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“Nine Minor girls of class III, IV and V, were sexually harassed by a M.I.L. Teacher of Vikas Jyoti Primary School, Mundapada, Bargarh\\\\\\\"

    The Vikas Jyoti Primary School is a Catholic church supported Missionary school, situated in Mundapada of Bargarh district. The school was established in the year 1995. It was a Primary Odiya medium school. Ms. Bimala Xaxa is the Head Mistress of the School Since 2002. The children from the nearby slums and colonies are studying in the School. The school comprises of 5 teachers including Head Mistress. Mr. Budhadeba Tripathy was the MIL teacher of the school. He used to sexually harass the eight girls and one boy from the school. After the class he used to call the students touched their private parts. When the children resisted, he used to threaten them by saying, he will rusticate them from the school or they will not get their school leaving certificate after passing out from the school.

    On 14th February 2015, Megha Gurla a student of the School shared the incidents with her mother. She also shared how he was threatening them.  After listening to her, Megha’s mother went to other student’s house and asked about the matter and all the 7 girls said the same thing that had happened to them. The parents of all these students went to Fr. Peter Decuna for complaining against Mr. Budhadeba Tripathy. After listening the whole matter Fr. Peter Decuna decided to suspend the teacher. The parents were happy with Father’s decision. On 16/2/2015 the parents of 9 students went to the Bargarh police station and lodged a FIR against the teacher. The police did the investigation. The police framed the charge sheet, arrested the teacher and forwarded to judicial custody.

    Presently the accused is in the jail and his family members are waiting for the first trial. Now the girls are going to school and continuing their studies.

    The parents were gone to Bargarh Police Station to collect FIR copy from the Investigation Officer, he was telling that they kept it in some file and not able to find out. Once we will found out we call you. 

  • Posted by: OROSA
  • Fact finding date: 10-03-2015
  • Date of Case Upload: 13-05-2015


1) Fact Finding Report_Bargarh_Odisha 

Dalit women rape and murder in Karnataka, Chamarajanagar District, Gundalpet Talluk, malavalli Village,

    27/04/2015 Gowramma Murdered by wingaith communities (Mahendra, Malliaraju & others 3 members).
    When ever Gowramma not return to home his husband and relations searched but never find out, they are returned. When some ladies are went to letirence in towards land sicks they found dead body like bare body at the date of 28/04/2015. In that time No sarry in dead body tipe and she was in breath in breath out conditino some ladies gave a water to Gowramma and then she was died.  Gowramma has no toilet facilites so for outside she murdred by some others lingait communities case has registered no. ........../2015, IPC 1860, 302, 376, SC/ST POA Act. 3(ii)(v) 3(i)(ii).
    Smt. Gowramma W/o Kusaiah, a couple living in malavalli village, which belongs to Gundlupete rural police station, Gundlupete Hobli, Taluk and Chamarajanagar Dist. Which belong to Nenekatte gram panchaath. A couples have 3 children\'s which are female childrens sumalatha 20 years (1st Year MA), Second daughters Vasantha 18 years, I BA and third one daughter, Ambica 16 years, SSLC respectively. They are agriculture labourers and also BPL families who are belongs to scheduled caste (Madiga) they are living. When Gowaramma went away to letriene towards lands same village OBC (Lingait) Mahendra S/o Basappa 25 years, Mallikarjuna S/o Mahadevappa they did repe & murder and there up dead body at SC (siddaiah) land. 


  • Posted by: National Dalit Movement For Justice - NDMJ Karnataka
  • Fact finding date: 29-04-2015
  • Date of Case Upload: 11-05-2015



mass attack on dalit street houses damage in Karnataka, Mysore District, Nanhanagudu Talluk, Kudlapura Village.

    Kuldapura Village is in habited by two comemunites which are one community is scheduled caste (Holeya) another community is uppara communities 800 peoples familes are belongs to upparas and 80 famities belongs to scheduled caste (holeya) this village to comes from the jurisication of Cowlande police station distance 6 kms from the village It becomes to Nanjangud taluk and mysore district.
             In this village (Kudlapura) a girl Archan belongs to SC (Holeya) married with Vijay (SC) in nanjangud But Archana eloped with her lover Raghavendra (espaed) But in Kudlapura village various leaders of SC and UPPARA community gathering and discussing each other to replacement of (settelement) Archana and vijay. this was settlement was settled by tow community leaders each other  according to settlement the UPPARA community should give 2,25,000/- is already given and also promised to give remaining amount after one month recording to above dated settlement SC community leaders one went away to ask amount of ruppes UPPARA community conflict betaken two communities UPPARA communities enter in to SC colony 200 people of UPPARA communities team enter in to Holeya\'s colony there stone on the roof of the these and collapesed SC\'s houses in 22/04/201 all gents & Ladies departure the village (Kudlapura).
    1) K.B. Nagaraju S/o Late Basavaiah,  2) Nagaraju S/o Basavaiah,  3) Padmanabaiah S/o Basavaiah  there are 30 honses are collapsed by OBC (UPPARA\'S) communities case registered on the case 39/2015, IPC 1860, 143, 144, 145, 448, 437, 504, 506, 149 SC/ST (POA)
  • Posted by: National Dalit Movement For Justice - NDMJ Karnataka
  • Fact finding date: 26-04-2015
  • Date of Case Upload: 11-05-2015



