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Dalit family brutally beaten up in Hamirpur - HP

    गुरवचन सिंह सपुत्र ईशर दास उम्र 80 वर्ष है. गुरवचन सिंह ने हुस्न चन्द सपुत्र लक्षण चन्द जाति राजपूत से सन 1968-69 में 2000/- में 1 कनाल 15 मरले ज़मीन खरीद करी. जिस पर हसन चन्द के भाई के बेटो द्वारा मालिकाना हक़ जताया जा रहा है जिसके के चलते उन्होंने मिलाकर खेत में बिज बोने के दोरान गुरवचन सिंह के परिवार को बुरी तरह से पिटा. 

  • Posted by: NDMJ - Himachal Pradesh
  • Fact finding date: 06-07-2014
  • Date of Case Upload: 19-01-2015

Government benefits denied to dalit

    Gora Singh S/o Bant Ram resident of  Village -Midde Tehsil - Malout Distt- Shri Muktsar Sahib. He belongs to Scheduled caste community. In 2012 Gora Singh give 14 acers land for cultivation from Raj Singh (Panchyat Sec). In 2012 heavy flood in this area, all the crops are destroyed after that Punjab Govt pay the owner of the land Rs.5000/-per acer. Gora singh not get that money from the Government. Gora Singh pay him Rs.10,000/.On 24.8.2014 Gora Singh at his own house Raj Singh came and demand the money from Gora Singh. Raj Singh forcibly be agitated his buffalo, Gora Singh & his family members oppose with Raj Singh then Raj Singh beaten to Gora Singh . Raj Singh call the police from Police Station Kabarwala. Police arrest the victim and beaten him in the police station. After that Gora Singh injured than he admit in PHC Alamwala.

  • Posted by: Dalit Dasta Virodhi Andolan
  • Fact finding date: 28-08-2014
  • Date of Case Upload: 18-01-2015

Access to common land denied

    Case details is not available
  • Posted by: Dalit Dasta Virodhi Andolan
  • Fact finding date: 30-06-2014
  • Date of Case Upload: 18-01-2015

Wife of bonded laborer raped for demanding wages

    Pinki\'s Husband Baljit Singh employed as siri from 2010 with Rasi for doing agricultral work in his fields. Rasi gave him advanvce Rs.35000/- to Baljit Singh. Rasi never give him his paid wages and never allow him weekly rest. In may 2010 Pinki & Baljit Singh demands his earn wages but the employer alaways refuse them . one day Pinki send her daughter from some ration from the employer. Rasi refuse to pay him afterthat when she go for demand money than Rasi & His brother raped. Rasi raped many times during Baljit singh employment.

  • Posted by: Dalit Dasta Virodhi Andolan
  • Fact finding date: 28-05-2013
  • Date of Case Upload: 18-01-2015

Debt bondage and Threats

    Tarsem Lal is working with Harpal Singh @ Kala S/o Teja Singh resident of village-ughi  Tehsil- Nakodar District- Jalandhar as agriculture labourer in vernacular called “Siri” from 1996. He was engaged in work by advancing bonded debt Rs.1700 ( Seventeen Hundred rupees) by Harbajan Singh. Harbajan Singh do not allow him for weekly rest or any leave whenever he got sick or have any other necessary work in his house. When Tarsem Lal does not go to his work then Harbajan Singh imposed fine on him according to his wish and adds this amount. whenever he demanded his wages from the employer he was paid only Rs.1000 (Rupees One Thousand) for this amount the employer has never paid his wages, over time, weekly rest or earned leave. Harbajan  Singh to never pay him his earned wages he abused him and threaten him that he will not pay him his wages . Now the employer is demanding Rs. 28000/- as bonded debt amount and has threaten him that if he will not pay the bonded debt then he has to pay the bonded debt otherwise he will forcibly took the possession of his residential house and will through him and his all family

  • Posted by: Dalit Dasta Virodhi Andolan
  • Fact finding date: 27-09-2014
  • Date of Case Upload: 16-01-2015

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