) were beating Mangal a dalit(Chamar) boy. When Vikas tried to stop them they also attacked Vikas and beaten him. On the next day victim filed complaint in the PS but police did not take any action against the accused. On 16th July 2012, all the accused stopped Deepak (22) S/o Sh. Sansar Singh, who is the cousin brother of Vikas and beaten him and went to victims house and threatened him. So the victim could get hold one of the accused Mandeep and took him to Meham police station When the victim complained about it in Meham PS, Police refused to take any action against the accused. On the same day Sarpanch Jitendra(JAT) went to PS and released Mandeep. They also filed a counter case against the victim. Next day the Jats also threatened the dalit that they will take action like Mirchpur. Under the fear, dalits met DSP Protvi Singh Meham and SP Rohtak and given complaint. So both the case were transferred to DSP Rohtak but no action was taken against the accused. Whenever the accused are beating to dalit youth Jats are putting pressures on the victims to compromise. On 30th April 2013, victim’s family including female children returned home from the field around 6.30pm, accused (Amit, Mandeep (S/o-Jai Pal, Bhumi s/o- Jai Bhagban R/O Madina &, Master Virender and Yogi R/O- Mahanhedi) reached there on scooty and bike they all were with Gun. They started firing on the victims and ran away from the place. Vikram(27) S/O-Khusi Ram died on the spot, sudhir(10)S/O Sansar Singh died on the way to hospital, and Rajesh was injured in the leg with the bullet.


Dalit in debt bondage & physically torture

  • Posted by: Dalit Dasta Virodhi Andolan
  • Date of incident: 18-04-2013
  • State:: Punjab
  • District:: BATHINDA
  • Police station:: Bathinda
  • Chargesheet:: No F.I.R
  • Summary::

    Jaswinder Singh @ Kundan S/o Gurjant Singh @ Janta, Age-34 years is from village- Jai Singh wala, tehsil & District- Bathinda. He belongs to Majhabi Sikh caste which is declared as a scheduled caste by the state of Punjab. From last five years, he is working as a “Siri” (bonded labourer) with the different employers. Now he is working with Mandeep Singh S/o Mohinder Singh from village- Jai Singh wala, tehsil & District- Bathinda who belongs to caste “Jatt Sikh” (upper caste).


    When he (Jaswinder singh) started to work for Mandeep Singh, he was given Rs. 15000 (Fifteen thousand rupees) as an advance amount and Mandeep Singh promised him that he will gave him Rs.41,000 (Forty one thousand rupees) as his annual wages for the first year. The advance money which was given to Jaswinder Singh, he used to repay the bonded debt of his previous employer who took work from him continuously for three years and never paid his wages and when he desire to leave his work then he imposed a amount of Rs.10,000 (ten thousand rupees) on him as an bonded debt. Then to repay the bonded debt of his previous employer Jaswinder Singh was helpless to work for Mandeep Singh.


    Now he is working as a bonded labourer under the employer (Mandeep Singh). He is working for day and night and the employer never allow him to go to his home even his house is in the same village where he is working but the employer hardly allow him to go after two or three days only for one night. Whenever he stayed more time then the employer comes to his house and abused him and forcibly brings him to work. The employer never paid his earns wages even not any overtime or weekly rest. Whenever he demands his wages he gave him only Rs.100 or Rs.50 after ten or fifteen days. His father and brother are working outside they are managing the household needs. When Jaswinder Singh worked for one year for the employer, he demands his wages but the employer do not paid his wages but impose a bonded debt amount of Rs.8000/- on him so that he could extract bonded labour from him and in the second year he again gave him Rs.17,000 as an advance amount and again engaged him in his work.Now the employer is not giving him his wages. During the work his maternal grandmother was died and he asked the employer that he wants to go for his maternal grandmother’s last ceremony. The employer tells him that first look after his cattle and then go anywhere.




    After finishing the work of employer in the morning Jaswinder went to the house of his maternal parents. He came back in the next day morning on the work of the employer, the employer starts to abuse him on caste basis and tell him that “why he is late?”. The employer threaten him that he will teach him a lesson for coming late on work. Then the employers start his tractor and kicked Jaswinder Singh with his tractor and he was injured seriously. His left arm has been broken and he became unconscious. The employer’s son Harjit Singh brings him to a private doctor and his arm has plastered. Now Jaswinder Singh is unable to work for the employer due to his injury but the employer is demanding bonded debt of Rs.20,000 (Twenty thousand rupees) and is forcing him to pay the bonded debt otherwise work for him as the wheat harvesting season is coming.  The employer is not giving any expenses for the treatment of Jaswinder Singh, when Jaswinder Singh’s mother went to the house of the employer to demand money for his son’s treatment. The employer do not gave her any money but he abused her and ordered her to get out from his house and said that he has not any money for Jaswinder Singh’s treatment. The employer has threaten that if he will not pay the bonded debt or will not work for him he will hand him over to police and with the help of police he will extract the bonded debt. For the release and rehabilitation of Jaswinder Singh VSJ has sent a complaint to the District Magistrate, Bathinda. The case is pending.


