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Gunanidhi Bag murder case at Khaliapali under Muribahal PS in Bolangir district

    Khalipali is a remote village near kantabanjhi NAC in
    Bolangir district. There are nearly 80 households in the village which includes 15 SC
    families and 23 ST families, others are OBC families. There are not very severe
    conflicting relationships among different social groups, but the old incident of
    elopement of one SC youth and ST girl and later marriage has strained their
    relationship and the STs are naturally of the OBC people.
    The allegation of letting the SC women collect water from the village tube well
    after the OBC and ST women was wade by the SC families, also it was alleged that
    SC students in the primary school are made to sit separate from others during taking
    mid-day meal.
    On 17.06.2023 the deceased Gunanidhi Bag went to the water harvesting
    structure of big pond to take bath at about 5.30 PM. There are 3 youths from upper
    caste were taking bath, as Gunanidhi entered the water, they objected and asked him
    not to be there in the same ghat. A verbal heated conversation occurred among them
    and Gunanidhi was abused with slangs aspersing his caste name. He was assaulted
    by the three. Gunanidhi went back home and narrated the matter to his parents. His
    parents Arun Bag and Uma Bag with Gunanidhi went to the upper caste sahi to the
    house of the accused persons and ask the parents of the accused. They humiliated
    Arun and Uma on the village road and abused them by their caste name. They came
    back with much humiliation
    After reaching home Gunanidhi had telephoned police and had given some
    information. Then he went out telling others that he was going out to meet the call of
    nature. He didn’t come back for quite some time. His mother went out to search for
    him and located him hanging from a tree branch. She raised alarm and Arun Bag
    rushed the spot. Arun raised Gunanidhi’s torso while Uma cut the cloth (Gamucha)
    by which he was hanging. Others also reached the spot and Gunanidhi was taken to
    the hospital. In the hospital he was declared brought dead.
    The doctor had telephonically informed police regarding the death and the
    SDPO reached the hospital soon. He took oral statement of the parents of Gunanidhi
    asked them to file a complaint in the police station at the earliest.
    On the next day written complaint was filed by Arun Bag at about 12.30 PM.
    Investigation and Post mortem was conducted. Scientific team visited the spot and

    seized materials connected to the crime. Basing on the complaint Muribahal PS case
    no 104 dated 18.06.2023 was registered u/s 302, 294, 506, 34 IPC with 3(1)(r)(s),
    (2)(va)(v)SC & ST PoA act. All three accused were arrested; two of them were
    forwarded to jail while the third accused being a minor forwarded to Juvenile home.

  • Posted by: Ambedkar Lohia Vichar Manch
  • Fact finding date: 28-07-2023
  • Date of Case Upload: 09-08-2023


1) FFR and FIR 

Brutal attack on Anjali Behera of Khandapada, Delanaga, Puri, Odisha

    Kahu Behra, son of Karuna Behera of Khandpada
    village under Delang block, and Anita Pradhan, daughter of Prakash Pradhan, were
    in love with each other. Anita went to Kahur's house on 30th April last; everyone
    knew that there would be chaos in the village because there were frequent fights due
    to caste discrimination in the village. As Prakash's daughter ran away to Dalit Sahi,
    he gave a complaint in Harirajpur police station, but no case was registered in this
    incident. After that, Prakash used to get very drunk and used to go around the house
    and in his cluster causing chaos and beating. Prakash's family members reported to
    the anti-drug centre to stop him from addiction, Prakash chased and and injured
    those who came to pick him up with a Bhujali, because those people broke into
    another person's house in fear, he also attacked the owner of the house. A case has
    also been registered in the name of Prakash in this incident. After this incident,
    Prakash came from there and entered Dalit Sahi around 9 pm. Suddenly, Anjali
    Behra, who is 14 years old, grabbed by the accused and asked where his daughter
    had gone. The little girl was crying because she couldn't say anything because of
    fear, Prakash's in anger with this filled her stomach with a Bhujali and made a fatal
    situation to her. At this moment, her aunt Basanti Behera came running out , and
    accused also attacked her with the Bhujali too, but she was not harmed severely.
    Basanti Behra's son, Gopinath Behera, was also injured by Prakash when he came to
    rescue her, in which Gopinath was severely injured, at that time; Basanti grabbed
    Prakash from behind, causing Prakash to run away in the dark.

