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Raja Murder Case

    Raja (30) S/o Elumalai was residing in Vandipalayam village of Thindivanam taluk, Villupuram District in Tamilnadu. He belongs to Hindu Adi Dravidar community. On 15th September 2009 one person Jothi belonging to Adidravidar community died. The funeral procession had to pass through the main street of Caste Hindu residence. The caste Hindus belonging to Vanniyar community intervened and blocked the procession. The dead body had to lie on the road for five hours. After five long hours the Thasildhar and RDO along with Police came to the spot convinced dominant caste people and allowed the funeral procession on the same road. Immediately after the incident the Vanniyars issued social and economical boycott on dalits. They blocked all access roads with thorns, damaged drinking water supply pipes to Adidravidar households and all shops denied goods for them. Even Children were denied milk. The Vanniyars also damaged few electric motors which belongs to Mani and Nagaraj and threw them into the well. The victims along with other people gave complaint at the Marakkanam police station.

    The police called the dalit people for a peace committee meeting on 04.10.2009. All the dalits went to the police station in the evening and were waiting for the Inspector of Police. In the mean time some youths belonging to Vanniyar community burnt the poultry belonging to Mr.Raja. He intervened and tried to stop the Vanniyars. Since the Vanniyars and Naidus including Balu, Baktavatchalam, Murugesan, Palani, Lingusamy, Ravindran, Ravi, Rajendran, Iyanvaidu, Vellai Naciker, Purushotaman were in more number and they killed him on the spot. The gang of eleven people then ransacked the house of nineteen dalits. They damaged his houses and utensils. Two buffalos were also killed.

    Immediately a complaint was launched in Marakkanam police station on 06.10.2009. Faxes were sent to District Collector for requesting him to intervening him to provide food and relief. On 8.10.2009 complaints were sent to Home Minister, DGP and Chief Minister. The police filed FIR under 302 IPC and SC/ST POA. Four Accused have been arrested, charge sheet have been filed. The case is pending for trail. Complaints have been sent to SC/ST and NHRC. NHRC conducted an enquiry. The Vidhuthalai Siruthai Katchi also organized protest.

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Human Rights Defender- Chandrakant Gaikwad Murdered

    Murder of Dalit Human Rights Defender Mr. Chandrakant Gaikwad (30) S/o Jaivant Gaikwad R/o Village – Jamb, Block – Indapur district- Pune,  Maharashtra. Mr Chandrakant Gaikwad (deceased) was a Dalit Human Rights Defender and a volunteer of National Dalit Movement for Justice. He was supporting victims of Dalit atrocities in accessing justice. 

    On 12/02/2013 Mr. Chandrakant Gaikwad belonging to Matang community was shot dead in Indapur block of Pune District, Maharashtrat from a close distance by the perpetrators Mr. Satpal Rupnavar and his supporters belonging to Dhangar Community (Dominant Caste). As a Dalit Human Defender Mr. Chandrakant filed  an atrocity case ( FIR No- 37/11) against the present accused on 30/02/2011 and he was also witness for other two atrocity cases ( FIR No- 25/12 and 161/12) which were filed against the same accused in the year 2012. All these cases were registered under SCs and ST [Prevention of Atrocities] Act 1989 against the present accused Mr. Satpal and he was also arrested. Six months ago the accused was released on bail and came to Jamb village of Indapur block.

    Since the accused was released on bail he conspired of killing three Dalit Human Rights Defenders namely- Chandrakant Gaikwad (Deceased), Vaibhav Gite, and Dada Jadhav who supported in filing cases against the accused. But unfortunately, the accused along with his supporters killed Mr. Chandrakant Gaikwad.

    Prior to this the complaint had been given to the Mr. Dasharath Patil, Asstt. Police Inspector of P.S- Walchand Nagar, about the threat to life of Human Rights Defenders. The complaint was not taken seriously and no protection was given to the Human Rights defenders including, the deceased Mr. Chandrakant Gaikwad. Even the complaints were made to Superintendent of Police, National Human Rights Commission and Ministry of Home, but all in vain. 

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Killing of 3 Dalit Youths

    Brutal Murder of three Scheduled Caste members on 1st, January 2013

    This is a sad story of three scheduled caste youths brutally murdered by the caste Hindus on 1st of January 2013 in Sonaii Village, Taluka Nevasa, District Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. A fact finding committee of State Coalition for
    Strengthening Prevention of Atrocities Act, consisting of 8 members named below visited Sonaii Village on 21st January 2013. After interviewing with the relatives of the
    deceased victims, villagers and police officials we are forwarding herewith the following observations of the fact
    finding committee.

    1. The three deceased 1. Sandeep Raju Thanwar (
    Age : 26, Resident of Village Kinhi, Taluka
    Bhusawal, District Jalgaon), 2. Sachin Sohanlal
    Gharu (Age: 22, Resident of Erandol , Jalgaon), 3.Rahul Kandare (Age: 20, Resident of Malkapur,
    District Buldhana) were working as Manual
    Scavengers at Trimurti Education society, Nevasa phata, District Ahmednagar. All of them belong to Mehter community (Scheduled Caste). All the three victims were migrated to the said village and stayed on the campus in the Trimurty School.
    2. On 1st January 2013 Sandeep Thanwar received a phone call from one Mr Ashok Navgire informing him to reach the residence of Mr. Popat Vishwanath Darandale at Ganeshwadi Nevasa to clean the septic tank. Sandeep Thanwar along with Sachin Gharu and Rahul Kandare left for the residence of Poapt Darandale at around 11:00 am.
    3. At around 8:30 pm Kapil Raju Thanwar, younger brother of Sandeep, received a phone call from Sonaii Police Station that dead body of Sandeep Thanwar in found in the Septic tank of Mr. Popat Dharandale. Kapil Thanwar rushed towards the residence of Mr Popat Thanwar. Kapil inquired with Mr Paraksh Dahrandale and Popat Dharandale about Sachin Gharu and Rahul Kandare. He was informed that both of them left the place of incidence.
    4. On 1st January 2013 at around 10:40 pm one Mr. Mukesh Changre, a relative of Sachin Thanwar filed a complaint in the Sonaii Police station. The dead body of Sandeep was thereafter send for postmortem.
    5. On 2nd January 2013 the relatives of Sandeep
    received a phone call from the Sonaii police station that dead body of the other two members was found in the agricultural land of Mr Ramesh
    Darandale at Ganeshwadi, Nevasa. After visiting
    the spot where the dead bodies were found, people witnessing were shocked to see the dead body of Sachin Gharu. Both of his lower limbs were amputed from the knees and both the upper limbs were amputed from the shoulder. Also his head was chopped from the body. There were marks of injury on the head of Rahul Kandare. His dead body was also found near to the dead body of Sachin Gharu. Dead body of Sachin Gharu and Rahul Kandale were sent for Postmortem.
    6. F.I.R was filed at Sonaii Police Station on 2nd January 2013 at 9”00 p.m. The Police arrested Mr. Ramesh Darandale, Prakash Darandale, Sandeep Kure, Ashok Navgire and Popat Darandale. They were charged under section 302, 201 and 34 of the Indian Penal Code. On 5th January 2013 after a representation made by the some social activists to the District Collector Ahmednagar the Accuseds were charged with section 120(b) of Indian Penal Code and Section 3(2)(5) of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Caste (Prevention of Atrocities Act)1989.
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mass murder

    Case details is not available
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Murder of Adivasi Girl

    Case details is not available
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