A Dalit men murdar caste Hindus in Karnataka Chamarajanagar District, Kollegal Talluk, Chinchalli Village

    Gakanaiah S/o Doddasiddaiah in Chinchally Village, this village comes under the Jurisidiction of Mangally Grama Panchayath near Hanur Hobli, which belongs to Kollegal Taluk, Chamarajanagar Distrcit.
    Gakanaiah has 3 children\'s son Siddaraju 35 years Old, Second one is 32 years and third one is Mahesh 30 years old respectively But Mahesh ahs married Meena she is 25 years old they have two childrens first child 2 years (Vrunda) and 2 months second baby who belongs to scheddnled caste.
    Holeyar - Subcaste:-
    Mahesh, Jagadish and Shivaiah are belongs to same caste who are belongs to schedduled caste who are closley assiciated with Mahesh and Meena.
       But Reacha S/o Chinnegowda belongs to OBC (Kuruba Community) 30 years old who living in same villae. tow scheduled caste (Holeyar) childrens are playing in same village wiht Kuruba community childrens everyday. Mahesh friends 3 members (Mahesh, Jagadish and Shivaiah) who are working as a gras Business mens. But they have only 5 acres of dry lands and very poor people in respecitve of that village.
    One day 27-03-2015 Mahesh, Jagadish and Reach completly having introxiting liquor consumed and dissessing in bar and restrorant while talking each other Mr. Chennegowda is a father of Reachnna who abused his son to dont mingle with Holeya bastrad\'s like that, used bad words immediately Mr. Mahesh who belongs to (SC) beats chennegowda by hand. chennegowda became angry and above call upon his two childrens from bangalore to his native place these tow sons of chennegowda in the date of 28-03-2015 murder the Mahesh by dangerous weafons of long sickle, are and other long dangerous eqqutiy meants Mahesh murdered by chennegowda and his sons. Recha, Sidda, Basava and same caste (Kuruba) Mahesh all are eathing by mobile phone to scheduled caste Mahesh motivated to consuming more holeyas Iintoc eating liquor) after that chennegowda and his clutehes murdered Mahesh near G.V.Gowda College in Hanur. It has became registered case no. 26/2015 IPC 180, 302, 34 and SC/ST (POA) Act 3(ii)(v).
  • Posted by: National Dalit Movement For Justice - NDMJ Karnataka
  • Fact finding date: 12-04-2015
  • Date of Case Upload: 11-05-2015



Obscenity with a Minor Girl by a teacher in a classroom

    घटना दिनांक - १५मार्च२०१५कीहै, ग्रामपंचायत - आराजीनौबरारकरखियाकिताप्रथम (निबियहवा ), थाना -रौनापार , तहसील -हरैया , जिला - आजमगढ़कीहै , पीड़ितबच्चियांक्लासवीऔरवीकीहैं , पीड़ितोंकीआयु - १२व्१३सालकीहै . घटनाकेदिनपीड़ितविद्यार्थीअपनेक्लासमेंथीं . स्कूलकीपरीक्षाचलरहीथी . अध्यापकअनुरागरॉय (सामान्यजाती ), उम्र - ३०वर्ष , निवासी - आजमगढ़ , अपनेजूतेपरकुछलड़कियोंकेनामजैसे सविता (नाम चेंज्ड) एवं उल्लिखित विद्यार्थियों के नाम लिख रखा था . और उन्हें दिखा रहा था .यहदेखकरपीड़ितविद्यार्थियोंमेंसेएक सविता क्लाससेबाहरनिकलनेलगीतबदरवाजेकेपासवहअध्यापकखड़ाहोगयाऔरउसेरोकनेलगाइसकेबावजूदजबवहनहींरुकीतोउसकाबालपकड़करखींचदियाऔरपीड़िताकेपैरमेंपैरफंसाकरउसेजमीनपरगिरादिया, आरोपीअध्यापककोशकहोगयाकीविद्यार्थीअपनेघरजाकरपरिवारवालोंसेबताएगी . इसीलियेपीड़ितकोरोकनेकेनामपरउसकेसाथबदतमीजीकिया .

