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Buta Singh

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  • Posted by: Dalit Dasta Virodhi Andolan
  • Fact finding date: Not recorded
  • Date of Case Upload: 09-09-2014

Rape and assault of a Dalit girl in Sonepat district of Haryana

    The victim Manisha, D/o late Sri Bhagvan, resident of village Levan, sonepat, Haryana is living with her mother and her sisters. On the morning of 8th August at 10 AM Manish along with her mother and some other women went to the fields to cut grass. The accused Satpal, S/o, Bhim Singh, r/o Levan, sonepat, Haryana aged 65 years old, approached her and asked her to cut grass from his field as it is much bigger. She went there to cut the grass and when she was about to tie the whole bunch, he came from behind and gagged her, and grabbed her by the neck, when she resisted he kicked her in her stomach and raped her. She immediately rushed to the nearby fields where her mother was cutting grass along with 5 other women. Hearing this, her mother took her directly to the Rai police station and registered a complaint. The FIR was registered under the IPC sections 376 and 506. While at the police station the accused, his family and the community members started intimidating the victim and her mother to withdraw the case. They followed her even while she was on her way to the civil hospital and started threatening her of killing her and her family.

  • Posted by: AIDMAM
  • Fact finding date: 16-08-2014
  • Date of Case Upload: 07-09-2014


1) Fact Finding Report - NCDHR 

Dalit Youth and Student were brutally attacked in Vadakku Mangudi

    On 07/07/2014 around 8 pm, Sanjiv Gandhi (23), s/o Chandrakasu, who was carrying food from Keeripalayam to Vadakku Mangudi, was intercepted at Vadakku Mangudi by caste Hindu Vanniuyar community men namely Ganesha Moorthy, Durai, Prabhakaran and other men. The perpetrators attacked Sanjiv Gandhi with sickles and destroyed the Television Box carried by him and fled the scene. Later Sanjiv Gandhi was rushed to the Chidambaram Kamaraj Government hospital and was receiving medical treatment.

    Following this episode, again on 08/07/2014, around 8.30 am Santhosh s/o Ramesh, while he was on his way to the school, at Keelthukudi Valavu road, he was intercepted by Vanniyar community men namely Saravanan, Ayyappan and two other men. They asked which standard he was studying and he replied that he was studying 10th standard. They ridiculed him commenting about his height, saying very short Paraiyan studying 10th standard. Santhosh managed to escape from their clutches and started walking towards the school. After a little while, two Vanniyar youths who were wearing mask, carrying iron rods and sickles, again stopped him and torn his uniform shirt with a blade. Santhosh pegged them to leave him, the two perpetrators beaten him with the iron rods on his back. When Santhosh collapsed due to the pain, the perpetrators pierced the pointed part of the sickle on his chest. As the students gathered in that place, the perpetrators ran away from the place of incident.

    The students while they were carrying Santhosh to the Dalit residential area, Santhosh mother Aruloli, who was working on the agricultural field along with 7 other women, noticed this and was heartbroken seeing the wound and the condition of her son. As crowd gathered, Aruloli scolded the Vanniyars for this assault. Among the crowd some 10 Vanniyars abused them and attacked Punithavathi w/o Munuswamy on her back head. This incident happened infront of the police personnel who were deployed to provide security for the Dalits in the Vadakku Mangudi village. Santhosh and Punithvathi were taken to the Chidambaram Government Hospital for medical assistance.

    Around 11 am, some of the Vanniyar Community men, burnt down Sathosh’s house and another house belongs to a Dalit. These two houses were burnt completely. All their properties and belonging were lost during this arson. The houses were estimated at Rs. 30,000 and cash amount Rs. 6000 and all the utensils were estimated at Rs. 25000. Now Santhosh family is left with nothing to survive. The Dalit people are continue to live in fear even though police personnel were deployed for their security. 

  • Posted by: Social Awareness Society for Youths-SASY
  • Fact finding date: 11-07-2014
  • Date of Case Upload: 03-09-2014

Dalit Student Haridos Attacked

    Haridas (17) S/o Kuttiyappan reside at Elanthiramedu, Kaduvetti st, South Pichavaram Post, Chidambaram Taluk, Cuddalore district, Tamil Nadu. He belongs to Dalit community. He is studying 12th standard in Govt Welfare Nandhanar school at Chidambaram. On 30.07.2014 two unknown person were asked with Haridos about fights among student, which was happened two weeks ago. He replied that fights among Mr. Prasanth son of Mr. Arun and Vasamputhur students. This conversation was passed to Mr.Prasanth by his friends.

    On same day evening Haridos was waiting for bus at Pichavaram bus stand. Mr. Prasath and other 15 Caste Hindu youths were arrived to the Bus stand. Mr. Prasanth and other caste hindu youths were derogatory referred caste name, how dare dalit dog can say my father name, than they were brutally attacked Haridos. Following that he was informed to his uncle, His uncle was informed to Panchayat leader about the incident. This issue was compromised by local panchyath.

    On next day (31.07.2014) while he was going to school with his friends Purusothaman and Devendran, he was stopped by Prasanth, Arul, Sivalingam, Ajithkumar, Ganesh, Deepan, Vignesh and Pream. They were derogatory referred by caste name, abused in the filthy words, how dare dalit dog can say my father name. The Caste Hindu mob was brutally attacked him. Mean while Haridos friends Mr. Purusothaman and Mr.Devendiran were tried to stop the fight. They were also brutally attacked by the Caste Hindu mob. After that he went to school.

    On same day evening he was attacked by Caste Hindu mob while he was returning from school at S.P Murugan Kovil Street in Chidambarm. He had a severe injuries in his back side of head. He was lay down unconsciously. Suddenly he was rescued by his friend Purusothaman, Devendran, Ramesh and Gogul, Jayabharathi. They were admitted him in Kamarajar Government Hospital at Chidambaram. Chidmabaram Town police filed Case against Caste Hindu under SC/ST PoA act. Prasanth was arrested by police.  

  • Posted by: Social Awareness Society for Youths-SASY
  • Fact finding date: 01-08-2014
  • Date of Case Upload: 03-09-2014



Murder of a Dalit Boy in Sultanpur, UP

    On 11/11/2011 in Sultanpur district of Uttar Pradesh The victim Ram Kumar (Name changed) was at his house, The accused met him and went for a walk with him.  Victim\\\'s family did not able to understand the matter between them .Victims family tried to search him during the evening as he did not returned home till late but they did not able to find him. Following this they informed the Police, But Police also did not took any action. On 13/11/2011 some unknown person informed victims father that his son\\\'s body is seen inside the well which is near the same village. Police was informed about the same but they registered FIR only after the intervention of SP.


  • Posted by: NDMJ-UP
  • Fact finding date: 23-11-2011
  • Date of Case Upload: 27-08-2014

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