Dalit Bonded Labour Rajpura

  • Posted by: Dalit Dasta Virodhi Andolan
  • Date of incident: 14-04-2013
  • State:: Punjab
  • District:: PATIALA
  • Police station:: Rajpura
  • Chargesheet:: No F.I.R
  • Summary::

    Raju S/o Atma Ram R/o Village-Dhindsa,tehsil-Rajpura, District- Patiala. Raju belongs to “Valmik” caste which has been declared as a scheduled caste by the state of Punjab.


    Raju’s father was a bonded laourer and he worked continually for 25 years at Mohinder Farm, Village- Naidu, tehsil- Rajpura, District- Patiala. The current employer of this farm is Lali S/o Mohinder Singh Cheema. When his father completed his 20 years work period at Mohindera Farm then the employer also engaged him in his work along with my father. When he joined the work at Mohindera Farm and worked for five years along with his father. After five years his father was died. His father was extremely suffered from the knee pain, but the employer continuously took work from him. One day, during the course of his work, he vomited and blood came from his mouth and he fall down on the earth and died.


    After the death of his father the employer did not pay them any compensation. After the death of his (Raju) father, the employer imposed a debt of Rs.35000/- on him and took the force labour from him and never spoke about his father’s fixed wages.  The employer gave him only 40 KG wheat in a month. He had working from 4:a.m to 10.00 for the employer but during the wheat harvesting and paddy transplantation season he worked day & night for the employer. The employer was not providing them the food. The employer was not allowing his for any weekly rest or did not pay him any over time. If he could not be able to attend his work due to illness or any other urgent work then the employer imposed a fine according his wish and adds it into the advance and charge a interest according to his own wish on the whole amount.



    One day, he was ill and not went to field for work and employer did not allow him to stay at home and take rest infact, he send his driver and who bring him (Raju) to the work again. After his marriage whenever he asked to employer that he wanted to visit his in laws house but he never allowed him to go there.






    Whenever he demands his wages from the employer hardly he given him only Rs.1000/- after fifteen days. His wife was working outside in a factory and she was managing the household expenses. From last two months his wife was ill and the doctor said that she has a stone in her gallbladderand she needs an operation. For his wife’s operation he demanded his earn wages from the employer but the employer refused to give him any wages. His wife is ill and needs treatment but the employer is not giving him earned wages. His brother is managing the medicine expense for his wife. Now, the employer did not give him, his wages, infact extracted hard work almost day & night and not allowed him to go anywhere,  so he had left his work  but  now the employer is demanding Rs. 50,000/- as an debt advance from him.


    The employer is coming to his house daily and demanding the bonded debt and threaten him that if he will not work for him or will not repay the bonded debt he will be handed over to  police. He also goes to the houses of Raju’s relatives to find out him. Due to the fear of the employer he is living outside but the employer is threatening his family members and demanding the bonded debt.


    The case was sent to DM. Raju is physically free.


Brutal Assault and Untouchability Practise Avinasipalayam

  • Posted by: Social Awareness Society for Youths-SASY
  • Date of incident: 13-04-2013
  • State:: Tamil Nadu
  • District:: TIRUPPUR
  • Police station:: Avinasipalayam
  • Chargesheet:: 14/04/2013, 107/2013 – U/s 147,294(b), 323, 324, 448, 506(ii) of IPC, r/w 3(1)(x) SC/ST PoA act., No Chargesheet
  • Summary::

    Brinda (10) D/o Late. Rajan, belongs to Dalit Arunthathiar community, is living in kattupudhur Village, Pongalur, Palladam Taluk, Tiruppur district, along with her mother Mrs. Lakshmi, under the care of her maternal uncle Mr. Thirumal, Mrs. Thilahavathi, W/o Thirumal. Close to their residence, there is one farmland belongs to Mr. Chandra Sekar.


