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Murder of Dalit Youth

    Late Munshi Sonkar was a youth leader of Samajvadi Parti  and He was preparing for finthing in election for District Panchayat Member. 

    The day of Incident he went out from his house by the Car at time of 11 pm. Till night he did not came back his house , then his parents worried and starting to search by contact by phone to their relatives.

    Next day 8/1/2021 Published news paper regarding Mushi murder case by news papers and Police. At the Incident Place Senior officers reached and given directions to police . Police started to Investigation, Police arrested the same of incident  one accuse Vikas yadav . The Vikas yadav was friend of Munshi . 

    Police of Balua Police station filed case under sec.302 ipc and 3(2)va SC/ST against accused. 

    According the Police , The Munshi was a Criminal . there was half dozen FIR agains Munshi in Chandauli District.

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  • Fact finding date: 14-01-2021
  • Date of Case Upload: 24-04-2021



Sexual Abuse of Dalit Women Kalpana by Caste Hindu

    She is permanently residing at the above address and she resides with her father Murugan and mother Chinnaponnu. Her father works as a quarry worker and her mother is doing construction work. She have two brothers, Yuvraj and Thangam and had completed till 12th class in Government Girls\\\' High School in Chennai. She belongs to the Thomber community.

    As she was using WhatsApp on her father\\\'s mobile. About 5 months ago Velu S/O  Munian (belonged to Rayakottai Chettiar caste) got familiar to her through WhatsApp. She used to talk to Velu on the phone when no one was at home. After that Velu\\\'s cousin Kalidas was also working at the quarry where Kalpana\\\'s father works. Later Velu also went to work through Kali Das at Kalpana\\\'s father\\\'s place of work. He also got close with her father and started coming to our house for about 2 months.

    While she talks to him, he proposed to her but refused and told him that she is from Thomber caste and told him that inter caste love or marriage would not set for them. Believing his fake promises, she placed her trust on him. And he had sexually abused her several times when no one was home. On 02.06.2020 at around 11.00 am he came to Kalpana\\\'s home when no one was at home and had again sexually abused her. Later her parents came to know that Velu used to come to their house often. Then Kalpana had informed her parents about her relationship with Velu. Her parents scolded her not to have contact with Velu and on 05.08.2020 at around 10.00 am Velu called her and told her that he would marry her and asked her to come to marketplace.

    At around 2.00 pm they got married at Amman temple on the Arcot Bypass Road in Vellore district and left for Ponnai. They both stayed there for two days.

    In mean while Velu\\\'s friends informed them that her father had lodged a complaint with the police, so they started from there and Velu drop her at the Gingee bus stand.  As she was scared to go home and went straight to the Gingee police station. She saw Velu at the Police station and later only she found out that Velu is already married. She had found out that he cheated her and fell in love and got married. The case was registered at the Gingee police station FIR No: 2622/2020

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  • Fact finding date: 16-04-2021
  • Date of Case Upload: 24-04-2021


1) FIR Copy 

Gang Rape with Dalit minor girl in digha patna

                                     हबस के दरिंदो ने किया दलित बालिका के साथ सामूहिक बलात्कार 

    घटना सूबे बिहार के पतन जिला के दीघा थाना क्षेत्र स्थित रामजिचक बाटा निवासी अनुसूचित जाति के सदस्य श्री भोला राम की 15 वर्षीया पुत्री काजल कुमारी के साथ दिनांक : 20.02.2021 को घटित हुई . बताते है कि काजल अपनी माँ हिरिया देवी द्वारा डांट फटकार किये जाने को लेकर घर से निकल कर घुड़दौर रोड के पास स्थित अपनी प्रशिक्षिका रेखा देवी के घर जा रही थी . मालूम हो कि वग सिलाई कटाई व् ब्यूटी पार्लल का प्रशिक्षण प्राप्त करती है . कहतें है कि रास्ते में काजल के गाँव के ही  तीन युवक जिनका नाम क्रमश 1- सुरज कुमार , उम्र करीब 25 वर्ष  एवं 2- कृष्ण कुमार , उम्र करीब 20 वर्ष दोनों के पिता - श्री मुन्ना साव , दोनों जाति - पिछड़ी ( तेली ) तथा 3-श्रवण कुमार , उम्र करीब 20वर्ष , पिता - संतोष गोस्वामी , जाति - सामान्य है द्वारा अगवा कर लिया गया और बगल के एक होटल में ले जाकर रात भर बारी बारी से सभी ने उसके साथ सामूहिक घटना को अंजाम देकर मानवता को शर्मशार कर डाला . दिनांक : 21.02.2021 को सुबह पीडिता अपने घर पहुँच कर आप बीती अपने परिवार वाले को बताई . परिवार के सदस्य पीडिता को लेकर स्थानीय थाना दीघा पहुंची . वहां से उसे महिला थाना पटना ले जाया गया जहाँ कांड सं० : 23/21 , 376D IPC , 3(V) sc/st act & 06 pocso act के तहत प्राथमिकी दर्ज की गयी . पीडिता का मेडिकल जाँच कराया गया है . 164 का बयान भी करा लिया गया है . सभी अभियुको को गिरफतार कर जेल भेज दिया गया है . 

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  • Fact finding date: 21-02-2021
  • Date of Case Upload: 23-04-2021


1) FIR 

Murder of two Minor Girl sisters

    On the Date of Incident both Sisters Kiran & Shubhi went to the Government school for study. they returned on 12 noon at the home. aproxmately they both decided to go to the field to pluck gram leavs. after 1 pm they said to mother and went to field. till evening thiey did not returned home . the Father of Shubhi,kiran name Deelip kumar informed by kalpati (wife).  Deelip kumar went to relatives house. he came and searching and not found his daughters till 8 pm at the same day. 

    On the Same day , Daya ram s/o Gopal informed to Deelip  to see the dead bodies of both sister. parents and Villagers went to incident place and inform to police. Police and DSP reached incident place and Investigated . 

    The Police officers refused the filing Case. according to Police there is no Murder case . According to Police ,They all died by drowning themselves in water of pond.

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  • Fact finding date: 28-11-2020
  • Date of Case Upload: 22-04-2021

Murder of Dalit Woman

    On the Date of 27th January 2021 , 11 am Victim Late Anita devi went to Form house to carry grass for

    their pets. till evening she did not retuned her house than worried children inform to their father Prem chand. The Day time Prem chand was not at home . Prem chand Starting to search to his wife and asking to villagers . Also villagers helping to search to Anita devi in -out of the Village. Next day 28/1/2021 , any one inform to Premchand  regarding a dead body in Sugar can fiel of Natthu lal  in the Village of Manglipur .

    Prem chand reached and Identified of their wife anita dead body . Prem chand has doubt to named Accused are involve and commited rape and Murder . He inform to police on 112 number .

  • Posted by: NDMJ-UP
  • Fact finding date: 06-02-2021
  • Date of Case Upload: 22-04-2021

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