    जबपीड़िताकिसीतरहबाहरनिकलकरघरपहुंचीतोघरवालोंकोअध्यापकद्वाराकियेगएवर्तावकेबारेमेंबताया . इसकेबादपीड़ितकेपरिवारऔरगावकेलोगविद्यालयपहुंचगएविरोधकीआसंकाकेदरसेआरोपीशिक्षकविद्यालयसेफरारहोगया .गाववालोंनेइसघटनाकाविरोधजताया .

    घटनाकीखबरपाकरस्थानीयकछमीडियाकेसाथीघटनास्थलपरपहुंचगए , लेकिनविद्यालयद्वाराइसघटनाकोमीडियामेंनहींप्रकाशितकरनेकेएवजमेंमोटीरकमदियागयाघूसकेतौरपर, (यहजानकारीउसीविद्यालयकेसहायकअध्यापक - अजयकुमारसिंहनेफैक्टफाइंडिंगटीमकोबताया ) जिसकेकारणघटनामीडियामेंप्रकाशितनहींहोपायीऔरनाहीपुलिसकोसूचनादीगयी . परिवारवालोनेलोकलाजकीदरसेमामलेकोदबानाहीबेहतरसमझा .

    तथ्यान्वेषणटीमकोस्थानीयदलितमानवअधिकारकार्यकर्ताकुसुमजीद्वाराघटनाकेबारेमेंजानकारीदीगयी , उसकेबादटीमनेघटनाकातथ्यान्वेषणकिया . टीमनेपीडितोकेपरिवारकेलोगो , अध्यापको , गाववालो , पुलिससेमिलकरघटनाकेबारेमेंजानकारीप्राप्तकी .

    जानकारीप्राप्करनेकेदौरानयहभीतथ्यप्राप्हुएकीइसविद्यालयमेंइसकेपहलेभीकईबारअश्लीलहरकतेअध्यापकोद्वाराकीगयीथी . अध्यापकोद्वाराकंप्यूटरकेमाध्यमसेअश्लीलचित्रदिखायाजाताहै , विद्यार्थियोंकोउनकेकंधेपरहाथरखना , बालोकोसहलाना ,गालोकोसहलाना ,पीठपरहाथफेरनाआदितरहकीहरकतेअध्यापकोद्वाराकईबारकियेजातेरहे , इज्जतकीबदनामीकीवजहसेबच्चियांकिसीसेजिक्रनहींकरतीथी . इसीकाफ़ायदाउठाकरअध्यापकोकीहरकतीभीबढ़तीजातीथी . तथ्यमेंयहभीसामनेआयाकीअन्यअध्यापकराकेशकुमारपटेलएवंनिलकुमारभीइसकेपूर्वमेंकंप्यूटरमेंअश्लीलचित्रोकेमाध्यमसेबच्चियोंकोशर्मिंदाकरतेरहेहै . अध्यापकअनुरागरॉयतोहदहीकरताथा . उनकेसाथअक्सरछेड़छाड़करताथा . विरोधनहींकरनेकेकारणआरोपियोंकाहौसलाऔरभीबढ़गयाथा . गाववालोकोप्रेरितकरनेकेबावजूदउनकेखिलाफकानूनीकारवाहीकेलिएकोईआगेआनानहींचाहताहै .

    यहपरिषदीयविद्यालयक्लास - वीतकसंचालितहै . इसविद्यालयमें१३३बालिकाऔर८०बालकहै . जिसमे७५ % बालिकाएऔर२५ % बालकपढ़तेहै . ५० % अनुसूचितजाति, ४०% यादवऔर१० % मौर्यजातियोंकेबच्चेपढ़तेहै . इसविद्यालयमेंअध्यापकहै . विद्यालयकेहेडमास्टरजीतेन्द्रकुमार (अनुसूचितजाति) है . इसतरहअश्लीलताकीशिकार१५बच्चियांहैजिनकेनामक्रमशः - सविता कुमारी (नाम चेंज्ड) पुत्री वीरेंदर कुमार , पूजा कुमारी (नाम चेंज्ड), कुसुम कुमारी (नाम चेंज्ड) पुत्री लुल्लू , कविता कुमारी (नाम चेंज्ड), रेखा (नाम चेंज्ड), तनूजा कुमारी (नाम चेंज्ड), काजल कुमारी (नाम चेंज्ड), रीना (नाम चेंज्ड),(पिछड़ी एवं अनुसूचित जाति) आदि है .

  • Posted by: NDMJ-UP
  • Fact finding date: 24-04-2015
  • Date of Case Upload: 01-05-2015

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