    On 13/04/2013, Muthulakshmi, w/o Chandrasekar, asked Brinda and five other dalit girls to clean the water tank located inside the farm land. After cleaning the water tank, Brinda drank water from the tank pipe. Muthlakhsmi, who considered this as defilement, got infuriated and attacked Brinda by throwing a stone on her head, which left her bleeding and with a severe wound on the back of her head. Brinda was taken to one private hospital and then to the Palladam Government Hospital, considering the severity of the wound.


    When Thirumal and Thilahavathi, went to the farm of Chandrasekar to enquire about the attack, Chandra Sekar, and his wife Muthulakshmi, verbally abused them, referred derogatory regarding caste and tried to attack them. Following their poor response, Dalits in the village, blocked the path between the Dalit residential area and Chandra Sekar’s farm.


    Chandra Sekar and Muthulakshmi, who got infuriated by this blockade, organized a mob of 30 caste hindu kounders under Ramalingam, Palanisamy, Dhuraisamy and Poongothai, and attacked dalits of Kattupudur village. In this mass attack, Raman, Suppammal, Thirummal, Thilahavathi, Ramesh Kumar and Nabanraj were severely wounded, and they were admitted in the hospital. In Opposition to the case filed against the Kounders, Kounders organized band, picketing and road blockade. Police have not arrested the perpetrators and negligent to take action against the caste hindus.


Bonded Labour Mansa

  • Posted by: Dalit Dasta Virodhi Andolan
  • Date of incident: 10-04-2013
  • State:: Punjab
  • District:: MANSA
  • Police station:: Mansa
  • Chargesheet:: No F.I.R
  • Summary::

    Gurcharan Singh S/o Babu Singh R/o Village- Radh, tehsil & District- Mansa and he belongs to Majhbi Sikh which has been declares as a Scheduled caste by the State government of Punjab. From May 2012 he was employed as a “Siri” (bonded labourer) by Avtar Singh@Tari S/o Gurdeep Singh R/o Village- Radh, tehsil & District- Mansa who belongs to Jatt Sikh community.


    When he joined the work of Avtar Singh he gave him Rs. 30,000 (Rupees Thirty thousand) which he used to repay the bonded debt of his previous employer Mukhtiar Singh S/o Gurdev Singh who is from the same village. Mukhtiar Singh extracted work from him continuously for one year and imposed a debt amount of Rs. 30,000 (Rupees thirty thousand). Avtar Singh @ Tari fixed his salary Rs. 50,000 (Rupees fifty thousand). Gurcharan Singh was extracting work from 5:a.m to 9:00p.m. During the season of paddy and wheat he had to work day and night for the employer and employer did not allowed him to go his house, as he was from the same village, his wife and children were coming to the fields of the employer to give him his clothes. The employer was providing him three times meals. The employer was not allowing him for any weekly rest or over time and whenever he fall sick and could not attend the work the employer imposed an fine of Rs. 300 (Rupees three hundred) and adds this amount in the advance amount and charged an interest according to his own wish. His wife and his son were working outside and they were managing his household expenses.


    On 10-4-013 about 8:00a.m Avtar Singh ordered him to go to his in laws house at village-Taradwala for work them along with his brother Naib Singh after finsishing the work of buffalows. As there was not any groserry item in the house of Gurcharan Singh he told his family members to give him money so that he can purchase some groserry items for them on his return from village- Taradwala. Gurcharan Singh was working in the fields of Avtar Singh. Avtar Singh’s elder brother Naib Singh came in the fields of Avtar Singh and started abusing him on caste basis and said that why he is not going with to village- Taradwala. Naib Singh caught him (Gurcharan Singh) from his hairs and and started kicking on his abdomen. As Naib Singh beaten him mercilessly, Gurcharan Singh become unconscious and fall down on the earth. When he opened his eyes he was in Civil Hospital, Joga.




    His wife and son explained to him that when he was unconconcious in the meantime his son Hardeep Singh (16 years) came to the fields of Avtar Singh and find his father unconcious and Hardeep Singh called a person from the nearby place and with his help he boughts his father to hospital. The docters of Hospital Joga referred him to Civil Hospital Mansa for further treatment and in Mansa hospital he was under treatment here for seven days. His family members borrowed money from their relatives and manage the expenses of his treatment.The employer again started to harass the family for bonded debt. The family was under the fear. They approached to one field animator of VSJ and their complaint was filed before the District Magistrate, Mansa on 27-4-013 and when District Magistrate, Mansa does not take any appropriate actions against the employer. The complaint was again sent to NHRC, New Delhi which has been marked to District Magistrate, Mansa and SSP, Mansa for further investigation. The case is under consideration.



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