  • Posted by: Ambedkar Lohia Vichar Manch
  • Fact finding date: 03-05-2023
  • Date of Case Upload: 09-08-2023


1) FIR 

Rape and sexual harassment of Snehashree Mallik

    Harihara Mallik is resident of village Gadagopalapur, Astaranaga, Puri. He lives with his family including a 15 year old daughter namely, Nehashree Mallik (name changed), who is 100% visually challenged of both eyes from birth. She usually goes to her paternal elder uncle’s (Jalandhar Mallik) house to listen TV serial songs, which she was very fond of. One day after watching Shree Ganesh serial, at about 7PM she went to pee outside their home, with one of her younger siblings, Pallak Mallik (11Year). Pallak left her outside and returned inside. The accused Subasha (24) cousin of the victim (S/O: Surendra) came near, stopped her outside and requested her to sing a song, as he would record that in his mobile phone. Under that pretext Subash took her to a lonely darker place. There Subash bound her mouth with the gamuchha and raped her. Three other youths of the cluster named Siba Mallik, Milan Mallik and Rama Mallik were there. It is said by the victim that Siba Mallik dissuaded raping the girl while other two asked him to remain silent as they would record the incident in mobile. She was threatened not to disclose. Later there was whispering in the village; Subash attempted to commit suicide and rescued. After that the incident was revealed by the victim to her mother; she lodged complaint in the police station which was registered as Astarang PS case no 14 dated 27.1.2023 under sections 363, 376(2)(f), 376(2)(l), 376(3) IPC with 6 POCSO Act.

  • Posted by: Ambedkar Lohia Vichar Manch
  • Fact finding date: 11-03-2023
  • Date of Case Upload: 09-08-2023


1) FFR with FIR 

Aggravated Penetrative Sexual assault at AIDA School

    Sunil Kumar Mishra, the headmaster of Aida Nodal Upper Primary School, Athamallick in Angul district. On 2.7.2022 seven girl students of 8th class complained to the Superintendent of the hostel regarding repeated sexual assault by the Head Master for nearly 2 months. Out of seven victims one was day scholar and remaining six are boarders of SC & ST Girls Hostel. Basing on the complaints, the Head Master, Aida High School reported the matter in writing to the District Education Officer, Angul. The District Education Officer Mr Niranjan Sahu constituted an enquiry team led by Block Education Officer Mr. Sundhi, Additional Block Education Officer Mr. Kaivalya Kanhar, BRCC Mr. Chabinarayan Sith and Head Master of Yogibandi Primary School, Ms Rajeshwari Barik. The team visited that school, conducted enquiry and submitted report on the matter. On the basis of inquiry report the accused Mr. Sunil Kumar Mishra has been put under suspension for six months.

  • Posted by: Ambedkar Lohia Vichar Manch
  • Fact finding date: 01-08-2022
  • Date of Case Upload: 09-08-2023


1) FIR 

Aggravated Penetrative sexual assault on minor girl Jasmine Das

    Bhimsen Das is resident of Sathilo village under Kakarudrapur GP in Balianta Police Station area of Khurdha district. He and his wife Chapala Das both are daily labourers. They have three daughters of which 8 year old Jasmin Das is youngest. On 31.12.2022, the couple had left home for labour work; Jasmin was playing with two other kids near her house. At about 2.30 PM one Jagannath Bhatta, S/O Krushna Bhatta of same village came to the house of Jasmin and allured her to have chocolate took her to an abandoned house on the back side of her house. There he forcibly raped her. Due to aggravated penetrative sexual assault, she started bleeding profusely from her private part. The rapist went away leaving her there.  The minor girl went back home to her grandmother (Ruma Das) who noticed the bleeding. She (grandmother) called others and asked to intimate Bhimsen. Jasmin was immediately taken to CHC Balipatna by her uncle (elder brother of father) Duryodhan Das. There they tried to stop the bleeding but failed and referred the girl to Capital Hospital, Bhubaneswar for further treatment. She was admitted and got discharged after 7 days from Capital Hospital. Initially Jasmin had not disclosed the cause of injury being rape due to fear; after treatment for 2/3 days she disclosed the incident to her mother at Capital Hospital. After coming back from hospital, complaint was lodged in the police station which was registered as Balianta PS case number 0010/22 dated 07.01.2022 u/s 376 -A, 376 AB, and 506 IPC, 3 (1)(r) (w) SC/ST (PoA) Act with 6 of POCSO Act. The matter was taken up by Ambedkar-Lohia Vichar Manch and a team conducted Fact Finding on 8.1.2022.

  • Posted by: Ambedkar Lohia Vichar Manch
  • Fact finding date: 08-01-2022
  • Date of Case Upload: 09-08-2023


1) JAsmine Das FIR 
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